Bucs shuffles the roster, add the trick shot artist


It’s becoming obvious that Alex Tanney’s greatest trick is maintaining employment.

The quarterback who rose to fame through his Youtube video of trick shots has found another home, signing with the Buccaneers today.

Tanney was let go in Cleveland most recently, and has also had stints with the Chiefs and Cowboys (along with minicamp invites from the Steelers and Bills).

The Buccaneers also signed tight end Cameron Brate, wide receiver Quintin Payton and tight end Ian Thompson.

To make the room on the roster, they waived defensive lineman David Hunter, punter Jacob Schum and quarterback Brett Smith.

15 responses to “Bucs shuffles the roster, add the trick shot artist

  1. Now if reading NFL defenses were only more like a truck driving in a straight line, he’d be all set.

  2. A lot of these guys never get a real chance, especially at QB. George Mira was an unbelievable QB but was drafted by SF just before Brodie’s resurgence. He bounced around for a few years but never got to start anywhere. Or how about Steve Deberg. he was just getting going at SF when they drafted Joe Montana. He then went to the Broncos, but they unexpectedly got John Elway. His next stop was Tampa Bay, who drafted both Steve Young and Vinny Testeverde when he was there. He had a cannon for an arm, but had incredibly bad luck.

  3. He’s had a nice couple years in the glitz and fame of the NFL holding a clipboard. Damn nice gig if you can get it.

  4. For the next couple months, his name should just be changed to “camp arm”. Won’t make the final roster, is there to throw passes to people who might make the final roster.

  5. If, after 2 or 3 years of roaming from training camp to training camp, you are still referred to as that “youtube guy”, It may be time to put that college education to work.

  6. “miriam45 says: May 21, 2014 11:44 AM

    Alex is the real deal. If given a fair shot he will surprise everybody. A cannon for an arm and tremendous accuracy.

    Good luck!”

    Alex, is that you?

  7. You do not put that college education to use before this gig runs out.

    Run this sucker dry, Alex. Lol.

    I’d take that gig anytime.

    (Accuracy hitting a moving target, with somebody covering them and another coming at you…is a lot different from standing there with no pressure and throwing a football into a garbage bin.)

  8. For those saying he won’t make the roster, hands down, think again. This depends on two things. 1) Do the Bucs want to carry three QBs? A number of teams still do this?
    2) Can he beat out Mike Kafka? For those who don’t know, Kafka has been around a few years, played in four games, and been absolutely terrible in them. He has thrown 16 passes, two interceptions, completed a few for about 100 yards. That is it.

    The standard for third string in Tampa is pretty low. The question is, will Tampa keep three starters or not bother? If they bother, wil Tanney show anything to stay around (that is all he has to do – show something – and he becomes automatically third string).

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