Aaron Murray signs four-year deal with Chiefs


The Chiefs have Alex Smith under contract for another year and there are talks about an extension underway, but there’s a chance they may go into the 2015 season without an incumbent starting quarterback.

If that comes to pass, fifth-round pick Aaron Murray could be one of the contenders for the job. Murray, who started 52 games at Georgia, signed his four-year rookie contract with the team on Wednesday.

That’s one thing that needed to happen before Murray can see any time in the team’s offense. It’s not the only one, though. Murray also has to recover from a torn ACL he suffered last November. Murray was feeling well enough to throw for scouts before the draft, but didn’t run and may wind up taking a redshirt year if the Chiefs determine that’s the best course of action for his knee.

If he is healthy enough to play this summer, Murray will likely be competing with Tyler Bray for the No. 3 quarterback job behind Smith and Chase Daniel. If all breaks his way, he would wind up as No. 2 with a chance for more depending on how things play out with Smith.

11 responses to “Aaron Murray signs four-year deal with Chiefs

  1. Still in shock that Andy (Reid) didn’t draft Teddy Bridgewater. Wow — just blows my mind that the most NFL-ready “West Coast” QB didn’t end up in KCMO.

  2. reid may have liked Murray better. Dungy had the kid #1 last year. he is ready, that is the thing. he will sit this year, but don’t think he is just some contract play by KC. this kid is going to push Chase Daniel for a starting gig next year if Alex Smith doesn’t sign a pretty team friendly deal. QB’s can kill your cap, is he going to be worth that money in 2 years let alone this year? Give Murray a year to learn behind Smith and he will be like a sponge, and KC may have finally drafted a starting QB who will win some games

  3. Man im sick of all these fans on these sports pages always that teddy bustwater is the most ready and they r always acting like hes the second coming of aaron rodgers a real quarterback bustwater want be with the vikings after 5 years cause hes gonna stink it up so bad they will cut him bout like ponder after this year bust written all over him hes gonna get beat up with minnesotas crappy o-line then he will be gun shy hes the second coming of aliki smith

  4. I don’t see him starting in 2015. I just think that’s a stupid move. You have Alex Smith, he’s pretty damn dope.. Let the kid sit like Rodgers did.

  5. He wasnt exactly tearing it up for redshirt Senior and Georgia started off its season with a loss effectively ending his Heisman campaign in week1. From that point on he just trailed off and became irrelevant to the rest of the ncaa. His biggest saving grace IMHO was that the entire Georgia starting lineup was hurt except him by the time they played Mizzou in their 6th game so its not like he had weapons. It was quite literally Aarron Murray V.S. whoever Georgia was playing until he tore his ACL. By that time Marcus Mariotta(after Mariotta decided to stay a year Bortles basically slid into this spot from absolutely nowhere), Manziel and Bridgewater were the top 3 qbs followed by McCarron and Murray was the best of the rest. Its always interesting how teams just decide out of nowhere a guy like Blake Bortles is good when he produced similar numbers to Murray in a lesser conference, I think the real reason Murray dropped is the same reason Bortles sky-rocketed for no good reason. Height and arm strength. I need only point to Jamarcus Russel to prove that neither determine how good a qb is.

  6. I really wanted the Texans to take a flyer on Murray.. But I do think that he’s definitely in the best situation of all the rookies QBs. He gets to go to a great team with a great coach and a qb friendly offense! Aaaaand he gets to sit on the bench and learn from a solid pro who knows how to win games! I’ll be rooting for the kid

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