Teddy Bridgewater signs his rookie deal


Add Teddy Bridgewater to the list of first-round picks who have signed their rookie contracts.

Bridgewater, the quarterback whom the Vikings selected after trading into the final pick of the first round, signed his deal today. His signing was announced moments after the announcement that the Vikings’ other first-round pick, Anthony Barr, has signed as well.

Like all first-round picks, Bridgewater will have a four-year deal with a club option for the fifth year. The Vikings may have preferred getting Bridgewater at the end of the first round, rather than waiting until the second round to draft him, because that fifth-year option gives them another year before they have to break the bank to keep him, if he becomes a star quarterback.

For now, that’s a big “if.” The Vikings are just hoping Bridgewater can prove in camp that he deserves to open the season as the starter. With his contract out of the way, that’s where his focus will be going forward.

52 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater signs his rookie deal

  1. How old is this guy and he’s still Teddy? Grow up..just like little Johnny with Cleveland..

  2. Line em’ up! First Barr and now a Congratulations to Bh2o!!
    Great draft pick Vikings! Those hands are plenty big enough to hoist up that first ever Minnesota Vikings SuperBowl trophy!
    Rock N’ SKOL!

  3. Sorry >> Expect great deflation and gnashing of teeth from Vikes fans when this guy throws his first wobbly pass into the dirt – oh, in about the 2nd qtr of the first preseason game – and they realize what they’re stuck with …

  4. It took him longer to sign than Barr because the pen kept slipping until he put on his signing glove. SKOL!

  5. Bridgewater was the most NFL ready QB in the draft and the smartest at the LOS. He may never be a superstar, but he will be able to play at a high level like many of the current NFL starting QBs being absurdly promoted as great right now.

    Bortles MAY become a star QB, but he’s more likely to bust. Manziel is more likely to break. Bridgewater could be the next Alex Smith/Matt Hasselbeck/Chad Pennington type of player. Or if they somehow manage to win a SB on the strength of the team and not the QB, he can be called the next Russell Wilson/Brad Johnson/Eli Manning/Ben Roethlesraper. (I won’t say Dilfer cause let’s be honest, my team won in spite of him trying to lose…there was no redeeming qualities to his game to put him on the same level of mid tier guys who won the big one)

  6. Teddy Bridgewater threw 17 TDs to 0 interceptions while in the red zone last year.

    He was the #1 ranked QB in college against the blitz with a passer rating of 130.1 and 16 TDs / 1 interception.

    For everyone questioning his hand size, they are only 1/8 of an inch smaller than Aaron Rodgers, so you can throw that criticism in the garbage.

    He is also the smartest QB on the field and has executed looking off safeties and gets to his 3-4th progression while staying firm in the pocket.

    For people questioning his arm strength, he had the highest velocity of all QB’s in this NFL draft according to a Sports Science test.

    Teddy Bridgewater will be a successful QB in this league.

  7. TB’s come along every so often. Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater. Multiple Superbowl’s are his destiny as a viking.

  8. Packers fan here, hoping he’s a good one – I root for the NFC North to get better and tougher – Barr certainly looks like the real deal so enjoy Viking fans! I’ll be back to heap scorn and abuse if the Packers thump ’em this year – I expect no less from you all if it goes the other way

  9. Regarding his hands, it’s not the size that matters, it’s how he uses them. And he’s going to use them to throw for 8,000 yards and 64 TDs this year

  10. Yeah, baby! I do believe the Vikings have FINALLY landed a franchise QB who will guide this offense well into the next decade.

    It’s about time.

  11. TB’s come along every so often. Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater. Multiple Superbowl’s are his destiny as a viking.

    Todd Blackledge

  12. He has to start generating revenue to pay for that pink monstrosity he purchased.

    I guess the Baraboo Times didn’t report that Cadillac gave his mom the car..He didn’t buy it…

  13. Geno Smith > Teddy Bridgewater…

    Geno will be 3rd on the depth chart by week 4.

  14. No dog in this fight, but I hope he does well to prove the detractors wrong. However, Louisville QBs have a history of being a product of the system and failing miserably in the NFL. All the Louisville fans were crowing that Brohm was going to supplant Aaron Rodgers and that he was a “Tedford QB” (without any idea what that meant). Oops.

  15. The search for a franchise QB will continue. Look at his Pro Day, everybody lining up to see if he is a top 10 pick and he chokes it away with a very poor performance.

    In that one respect, he is a perfect Viking. Whenever there is pressure, you can count on the Vikings to choke. Teddy will fill that role better than most.

  16. Looks like the Vikings future playoff hopes hinge on the league expanding the playoffs to include last place teams. Gotta laugh at the most bagged-on team on these boards, the all-talk, no-action Minnesota Vikings!

  17. Lol and they said that Brian Brohm was the most pro ready qb in his draft. Keep listening to the Mel Kipers of the world, viking fans. You’ll be let down again.

    “Oh but his hands are only 1/8″ smaller than Aaron Rodgers”.

    Yeah but he’s still Teddy Bridgewater. He’s no Rodgers nor will he ever be. He’s just not as talented or smart.

    I like the Barr pick but not little Teddy. Bad pick.

  18. In that one respect, he is a perfect Viking. Whenever there is pressure, you can count on the Vikings to choke. Teddy will fill that role better than most…….

    And yet Aaron Rodgers has lost all but one playoff game. Choke? No not really…just a complete lack of talent..

  19. “Bridgewater was the most NFL ready QB in the draft”

    Funny….. I remember hearing the same thing about three years ago. A little noodle-armed fella named Christian had that title.

    At least this time the Vikings waited until the end of the round to draft their noodle-armed, “pro-ready” bust. They’re learning!!!

  20. For Ted…is Brian Brohm learning? Is Nick Perry learning? Most teams with a good QB have better teams around them…The Packers…25th rated defense with a franchise QB? Unheard of…until we look back and see the draft picks…nuf said..

  21. The Vikes first rounders signed before the Pack first rounder, because TT is busy talking with probation officers and sentencing judges before signing “character” guys from Oregon to play TE.

  22. With the exception of running back and a lineman or two, the packers offense is better than every position on the vikings. The Packers are not a one man team. When you take away the main guy who drives the offense, of course they’ll struggle. Take away Peterson and the vikings would be looking at 0-16. The Packers defense sucked but we’re statistically better than the viking defense. Again, explain how you think the vikings are a better team. You struggled to tie us without our best player. Take your best player away and we’ll crush you. Hell we destroyed you last year in your own house. With the exception of your kickoffs return, you got owned. And now that it’s the off season again, viking fans are bumping their chests claiming that they’re the better team who will win the division this year. Then the season starts and you disappear until February.

  23. Rodgers lost all but one playoff game? What are you even talking about? I know it pains queen fans to remember but he won a S.B. as well as being the MVP in the game.

    As far as the skinny as a pencil Bridgewater with the dwarf hands he completely folded worse than any qb at the combine when the pressure was on. Wait til Matthews and Peppers sandwich him and bust him in half.

    Lastly the Turner is a guru and will groom him fans did you watch when he was at San Diego? He managed to take an all pro qb and reduce him to a terrible qb. When he was fired Rivers returned to all pro form. Look at the great job he did in Cleveland. There is a reason he was fired at least 5 times.

  24. “Haters will hate”….isn’t that what they say! Are you all mad that the vikings will be better than your squad?! It’s the only conclusion I could come up with. We will all see how Teddy does in the NFL. No need to talk the guy down just cause the Vikes signed him. Stay off our page trolls!! Don’t be mad cause were gonna be THE team this year, haters! LOL to all you trolls!!! SKOL VIKES!!!

  25. Packers should win the division by 3 games this year. The other teams have improved slightly, but the gap was huge. And the packers probably improved even more than the rest of you.

    I know, I know, you don’t see it that way. But there’s your opinion and then there’s reality.

  26. Packers fans seem to forget the years between 1968 and 1991 when the Packers had exactly FIVE seasons above .500 (one being the strike year in 82). Wasn’t until Favre showed up that they even became relevant again (and except for an injury to Majkowski, they may not have even figured that out).

  27. Ha ha Turd Bay, we get a home game for the super bowl while you try to figure out that there is a second round to the playoffs….its only been 5 strait years of losing……good job ladies!!!

  28. SKOL is a Viking tradition that started with the drinking from the skull of a defeated enemy.

    Nice signings, both have jumped in with both feet and are doing a great job learning. Nice to see Teddy is going to get reps with the 1st team. He looked real sharp in his rookie camp last week.

  29. To all you whiney Packer fans who state Bridgewater will be a bust I have to say the following, 4,000 yards, 39 TDs, 4 Ints and 73% completion this past year. Ya, he sounds terrible.

  30. GO, TEDDY! You can do this and there are TONS of people out there who wish you success! All you have to do is buckle down, learn the pro game, and then do what we all know that you CAN do, which is BE A WINNER!
    Best of luck to you, young man!

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