Arm strength wasn’t a priority for Bucs on Glennon


The Buccaneers might have told Mike Glennon he was the quarterback of the future, but they made sure to look at plenty of tape to make sure before this year’s draft.

Bucs General Manager Jason Licht told FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez and Bill Polian on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he discussed the traits they were looking for in a quarterback, and Glennon fit them well.

Licht said he and coach Lovie Smith valued toughness, intelligence and accuracy, though arm strength was “maybe a distant fourth.”

“Mike showed during this process that he had those three things and scored very high marks,” Licht said. “He’s a little bit of an unassuming type of guy, but the players around the building really look up to him and do follow him.

“That’s what it came down to.”

Knowing that going into the NFL Draft helped them narrow their focus, secure that with Josh McCown for the short term and Glennon for the long haul, that they’re covered at the most important position on the field.

27 responses to “Arm strength wasn’t a priority for Bucs on Glennon

  1. Good move by TB. And Glennon’s arm appears plenty strong enough. Would not be surprised if he were back starting sooner than later…

  2. do you really need a strong arm to hand the ball off 99% of the time? despite all the talk we all know it will be a get off the bus running offense when all is said and done. I don’t care who he hired to be his oc that will last 2 years max. look at the record in Chicago people it is not that hard. the bucs will win but it will be all defense just as it always is in Lovie’s world. again look at what he did with the bears and no I am not a bitter fan it was time for him to go. one week Grossman would be tossing bombs to berrian then the next handing off until the end of the game where they expected him to bail them out against a defense ready for the pass. he does not believe in taking chances and if they score and have the lead that is enough for him. he will ride the defense until he has no choice if he wants to win the game. wait until you see the ball tossed to the te and he gains 20 yards, then you will be asking what happened to him the rest of the game.

  3. Accuracy can go along way, and often is more meaningful than strength. Guys like Matt Hasselbeck have found success by being efficient.

  4. I actually like Glennon. He has poise and can make every throw. The key for him having a good career will be how he ultimately handles Pass Rush Pressure.

  5. That is the worst uniform design I have ever seen. That includes high school and CFL. How can anyone even read the numbers? How would a blind ref see it? Don’t they have rules that uniform numbers should be legible so refs and announcers can know who they are commenting about or flagging?

  6. Everyone is misreading the comment. The Bucs are not saying he doesn’t have a strong arm – they are saying that’s not the thing they like most about him. He has a very strong arm, and anyone who has seen him play knows that.

  7. For the millionth time….that is not the uniform. That is a “don’t hit the QB” orange practice jersey. Granted the new uni’s are jarring but the constant comments about practice jerseys is bush league.

  8. I don’t know what Lovie had against Glennon when he arrived but I watched him almost beat my Seahawks in Seattle. That was with our defensive line getting pressure, he didn’t rattle and was far more mobile than he looks. His arm looked fine and is an accurate young QB. Josh McCown put up some good stats in a short time but he made bad mistakes that defenses dropped ints. The starting job should be more of a battle than is being let on.

  9. Mike Glennon has the longest neck in the NFL. Who needs big hands, big feet and arm strength when blessed with a prodigious neck to see above the O-linemen. Johnny Football would have gone #1 if he had a whopper like Glennon.

  10. If you think that Mike Glennon doesn’t have good arm strength, I suggest you take a look at the Tampa New Orleans game last year where Glennon tossed a 60 yard bomb off the flea-flicker for a touchdown! He’s got plenty of arm!

  11. In the live action He-Man reboot, the part of Mecha-neck will be played by Mike Glennon.

    In all seriousness, I like Mike and want him to do well. All his stats last year should be a wash.

    He did lots of good, and a fair amount of bad during the season, but with the injuries and coaching, its best to consider this as his first year in the league. He was a QB intern last year.

  12. For the millionth time….that is not the uniform. That is a “don’t hit the QB” orange practice jersey. Granted the new uni’s are jarring but the constant comments about practice jerseys is bush league.”

    That IS the number font they are using….does that look like an 8 to you? It’s completely illegible. Just dumb design.

  13. I agree. Whoever designed those uniform numbers is bush league for sure. They are just bad. I don’t have to be a professional designer to know that they are not legible. What is going on with them? It must have been one of the Glazers kids who designed it.

  14. Good thing pretty uniforms isn’t a requirement to win games.

    I haven’t seen a neck like Glennon’s in the NFL since the great Murton Hanks.

    Glennon is going to become our franchise QB, book it. And, as a fan, it’s great not watching Josh Freeman stink up the place any longer.

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