Antone Exum is eighth Vikings draft pick to sign

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The Vikings signed both of their first-round picks on Tuesday, leaving them with just a few players selected later in the draft to sign in order to put the finishing touches on their draft class.

Sixth-round cornerback Antone Exum signed his four-year deal on Wednesday, knocking the number of unsigned picks down to just two. Defensive end Scott Crichton and running back Jerick McKinnon, who were both third-round picks, are the only draft picks left unsigned.

Exum’s final year at Virginia Tech was severely hampered by injuries as Exum tore his ACL in January 2013 while playing basketball and then developed ankle problems that limited him to three games during the season. Exum was on track to go earlier in the draft before those injuries, so the Vikings may have gotten pretty good value with the pick if Exum is able to return to form in the NFL.

The Vikings added cornerback Kendall James two picks after selecting Exum and drafted another one, Jabari Price, in the seventh round, adding plenty of depth to what should be a spirited competition for playing time in the secondary.

19 responses to “Antone Exum is eighth Vikings draft pick to sign

  1. Quickly bringing it all together…

    Remember, no team in the NFL is 4-5 years away from the playoffs and a playoff run. That’s why it’s the number 1 sport in the US.

  2. I like the new system that gets these guys signed quickly. Dragging it out until August was a lose-lose-lose…….Team, Player, and Fans.

  3. And this Guy would easily start for the horrible green bay defense……oh wait, they just gave little samantha sheilds 40 million!!!! LOL…..

  4. He was a higher ranked prospect than Kyle fuller at the beginning of the season before injury. Steal of the draft and future FS . Skol vikes

  5. Over the last 4 months, the Vikings have made the necessary changes(coaches), the necessary drafting (QB & defense), along with smart free agents signings-Linval Joseph and Captain Munnerlin.

    They are setting themselves up rather nicely for a quick turnaround.

    Zimmer will take no prisoners and guys love playing for him.

    Turner is the QB Whisperer.

    Slick Rick has done it again!

    Nice work Vikes……Super Bowl and new stadium to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SKOL Vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If he can master the art of watching balls sail over his out stretched hands for a winning TD in the closing minutes of a game, then he will fit right in with the rest of the Viking secondary.

  7. If he can master the art of watching balls sail over his out stretched hands for a winning TD in the closing minutes of a game, then he will fit right in with the rest of the Viking secondary….

    If I was the NFL..I would drug test HaHa today..With the joint in the background of a picture, I could see a 4 game suspension

  8. I love that the days of rookie holdouts are gone. I think this guy has a huge upside, hopefully he can stay healthy.

  9. I agree as a Birds fan I wanted him bad. Size&Speed wise he could be a scary S ala that guy in Seattle that also went to VTech Hahaha let him develop, GREAT value pick Vikes.
    From an Eagles fan that’s a little jealous

  10. Previously Heidi fans loved to dis Ted Thompson for late round picks. But Mini’s 5 picks this year in the 6th and 7th round are the sure-fire missing pieces of that 50+ year-old puzzle!

  11. Another jealous Eagles fan here I live in MN too I have been on this guy since last year if he came out then would have been a 1st rd pick steal of the draft nice pick queens

  12. I’m so glad the vikings drafted 7 players on defense and didn’t draft 3 WR’s and a TE

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