Jake Locker to “do most everything” at OTAs


The Titans signed sixth-round pick Zach Mettenberger on Tuesday and the quarterback’s arrival on the roster serves as a reminder that this is a very big year for incumbent starter Jake Locker.

Locker’s contract is up after the season and the Titans didn’t exercise his option for 2015, which means it will be a year-long audition for either continued employment with the Titans or a job with another team. A big part of what he’ll be trying to show is that he can stay healthy for an entire season as a starter, something that’s in doubt after injuries have marred his career thus far.

The most recent of those injuries was the foot problem that ended his 2013 season early and forced him to have surgery. He was limited as a result of that operation at coach Ken Whisenhunt’s first minicamp this offseason, but the Titans coach believes Locker will be able to do much more at next week’s OTAs.

“He’ll do most everything,” Whisenhunt said, via the Tennessean. “I think he’ll be cleared to participate. But we also have to keep an eye towards not doing too much. … Jake is going to want to throw himself in there, and at this point it is more prudent for us to be reserved in what we do, knowing we’ll have a lot of practices in camp ahead of us and he’ll get opportunities.”

Whatever pace they wind up coming, Locker needs to make the most of those opportunities if he wants to have more of them in Nashville.

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  1. I think what Whisenhunt really said was, “He’ll do most everything except play quarterback at a professional level.”

  2. This kid has shown a lot of potential at times, and before he got hurt last yr he was playing very good. He can be a decent QB but he cannot or at least hasn’t in 3 yrs get over the injury bug. He needs to learn to play smarter football if he wants to last in the NFL. Btw I’m still trying to figure out how he got hurt in the Jets game, no one really even touched him to receive an hip and knee injury that he did.

  3. The Titans are up the creek and I predict they will make a move for a QB in pretty short order. Locker has probably run his course and neither backup is NFL quality.

    They will replace the Jags at the basement of the AFCS. There are no miracles to be had. Their defense is not good enough to stop teams and their offense will not score.

    It can be argued that dropping Vince Young was their first big mistake. Letting Chris Johnson walk will prove to be another one.

    They will get a top 5 pick in the next draft.

  4. So im taking it that carl doesnt watch football. Although he has had multiple injuries when on the field jake lockers stats have been very decent and has made many professional quarterback plays.

  5. As an LSU fan, this is Mettenberger’s job to lose. He may be slow in the pocket but his accuracy and arm strength make a shoe in to start some games this year. Say what you want about injuries or what not, but this pick was a steal for the Titans.

  6. Mettenberger was drafted in the 6th round for a reason. I don’t see any way he beats Locker out of the starting job if Locker stays healthy.

  7. Jake Locker and Sam Bradford are in the same boat entering this season. In both cases, both teams are publicly endorsing their QBs, but didn’t exercise their options for 2015.

    I won’t be at all surprised if Locker has a good year and Bradford does not. Then, during free agency, Jeff Fisher chooses to pursue Locker instead and wins the bidding war against the Titans.

  8. cutting VY was not a bad move, at all. Is VY in the league anymore? no, so the Titans knew something very early on, he stinks at the pro level, and cutting CJ is not their downfall either. CJ is lazy and is a ME player. He might do well for the Jets, but you just wait and see. the real CJ will shine eventually.

  9. I dreamed of locker playing dfor the Seahawks, right up until draft day. Then the reality set in, he’s just not that good of a QB. He has all the tools, but he’s just not a passer. More of a mobile thrower. The good news for jake is that whiz can install the early Roethlisberger play book and he should be ok if they have a running game.

  10. The Huskies fans who write off Jake Locker will prove to be the most ashamed of all.

  11. Vince Young Vince Young! Vince ran his course and has failed at every stop since the Titans… Locker was playing really well until he got hurt last year. So
    manup and give the guy a chance.

  12. In Lockers 18 career starts, not games played, but starts, his stats are:
    8 wins, 10 losses
    58% completions (288/497)
    18 TDs
    15 INTs
    41 sacks
    3,432 yards
    81.1 Rating

    Yup, I am now convinced, you guys are correct after all. He is awesome! Next stop, Super Bowl! (eye roll)

  13. By drafting a tackle in the first and not moving to upgrade QB right off it’s pretty apparent Whiz has been given the go-ahead to build a team rather than being overtly pressured to win this year.
    Titans fans will revolt as always, but I’d say stay the course before flipping out. Band Aids were not going to take this team to the big game this season anyway.

  14. With Bud’s death and a new coach, the Titans are just now starting over with VY, CJ, and Britt gone.

    They should have never drafted Locker in the first place. They’ll do good to win 6 games this season.

  15. Glad to see the limp wristed casual espn fans here in force (as usual). If you bothered to watch an entire game instead of troll the web, when Jake is healthy, he plays great, but lots of the games he has started, he has been hurt (shoulder and hip) and rushed back by terrible coaching decisions and lack of decent backups. Before anyone gets on the Hasselbeck wagon, defenses dropped multiple INTs every single game he played and I’m talking he nailed them in the chest with the ball. At this point, Jake is injury prone, but his career stats do not reflect the level he can play at when healthy. The goal is to keep him healthy, keep the completion percentage high and turnovers down, all of which he does when healthy. Now, come back out from under your bridges and troll more about things you know nothing about.

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