Mark Davis: Oakland stadium talks in “11th hour”


Sometimes it feels like the Raiders have been looking for a new stadium since the moment they set foot back in Oakland, but they continue to play in the Coliseum without any word of real progress toward a new building.

On Tuesday, Davis told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that the team has $400 million to put toward construction of a new home in Oakland but “we need help” if that’s going to happen. Davis also repeated his familiar offseason refrain that such help — “whether it’s private, public” — has to come sooner rather than later or the team will explore possibilities outside of Oakland with their agreement at their current digs up after the season.

“I would probably say [negotiations are in] the 11th hour,” Davis said. “It’s always the 11th hour because we’ve been waiting a long time, been waiting a long time on this project. If it doesn’t happen, then we have to start looking at the other options. … We want to stay in Oakland. We want to get something done.

There have been reports that Oakland prioritizes settling the Raiders’ stadium situation before dealing with the A’s own needs, but, like any other flickers of hope about new construction, that hasn’t been followed by anything more substantive. It’s a cycle Davis has talked about breaking many times without success, although Oakland has a chance as long as Davis keeps talking without acting.

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  1. Last time I was in LA it was plastered in Raiders colors and logos. And that was right after San Francisco was in the Super Bowl! You already have the big market, fans and money… Just move back there already. Before Kroenke and the Rams beat you to it.

  2. Just really goes to show the current state of the franchises with the Niners soon to open probably the most state of the art stadium in the NFL and the Raiders in the same state playing in the sewer.

  3. If this man is anything like his father, he’s about action. Just trying to make sure all the blame falls, or appears to fall, on the city when he takes his ball and plays elsewhere.

  4. Nobody is looking to pour hundreds of millions into a venue in Oakland which only has 10 days of use per year set.
    How many monster truck shows can they book?
    It’s just not gonna happen.

  5. Move to LA already. Would be the best thing to happen to the franchise. You get a stadium built there and you’re guaranteed to have a Super Bowl, probably one every 5 years (hosting, of course, not talking about the Raiders making one). The Raiders would quickly be one of the most valuable franchises in the league.

  6. LA Raiders! It just makes too much sense. Oakland can’t support a new stadium unless they open a cannabis dispensary in the new stadium..

  7. He’s doing all the right things, the Raiders need a new stadium, period. He’s giving Oakland the first chance but if they’re unable or unwilling, he has to do the right thing for the franchise and go where the stadium will be built.

    The fact he’s willing the help shows he’s NOT his father but a guy doing all the right things.

    I’m very pleased with MD’s approach since he’s taken over the reins.

  8. I love the Raiders and am an east bay guy but Oakland and Alameda Co just can’t afford it, or should not more BS mayor Quan just tell it like it is ,

  9. Love the hat to hide that disaster underneath, glad someone finally had the set to tell him the cousin Oliver haircut went out style when the Brady’s went off the air.

  10. LA has already shown that it can’t keep an NFL franchise! They do NOT have the fan base. LA is, and always will be Laker country….period!

  11. The Raiders in LA were a laughing stock. Despite fielding some pretty talented teams, they were lucky to draw 30,000 gangbangers at best. Nobody in SoCal who’s anybody would ever accept the circus act that was “raider fan” nor did they for those 13 yrs they were there. The ONLY city in the world that is as revolutionary and rebellious enough to support a fan base as phsychotic as the Raiders is there one true and only home, Oakland!

  12. There’s alot of big money support for the Raiders in SoCal.. you know East LA, South Central, Comptom. The few LA fans remembered to support the Raiders only after they moved back to Oakland and they became relevant again. Get over it!! Ice Cube was popular 25yrs ago, LA Raiders was and will always be a joke. The franchise has never recovered their reputation since they moved in 82 down there. Oakland Raiders, fly in, take BART, we’ll accept you.

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