Goodell wants more information before disciplining Irsay

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Colts owner Jim Irsay has been allowed to participate in the NFL draft and this week’s owners’ meeting despite his recent arrest for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and felony possession of a controlled substance. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says it would be premature to suspend Irsay right now.

Goodell noted at the owners’ meeting that Irsay hasn’t been formally charged yet, and as a result Goodell isn’t ready to hand down any punishment.

“There have been no charges,” he said. “Until we have more information and more facts we will let it play out.”

But Goodell doesn’t always wait for formal charges before disciplining a player. Most notably, Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for four games because he was accused of sexual assault. Roethlisberger was not even arrested, let alone charged.

As Goodell continues to take his time about disciplining Irsay, it’s looking like there’s a double standard applied to owners.

59 responses to “Goodell wants more information before disciplining Irsay

  1. What the hell is he waiting on. He blatantly violated a “crystal clear” policy.

  2. The Good OL’ boys club.
    You kinda take a step back to discipline when it’s one of your bosses!

  3. He is also one of 32 bosses gooddell must answer to so without player pressure (clippers boycotting games , ppl like lebron threatting not to play) without that the nfl has no reason to make any decision.

  4. feelnsavage says:
    May 21, 2014 6:11 AM
    Is it really a double standard or is it Goodell actually trying to learn from previous follies?

    Some how Goodell doesn’t strike me as one to sit and reflect on past mistakes. I doubt he feels he has made any past mistakes.

  5. As a person who has been through treatment, if Jim Irsay treatment was effective then Jim .Irsay should be asking Roger Goodell to punish him.

    The fact that he is back at work, in the draft room and owner meetings and not apologizing in a meaningful way in front of cameras tells me that Irsays “treatment” was for show and to get away from the media hoping this will all blow over.

    Which is the same reason he hasn’t been punished yet.

  6. What discipline? Is he going to lob a fine at a billionaire? Game suspensions are meaningless for owners. Punish him by severing his involvement with the team, smash his cell phone and tell him to shut up.

  7. He is also one of 32 bosses gooddell must answer to so without player pressure (clippers boycotting games , ppl like lebron threatting not to play) without the massive social media backlash and sponsors threatting to pull out the Nfl has no reason to make any decision until he is charged.

  8. feelnsavage says: May 21, 2014 6:11 AM

    Is it really a double standard or is it Goodell actually trying to learn from previous follies?

    Crazy talk.

    There are two standards of justice, one for rich people and another for regular schmoes. Always has been, and probably always will be.

  9. If you have the ability to suspend the guy that signs your checks, how soon would you jump on that ?

  10. Yes there’s been no formal charges but let’s not kid ourselves, Irsay’s actions have already tarnished the NFL’s brand (albeit minimally since the NFL is teflon and nothing sticks to them). Donald Sterling was not formally charged with anything and yet Adam Silver dropped the bomb on him. Ipso facto: Adam Silver has bigger balls than Goodell.

  11. Dear Roger,
    I’m sober and sorry for certain alleged actions while heavily medicated to overcome massive pain.
    I want to put these matters behind me and help lead the Colts forward to greater successes and bigger profits.
    I trust that you will show me the respect that I deserve in assessing my penalty. I think that you are a truly great Commissioner and look forward to recognize this re your bonus payments in the future. I know that you will do the right thing.
    Yours sincerely humbled,
    Big Jim

  12. The man has punished whole teams, coaches, players by simply “declaring” he has evidence that warrants punishment. Remember Bountygate? We still haven’t seen the 50,000 pages of “evidence” he claims he has. Heck, we haven’t seen 5 pages. His ruling was found faulty by his predecessor and he has yet to admit he jumped the gun with his extreme punishment of the Saints. I find it amusing that he suddenly needs more evidence before he can punish Irsay. Or is he afraid that he will look like an idiot again? Too late, Roger. You already look like one.

  13. To the guy saying this is different then Ben. It is a little different. Very little.

  14. Will Hill gets caught three times and only suspended for four games so far !when other players failed 3 test they are suspended indefinitely!If Will Hill is not suspended for the season then the NFL definitely shows favoritism toward certain teams like they always do !

  15. More information?

    He’s been miraculously cured of his lifelong affliction after only one short month in the celebrity rehab.

    No doubt a testament to his iron will and deep pocket.

  16. How long would have Big Ben been suspended if they found a dead girl in his love shack? What is worst then Roger’s lack of action, is our legal system for the rich. Have money it’s R and W (rehab and walk).

  17. It doesn’t seem right that he’s walking around again with no punishment. He had a trunk full of pills, and $27,000 in cash?? What was that all about? Something doesn’t add up here, or is it because he’s an owner and is rich?

  18. I used to have respect for Goodell. Not anymore.

    Dude gets busted for DUI, an offensive several players have been swiftly suspended for. If that’s not enough, Irsay is also busted with something like $29,000 cash in a duffle bag and numerous prescriptions that don’t belong to him. How much more info do ya need, Rog??

  19. I’m a Steeler fan, but i dont think this falls into the double standard category. With Ben, this was his second acusation while as far as i know, Jim Irsay has only been in trouble this one time. I think punishment is warrented, however i have no problem with the Commish holding off and letting it play out before handing down that punishment.

  20. Any new information related to the NFL investigation into the illegal release of Josh Freeman’s private medical records?!?

  21. Goodell .. just doing what his bosses tell him. Nothing more..nothing less… Do not understand how so many people do not realize Roger does not make any decisions without owners approval.
    Not backing Goodell… just saying all the Goodell hate is channeled toward the wrong person(s).. The owners are cowards to come out and do things .. say things.. they have their lap dog..Roger Goodell…. to take the heat that should rightly be aimed at the themselves.

  22. From everything I have read on the matter, it appears that 1) Irsay hasn’t yet been charged with a crime; 2) His back pain is what led to this relapse. How many of us would want to be punished for getting re-addicted to pain meds when we had a back problem? I would hope that I could receive help for that problem first, which he did, and apparently continues to do. I just hope that he gets the back pain corrected, and is vigilant with the treatment that helps him abstain from using the pain meds again. So unless and until the entire facts of the matter are presented to us, I for one will wait and withhold judgement on Irsay. He admittedly has had addiction problems in the past, and thus far it doesn’t appear that alcohol was involved, so why does everyone want Irsay to be punished so quickly and without the benefit of a fair trial that we are all supposed to be entitled to? Would you want to be tried in the media and found guilty without a fair trial? Just sayin….

  23. Wow. I’ve been saying for years that Goodell is a fake and he has to go. Now everyone is starting to realize i was right. I mean i like Irsay. Even rich people make mistakes. They’re human too. They’re just ‘rich’ humans. But for Goodell to take no action yet against Irsay and he disciplined Ben R for a he-said-she-said situation and Ben wasn’t even arrested nor was he ever charged smells like a double-standard. But then again he suspended Coach Sean Payton and GM Mickey Loomis of the Saints for a year for a phantom bounty scandal and neither of them were ever arrested or charged with a crime either. Basically it appears that Goodell does what Goodell wants to do with no rhyme or reason. I have zero respect for Roger Goodell. I believe the owners need to hold a “Tribal Counsel” and vote Goodell out and snuff his flame. Geaux Saints!

  24. Keep in mind, Goodell essentially works for the owners, and Irsay is one of those owners. Let’s not all act like this is a surprise.

  25. Double standard??? I can see why people say that, but it’s not that simple. There are several occasions when a player gets in trouble and is not immediately suspended. Ray Rice is on video dragging an unconscious woman out of an elevator and supposedly hit her and he has not been suspended.

    Where is the same outrage?? It’s called “case by case” basis- which he has the authority to do based on the collective bargaining agreement.

  26. This is not his first time. Anyone who knows Jimmy knew he fell way off the wagon by just looking at his photos.

    Last time he went to rehab it was much longer and he brought back 2 brothers, that their one main jobs was to keep Jimmy out of “trouble”.

  27. How many months are required to obtain the “more information” on an incident that can be summed up in a single sentence. “Irsay caught drunk driving and immediately checks into rehab.”

  28. I feel bad for Irsay, to the extent one can feel bad for a zillionaire. He has obviously, publicly needed help for a long time and everyone in the organization seems to have just laughed at “Irsay being Irsay.” Thankfully he didn’t kill himself or someone else while driving, there would have been plenty of blame to go around.

  29. And yet Kevin and Pat Williams got a four game suspension and had to fight in court for years because of taking a weight loss supplement.

    Oh, yeah. Fair and balanced.

  30. Wade Wilson, QB Coach of the Cowboys was suspended for 6 games due to a medication that was prescribed for him by a doctor because he and his wife were dealing with infertility problems. “Coaches must be held to a higher standard.” was the statement by Sheriff Goodell at the time . . . tell me Roger, do steroids produce a competitive advantage for a coach???

    If coaches must be held to a higher standard, then so should owners who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs . . . and are repeat offenders. Irsay should be suspended for one year from the NFL!

  31. Um, conduct detrimental to the league? This was a PR nightmare already. You can’t hurt a multibillionaire financially. Take a draft pick or two away. Or better yet, force him to give up all social media.

  32. America is ran by the golden rule: Them that got the gold, makes the rules.

    The players are treated like slaves, while owners, coaches, and NFL pukes, can do whatever they want.

    For instance, 44 million a year for a WORTHLESS commissioner, but a salary cap of 130 million for an entire 53 man team.

    My money says Irsay gets a slap on the wrist. “You naughty, naughty owner.”

  33. In the NFL is pot considered a performance enhancing drug or just a banned drug? If it’s just a banned drug, shouldn’t it be banned for all NFL owners, employees, and members of the commisioner’s office? And shouldn’t all NFL owners and employees be subject to random testing for banned drugs and not just the players?

  34. For all of you that are saying that it is a double standard, I would like you to think about something.

    The owners are not part of the CBA, meaning they are not part of the same rule structure. That being stated that means that it can’t be a true double standard if you are comparing apples to apples instead of the apples to oranges that you are currently.

    How do you punish the owner of a company, you see these kind of things every day in most businesses, maybe not to this level but owners still have a different standard than employees.

    While I do not condone what he has done and believe that he should be punished as is right with law, I am not sure what exactly the NFL can do.

    Goodell could be waiting to see what happens with the NBA, as they are looking at a legal challenge they may very well lose.

  35. The only way Irsay gets punished is the same as with Donald Sterling in the NBA where the players, fans and other owners have to stand up for it to happen.

    This isn’t going to happen because Irsay is considered “one of the boys” to the players and to the owners he’s “Bob Irsays kid” so they’re all going to protect him.

    On top of that unlike with the rest of the NFL watching universe this is a sympathy story in the city of Indianapolis where the NFL and the sport of football really isn’t that important so any discipline against Irsay would probably lose any support that city has for the NFL product as a whole as it would be viewed as an emotionless company “kicking a good man while he’s down”.

    As unfair as it is consider Indianapolis not being awarded the Superbowl at yesterdays owners meeting Irsay’s punishment.

  36. I guess we know where all that cash in the back seat went.
    This is just another saga in the buffoonish Irsay family history. First it was the escapades of his drunk father. And now the NFL is again tarnished by the stoned little Jimmy.

    Get these fools out of the league !

  37. He should be fined, kept out of that piped-in noise of a stadium of his for a year, take away some draft picks and lift punishments of players for other teams with lessor offenses. Colts are as dirty as they come, they’re no angels. I haven’t forgotten they tanked an entire season to get Luck and have pulled other shananigans in their time. Is this going to be swept under the rug as I suspect it will? Money talks, doesn’t it.

  38. Double standard! Totally agree with Clark, too. Punishment should be ten times more then a players punishment. Use the militaries example. A DUI for an officer is career ending, a DUI for enlisted is far less, reduce in rank and a fine is the norm and not career ending unless the enlisted continues to make mistakes. NFL should make him sell the team, period!

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