Manziel getting third reps behind Hoyer and Thigpen


The Browns apparently weren’t kidding, when it came to clamping down Johnny-mania.

Much-anticipated rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel got to work with the rest of the roster today at Browns OTAs, but he had to wait to get that work in.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, veteran Brian Hoyer took the first reps in team drills. Then came veteran Tyler Thigpen, followed by Manziel.

Running Hoyer out there first was the plan, and is probably smart if only to keep expectations from getting unrealistic.

But putting the journeyman Thigpen in front of Manziel is also a gentle reminder that he’s still a rookie, and will need some time to adjust — time the Browns are willing to give him.

52 responses to “Manziel getting third reps behind Hoyer and Thigpen

  1. Starting to feel bad for Cleveland at this point. They are doing things right but I have a feeling the national media is going to eat them alive for not rolling out the red carpet for a QB the media has already fought to have enshrined in the Hall of Fame this year in Manziel.

    I’m 100% sure CBS will spend all the coverage of Browns games showing Manziel on the sidelines and speculating what flavor of Gatorade he’s drinking while Cleveland and their opponents waste time actually playing without him.

  2. I don’t think Hoyer and Thigpen jerseys are selling like Johnny Football’s. While I’m sure that they are good guys to show him the ropes, Manziel is the Browns great hope and the coaches, management and owner Jimmy shouldn’t be too eager to put him down. His confidence is a key ingredient in his success.

  3. I agree that THE BEST QB should play but it wouldn’t hurt Johnny to sit a year and LEARN……

  4. Honestly didn’t think the Browns would take it that far. There’s no way he stays 3rd string for long with Thigpen in front of him.

  5. That’s right, pump the brakes. Put that Heisman back in your locker. It means nothing in Cleveland. Johnny “The Savior of”Football is right where he needs to be, behind Thigpen. If he is better, he’ll leapfrog Thigpen in a couple days.

    He won’t like what the media will have to say, but too bad. Ray Farmer and Pettine are doing what they need to in order to set ground rules. Let’s see how he handles this.

    People are selling Hoyer cheap. This guy can play. Watch his feet. He gets set quickly and always has a solid base to throw from. His feet are always under him and the ball gets out quickly with his compact throwing stroke.

    Contrast that with Johnny, who they say has a quick release. I say how do you know, when his base is not set and he’s usually on the move without good fundamental footwork? I predict that only a Hoyer injury allows Johnny to get on the field.

  6. I’ll be surprised if Manziel will be able to play a full 16 game season in his career. He’s built like a kicker. Good luck Clevo.

  7. When Manziel becomes one of the top selling jerseys it will be hard to keep him on the sideline.

    Especially when paying fans are coming to see him play win or lose.

    The idea he’s going to learn something sitting on the bench is really a ridiculous thing. Either he has what it takes or he does not.

    If you want him to sit on the sideline and learn, you have to have somebody worthy he can learn from. Not a second year QB and a career bench player.

    Stop wasting Manziels time, he’s already the best choice at QB

  8. >>”I don’t think Hoyer and Thigpen jerseys are selling like Johnny Football’s.”<<

    Unfortunately, selling lots of jerseys doesn't win games. Playing wins games. Manziel's real worth to the Browns will come when he starts playing… if he plays well.

  9. @doe22us
    My question is who is he going to throw to??

    82 Barnidge, Gary TE
    84 Cameron, Jordan TE
    81 Dray, Jim TE
    47 Gray, MarQueis TE
    88 Oboh, James TE
    13 Armstrong, Anthony WR
    19 Austin, Miles WR
    10 Bennett, Earl WR
    13 Burleson, Nate WR
    18 Gabriel, Taylor WR
    12 Gordon, Josh WR
    16 Hawkins, Andrew WR
    11 Johnson, Charles WR
    85 Jones, Chandler WR
    17 Krause, Jonathan WR
    15 Shaw, Kenny WR
    83 Snead, Willie WR
    89 Vernon, Conner WR

  10. Johnny Backup should be grateful to be getting any snaps now because in a few years he will be Johnny Unemployed.

  11. The order of who gets work now is fairly meaningless. The Browns have done nothing but try to keep the Manziel arrival drama down to a minimum and that’s probably their focus with making decisions like this. Wake me up when the regular season starts and the real football begins and then we can seriously analyze the situation. But this posturing during practice doesn’t mean anything official or substantive. They’re just playing politics right now so that the other 2 QBs don’t get really pissed off and they know they don’t have to worry about Manziel’s feelings so he’s the easiest guy to bury on the depth chart since he knows his time is coming very soon.

    All the Browns want to do is keep things on a low profile for now so they don’t have to face any player blowups or criticism for moving too fast with Manziel over players that may have “earned” it, even though those players might not get to actually play despite “earning” whatever it is they earned. Ray Farmer fell in love with Manziel or he wouldn’t have picked him, and I don’t know why you do that as a GM if you aren’t expecting to have that player out there to take the lead by Week 1 considering he apparently doesn’t see the value in having Brian Hoyer lead the team.

  12. averagjoe says:
    May 21, 2014 12:45 PM

    >>”I don’t think Hoyer and Thigpen jerseys are selling like Johnny Football’s.”<<

    Unfortunately, selling lots of jerseys doesn't win games. Playing wins games. Manziel's real worth to the Browns will come when he starts playing… if he plays well.

    I think the point is (and someone above already mentioned it) that people who buy those jerseys would most likely want to see him play in person. Considering that Cleveland gave their last 2 QB picks only 2 yrs before booting them, that's not much time for a guy that ISN'T going to start. Not to mention firing their "new" head coach after only one year. 2yrs for QBs and 1 for a head coach isn't much time for anything. Then again, this is why they're Cleveland.

  13. A team isn’t going to draft a QB in the first round without having every intention of him being the starter at some point.

  14. The media is setting this kid up to fail. That’s the story they want. That’s the headlines. Everything he does is reported. His life is under a microscope, looking for anything to bring him down. I applaud Cleveland for trying to keep him out of the media’s eyes. Johnny and the Browns don’t need a Tebow like circus. Keep him sheltered till game time.

  15. Johnny had a bad draft. He dropped all the way down and still ended up with the Browns. This has disaster written all over it.

  16. All these Browns haters, start paying attention to what Farmer and Pettine are doing. Listen to what Johnny is saying.

    Farmer and Pettine want to build a winning culture based on tough physical football. Run the ball. Hit on defense. Respect the game, respect your teammates.

    Nothing is being handed to anyone. The Browns tried that with other twenty second draft choices. Hoyer went out as number one, he comes in as number one. Johnny is third in the line. If he learns and plays he moves up. He needs to earn the respect of his teammates.

    The media wants to see Johnny Football. Farmer and Pettine want to see Johnny the Quarterback, two different philosophies—its refreshing how the Browns are ignoring the national guys.

  17. The telling will be in the preseason. Manziel will begin his march to the front of the line…..

  18. Cleveland is just being Cleveland. A last place
    team with last place thinking. I think the owner
    just needs write offs for his over priced gasoline
    stations. He does care if he wins or not. The fans
    should return their season tickets unless management can get it head on straight. Just
    stupid leadership from the Owner to the Coach.

  19. Johnny will start wk 2. This is all staged. Farmer, Pettine, nor JF want to throw him out there his first NFL game against Dick LeBeau’s D.

  20. Relax. It’s not even training camp yet. He’ll be starting halfway through.

  21. I still can’t see why it is such a big deal that Johnny isn’t installed as the starter with a whopping two days of learning the system under his belt. Why not find out if the kids can actually play before giving him the keys to the castle?

  22. Crown em. Theres no way Manziel doesn’t start week one. Come on Cleveland, you’re not fooling anybody.

  23. How is this any different than the Tebow rollout in New York?

    This will be the same exact nightmare scenario for the Browns. They should’ve just given Manziel the starting gig. It’s what everyone single person wants and ignoring that inconvenient fact won’t make it go away.

    This whole “earn his role” thing is a joke that will blow up in his face just like Tebow did.

  24. The Browns will destroy this poor kid! He’s obviously their best and only hope at QB and he gets 3rd string reps. The Browns first string sucks as it is and you’ve got him throwing to scout teams. Let him see what he can do with the first string before you completely destroy his confidence! They spent a 1st round pick on him. No way he sits…NO WAY! By the end of the season, the Factory of Sadness will chew this kid up and spit him out. He won’t be able to make it in Canada by the time they’re done. It’s shameful!

  25. Newsflash: Manziel did not — repeat — did not fall in the draft. Most of the experts — sans non-expert Skip Bayless — had projected Manziel to be a second- or third-round pick.
    Secondly, anytime I’ve heard Mary Kay Cabot talk about Manziel, via NFLN, she has done so with awestruck enthusiasm.
    It’s never a good thing when sports reporters become emotionally attached to those they are paid to cover OBJECTIVELY.

  26. I see a lot of Brown’s apologists on here that for some reason are giving the organization the benefit of the doubt as it pertains to their handling of Manziel. It’s not warranted guys. They don’t deserve your support. Listen. What they are doing right now, and if they continue this charade of playing Hoyer over him is…making his decision to leave CLE that much easier. He will eventually start and he will be great. But the things the Browns are doing now will come back to haunt them when he leaves via FA. You think he won’t play out the string? He will be making so much off the field in endorsements he will be able to suffer through the couple of ‘tag’ years and then he will bolt. I would if this was happening to me.

    A talent like his…like Luck, RG3, Manning…do not sit behind Hoyers. Don’t use Rodgers as an example either. He was playing behind a HOF’er and he was not nearly as good coming out of college as all these guys.

  27. Johnny Manziel is as talented as Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, and Peyton Manning? That was why teams were trading up to the top of the draft and tanking their seasons to draft him, right?

    He beat Bama. He isn’t the second coming. Pump the brakes a bit, guys.

  28. You guys are idiots for saying that cause people like him more he should start. You think Cleveland fans give a god damn who’s playing as long as they’re winning? If Hoyer can get them to the playoffs I’m pretty sure he’ll have a few jerseys in the stands too. Hype=/=success. Johnny (as much as I love the kid) has not proven anything yet. And look at a couple great QBs that didn’t start day one: Brady, Rodgers, Young, Rivers, Eli, Brees…

  29. I hope they really let Manziel earn a starting job. Hoyer isn’t a pushover when he played last year he showed he was gamer.

  30. Ha, Ha. Thigpen. Nice try Browns. Johnny could start day 1 because he’s a make plays QB, not your typical drop back passer. If the Browns think he’s going to be the latter….Oh dear.

  31. I know y’all simply don’t want to hear it, but again I say: Vince Young (3-0 versus Eli[te] Manning/G-Men – “over .500 team”.

  32. I don’t disagree that Manziel should earn his spot, but everyone talking up Hoyer so much needs to chill a bit. If the guy was so good why has he been cut by 3 teams? Why wasn’t anyone willing to trade for him? Why did the Browns spend a 1st round pick on a qb. The answer is bc Hoyer is a decent backup but not a franchise qb. Dude had a nice 3 game stretch & got hurt. Weeden was just so bad that it made Hoyer look like the 2nd coming of Brady when he got a chance. Chill

  33. Manziel runs WAY too much to be a pass-first QB in the NFL, which is usually the case to being a starter unless you are Michael Vick, which Manziel isn’t. Hoyer is going to start next year, but Manziel may beat Thigpen at backup. I said MIGHT.

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