Bills hire advisors for sale of team

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made some comments about the future of the Bills in Buffalo at the league meetings this week, saying that the league needed to be “looking for ways to improve not only the growing the pie but also growing the fan base” while also speaking warmly about prospective buyer Jon Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi is part of a potential ownership group based in Toronto, which raises more questions about whether the team will remain in Buffalo once the Wilson family completes the sale of the team. Progress continued toward that sale on Wednesday with the announcement of legal and financial advisors to help guide the process. The Bills named Morgan Stanley as financial advisor and Proskauer Rose as legal advisor.

“The sales process will move forward. This will really begin the vetting process of the sale. The bank will go through all the interested parties and vet them,” team president Russ Brandon said, via the team’s website. “I know that we will go about our business in a very methodical manner and keep the league, the state and the county updated on a consistent basis. I’m very focused and I think our organization is very focused so that we can provide the needed deliverables to the National Football League.”

Brandon didn’t reveal how many bidders would be involved in the vetting process, but said interest was high. The new advisors are expected to begin that process in the next 30 days, which could lead to a sale shortly thereafter.

17 responses to “Bills hire advisors for sale of team

  1. Bills fans should be feeling like the bird that ate the canary right now. They’re getting a new owner. They’re getting a new stadium. They’ll start winning games. The only negative is that they’ll regret not drafting Johnny football.

  2. I could do that:

    Take the highest offer possible. Submit to NFL for vote. If not approved, move to next on list.

  3. The taxpayers will have a say about that new stadium, which they do not need after pouring MILLIONS into renovations at the Ralph

  4. The NFL league office is tax exempt in the US.

    How about in Canada?

    Exchange rates, Candian income taxes, citizenship/visas/passports for all the players/coaches?

    Sounds complicated.

    LA Bills it is!

  5. Not going anywhere.

    And Johnny Football in Buffalo would have been the nail in the coffin for me…we already had Losman and Edwards and Rob Johnson…which is who Manziel will be.

    Everything else you said is spot on.

  6. And the funny thing is…if you don’t live in upstate, NY, you really shouldn’t be writing about the sale of the Bills because you have no clue. Jerry Jones and what he says has no effect on what happens.

    There are people here who won’t let that team leave this area for a long time.

    You’re just wasting your time thinking or writing otherwise.

    The Bills generate more revenue than the 49ers for christ sake. (That’s a fact.)

  7. Jerry jones should worry about growing his team before growing the league unless he is worried about trump turning it into americas team! Last i checked the cowboys are a darkhorse for the number 1 pick. The bills are fine here with loving and supporting fans and i am not one of them. And for bon jovi he should be thrilled to stay here, Buffalo is the only place his music is still relevant! Coming from a niners fan bring on the Don, Jerry you should fire yourself!!

  8. Besides if it wasnt for Jimmy, Herschel and the Buffalo Bills, Jerry would have no rings. Just worry about the cowboys and worry about spending a 100 mil on a qb who will net you the first pick. Keep your thoughts away from Buffalo unless its buffalo texas lol

  9. Once again, General Manager Wannabe says something stupid. Focus on your team, Jerry. Cowboy fans deserve a hell of a lot more than you’re giving them.

  10. trump has been quiet lately, all that talk must have been to get him headlines for a news cycle or 2

    i just hope bon jovi and the toronto group doesn’t buy the bills….move em to la if you’re gonna move em, putting em in toronto would be a slap in the face to bills fans

    if you wanted to regionalize the team move the stadium to rochester, syracuse or smalbany

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