Aldon Smith pleads no contest to weapons, DUI charges


San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith has pleaded no contest to three felony weapons charges and one misdemeanor driving under the influence charge.

Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News reports that Smith entered the plea this afternoon and will be sentenced on July 25. Smith said, “Yes, your honor,” about 15 times in response to a series of quetions about wiving his rights to a hearing.

The weapons charges stem from a 2012 incident in which Smith was stabbed at a house party he was throwing. Police who were called to the scene discovered three illegal assault rifles at Smith’s home. Smith could get any sentence from probation to four years and four months in prison on each of the weapons charges.

The DUI charge stems from an arrest during the 2013 season. That was Smith’s second DUI arrest. Prosecutors have said they could seek up to six months in jail on the DUI charge.

In addition to potential prison time, Smith will likely be suspended by the NFL.

66 responses to “Aldon Smith pleads no contest to weapons, DUI charges

  1. Wow, talk about a terrible defense attorney. Unless there are heavy sentencing considerations attached to a plea deal with the prosecutor, Aldon appears to have gotten absolutely nothing out of hiring a lawyer.

    Just last month, I got a client’s Aggravated DUI case reduced to reckless driving in Santa Clara County. It was my first criminal defense case. Maybe Aldon should have hired me instead. Smh.

  2. This guy is a straight up criminal. I guess being paid millions of dollars to be in the spotlight as an NFL star wasn’t even to keep this dude away from gangbanging. No worries, though. For every guy like this, there’s a hundred hungry guys ready to take his spot. Good luck, Aldon.

  3. Lighter sentence for pleading no contest.

    Waiting to see how much the wealthy will be favored this time.

  4. Lol every is freaking out. They don’t understand that Aldon won’t get any jail time because he cut a deal. That’s what pleading no contest is. So he’ll probably only get some probation. Plus Goodell already said he’d take into consideration that he took a voluntary leave of absence last season. So he’ll miss, at the most, 8 games next season. No problem. He’ll be back for the SEA games and the playoffs.

  5. He obviously pled no contest because they have cut a deal behind the scenes. He will get a “suspended sentence” and probation. Moving on…

  6. DA doesn’t make the sentencing decision. Makes the recommendation and then the Judge makes his decision. You should hope the Judge is a niner fan.

  7. Heres the facts! aldon and his attorney pleaded no contest for probation only…..And as far as the dui. aldon missed 6 games last yr and went and got professional help….
    aldon will be playing this yr!!!

  8. I’m sure everyone complaining about him pleading no contest, whether he got a deal or not, would have been just as whiny if he plead not guilty.

    Chances are he will miss games but he also has some “credits’ since he took himself to rehab last season and missed games.

    At the end of the day, I hope he gets help and straightens everything out, NFL or not.

  9. Usually when they cut a deal behind the scenes, the defendant pleads out to a lesser crime… that didn’t happen.. we’ll see how it plays out… just wish the suspense is over late july is a ways away.

  10. He’ll just get probation, fined, and community service.

    DUIs are a dime a dozen in California now and nobody does time for them unless you’re a repeat offender.

    The guns aren’t that big of a deal either. They were legal in Arizona where he bought them but he didn’t modify them to be legal in California.

    I would much rather him get heavily fined than having to waste taxpayer money on putting him through the courts and putting him up in jail.

  11. Doesn’t matter what he pleads. He’s got mental issues…there’s no judge or probation that can fix that. This is only the beginning for this headcase.

  12. On each of the firearms. Real world person he’d probably get the 4 months a piece. In the TV world he gets a shame on you.

  13. Not sure why people think that Aldon would get “credit” for the time he spent in rehab.

    I would think that both the judge and the commissioner will look at that as a failure since he didn’t stay out of trouble.

    Usually if the therapy doesn’t prevent further issues the punishment goes up rather than down.

  14. A guy like this doesn’t deserve to be in the league. But on the other hand, you’ve got accomplished players like Vince Young, looking for an honest shot but still getting turned away, when the only “offense” he’s ever done off-the-field is perhaps splurge on desserts from The Cheesecake Factory — or on an “expensive” birthday party. No Justice, No Peace.

  15. Don’t worry, Aldon will be getting his hands on all your favorite little qbs this season. 6 games max. Roger Goodall, and probably every other football player who live outside the state of California, probably own th same exact weapons, that smith is catching felonies over. But you guys can keep your fingers crossed….

  16. love all you niners fans
    all your worried about is that he is back in time for the games against the
    like its gonna make a difference
    seattle owns you

  17. L.T deacon, bednarek and aldon. What do all have in conmon, there loose cannons. Thats what you want on D. There not out to hurt anyone, just qbs so let them be!

  18. Hope the DA, Jeoffrey’s him. “I’ll give you just probation if you plead no connest.” Then bam, 4 years in jail. But it’s the California legal system where celebrities walk on just about anything.

  19. For the hawks fans out there, you know the niners owned that team last game, in their loud stadium, in which they desperatly need just to win! That game was over in the 3rd, the niners smacked them in the mouth all kaep had to do was put up a score. So thank kaep for that! Seahawks knew who the better team was and knew they dodged a bullet! I atleast give the seahawks this they admitted that the niners and them were the real superbowl!!

  20. Seahawks fans were not talking owned when the niners beat u at the stick last
    seattle barely beat us in the nfc championship game….At home with all u banwagon screamers…lol

  21. I’m seeing a lot of misinformed comments getting a lot of likes on this post. As a lawyer, I’d like to clear a few things up.

    The people saying he gets a lighter sentence for pleading no contest don’t know what they’re talking about. For all intents and purposes, pleading no contest has the exact same legal effect as pleading guilty. The judge even specifically makes sure defendants know that he or she will treat a no contest plea AS a guilty plea. The only practical benefits of a no contest plea are that it can’t be used against you as evidence in a civil suit or other proceedings like a guilty plea can, and you can maintain your “innocence” publicly while still accepting the consequences.

    The people saying sentencing is up to the judge are entirely correct. Any deal Aldon’s attorney made with the DA on sentencing is called a “recommendation” because it’s only one factor the judge takes into account when handing out a sentence. Judges routinely ignore the DA’s recommendation, and do whatever they want.

  22. Seahawks don’t have a dynasty and never will have one. Time to get over yourselves.

  23. Seattle hasn’t beaten SF outside of Seattle since 2008 amd the same can’t be said the other way. Hardly constitutes owning. But continue to prance that unicorn on over the rainbow.

  24. No contest? What he did would land a normal person in the brig for 10 years. Three felony assault weapon charges,DUI and communicating a threat in am airport. This is beyond football or riches,he’s a citizen like me subject to the laws of the county,state and country. How can they even consider a deal? He used an assault rifle,not just happen to possess them in is home,but used it around people. Then he drove while intoxicated…so twice he jeopardized the safety of people. The bomb scare at the airport happens more than we think and most people are fined and sent on their merry way,but it’s still not great to put skittish travelers in distress. He needs some jail time. Even if they “consider” who he is and lock him up for a year,he needs some time away from society.

  25. Aldon and the 9ers are in trouble. Missing their best Defensive player in Bowman and now their top pass rusher is going out.

    Goodell may slap his wrist, which is doubtful, for dui’s and
    gun charges but aldon will then follow this up with another plea for saying i have a bomb in an airport.

    Patrick isn’t their best defender anymore and
    you remove Bowman and Aldon for anything of time and the 9ers new nickname is san fran swiss cheese….

    Good luck with this mess. Above reproach? ?

  26. And in other news, today the Seahawks visited the White House.

    Have a nice day, Niner fans.


  27. Funny, the people mentioning dynasty usually are fans of other teams.

    Personally I don’t think of any sports team as a “Dynasty”

    dy·nas·ty [dahy-nuh-stee; British also din-uh-stee]
    noun, plural dy·nas·ties.
    1. a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group: the Ming dynasty.
    2. the rule of such a sequence.
    3. a series of members of a family who are distinguished for their success, wealth, etc.

  28. Thanks for the information on plea agreements/sentencing recommendations.
    Seems like I was off on one and ok on the other.

    I did know that the judge can totally throw out a plea agreement if they feel it is unreasonable and gives way to much to the defendant.

  29. Losing to the Niners in candlestick was not unexpected. It is funny that Niner fans take that as some type of HUGE win over Seattle when it was only two points. Not really a “beat down” by any stretch of the imagination. I guess the Niner fans need to find their quantum of solace somewhere.

    Seattle won when it counted most, in the NFCCG.

    They also applied the biggest beat down of the three meetings last season at the Clink.

  30. I love how all the Whiner fans are worried about missing games, when in fact he needs serious mental rehabilitation and counseling before he hits the field again for his own sake. This guy is a train wreck waiting to happen. His sense of entitlement and lack of common sense is downright frightening. You can have criminals like Smith, Brooks, and Culliver on your team. I’m glad they’re not on mine. Glory is fleeting in the NFL…

  31. You think Aldon Smith’s attorney’s would lead him to plead no contest unless they knew a wrist slap or suspended sentence was on the table? He’ll likely get probation from the State and an 8 game suspension from Rog, reduced to 4 though appeal. Book it.

  32. Really frustrated as a lifelong 49ers fan. Yeah, there are those that say everything involving all the troubled players was overblown by the media. That might be true, but at the same time, the players have to shoulder some of the blame for putting themselves in positions and situations which could lead to such accusations. Not like you see these kind of things happening to the likes of Rodgers, Brees, Manning(s).

  33. As a Seahawks fan, I just hope this guy gets his life together, realizes his full potential, and does good for himself and others. We are all in the game of life together and we all live in a glasshouse. I’m as passionate as anyone about my team, but I’ve been around long enough to realize the importance of maintaining a proper perspective.

  34. Yea it’s a California team but the one California team i’d expect this from is the Oakland Raiders smh. Get your sh!t together cause i don’t want excuses when the forty whiners face Jerry Jones’ Cowboys in the opener!

  35. There just a dynasty at home, mediocre at best anywhere else! Just dont know what theyll do once beastmode wears out. He is only runningback with any success against us and hes probally only got one solid yr left for them. If he cant run there is no chance, and if he can there is just a slight chance. I say its time to focus the attention on the rams,they have a better shot to make some noise this year!

  36. This clown is a menace to society. Answer this…would you b ok with him living in your neighborhood. The NFL and the 9er season will go on. But even when this guy had charges pending and was supposed to b on best behavior he was still jacking around. If I’m a 9er fan, I’d want him out of My circle

  37. Best thing this player should do is to get the hell out of California were a man can be a man, enjoy his guns, breath clean air, and dispose of his ammo as he sees fit.

    He’ll also save a ton in taxes if he chooses wisely.

  38. Someone on the team who’s strong on the 49er’s team needs in the Christian faith needs to witness to him and try to save him before he makes anymore bad decisions off of the football field. On that note, hopefully it will help him grow up and become more mature. Maybe at the same time he’ll be able to help those who are going through the same problems as he’s going through right now.

  39. Don’t think this guy deserves a suspension. Dude got stabbed then the police saw some guns at his home. So what? The US Constitution and Bill of Rights clearly gives us the right to have guns!!!!!!

  40. Yeah in 3 games Hawks were 2-1 for a combined score of 69-39.

    Santa Clara really was the better team.

    Don’t worry, San Francisco won a Superbowl 30 years ago; long before most of you were born.

  41. Okay Niner fans I understand that you feel as if you have to show loyalty because he wears red and gold. I get it but come on if you can’t look past that and see that this guy is just an idiot.

    I can understand if you make a mistake. We are all human and everyone makes them but if you don’t have to deal with the consequences of your actions how do you learn not to do it again.

    He gets a PAID leave of absence to go to rehab for 2 weeks.
    Uses no common sense at the airport
    Then he gets his 5th year option picked up.

    Great player Horrible mindset and the niners are not helping his situation at all

  42. Wow Santa Clara fans are beyond delusional and for so manny reasons. For one they think their collection of criminals and tantrum throwing coach are class personified. They think they are better than every team that beats them, regardless of the final score. And when one of theirs is in the news for some offense, they exhibit zero accountability and sight every other player that ever did anything wrong.

  43. If 99 was on your favorite team you would be as supportive as the 49ers organization & fan base. But don’t worry NFL fans he will be back to terrorize your QB this season especially Russy Willow!


  44. And then I went to the pretty gun store yes I did and I bought a gun yes I did. A nice gun with lots of bullets but I no think policeman care cause I Aldon Smith and 49er. So I did it 2 more times and brought the nice guns home yes I did.

    Ooops. I wrecked car.

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