Oddsmaker: Raiders, Jaguars underdogs in each of first 15 games

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Much is expected of defending Super Bowl champions, so it’s probably not a surprise that a Nevada oddsmaking firm has made the Seahawks favorites in all but one of their first 15 regular season games of 2013.

CG Technology, which operates eight Nevada sports books, has installed Seattle as a favorite in all but one game through Week 16 — its Thanksgiving night matchup at San Francisco.

No team is favored more frequently than Seattle on CG Technology’s regular season pro football lines, which have been posted for all weeks save for Week 17, the final slate of regular season games.

In addition to Seattle, seven other clubs have been made favorites in at least two-thirds of their 2014 regular season games: Denver (13 games), Green Bay (12), New England (12), San Francisco (12), Detroit (10), Indianapolis (10) and Pittsburgh (10). Of that group, the Lions and Steelers, each of whom missed the postseason ago, are the surprises.

Speaking of surprises: the Raiders and Jaguars aren’t favored once in the first 16 weeks of the regular season by CG Technology.

Now, of course, these are early lines. Much can change once the games begin, including how clubs are perceived. Ultimately, Oakland and Jacksonville supporters have to hope that these preseason projections serve as humorous fall reading material.

For now, here’s a listing of how often the other 30 teams are favored this season. Consider it an early measurement of public perception. Opponents are listed in order of how they appear on the club’s schedule:

Seattle Seahawks (14): Green Bay (-5), at San Diego (-2.5), Denver (-3.5), at Washington (-4.5), Dallas (-7.5), at St. Louis (-6), at Carolina (-1.5), Oakland (-14.5), N.Y. Giants (-10), at Kansas City (-2.5), Arizona (-10.5), at Philadelphia (-1), San Francisco (-3.5), at Arizona (-3.5).

Denver Broncos (13): Indianapolis (-7), Kansas City (-7), Arizona (-9), at N.Y. Jets (-6), San Francisco (-3), San Diego (-8.5) at Oakland (-10), at St. Louis (-4.5), Miami (-10), at Kansas City (-3), Buffalo (-11.5), at San Diego (-3.5), at Cincinnati (-1.5).

Green Bay Packers (12): N.Y. Jets (-8.5), at Detroit (-1) Minnesota (-10), at Miami (-2.5), Carolina (-4) Chicago (-6), Philadelphia (-4.5), at Minnesota (-4.5), New England (-3.5), Atlanta (-6.5), at Buffalo (-4.5), at Tampa Bay (-3).

New England Patriots (12): at Miami (-3.5), at Minnesota (-3), Oakland (-13), Cincinnati (-4), at Buffalo (-3.5), N.Y. Jets (-7.5), Chicago (-4.5), Denver (-1) Detroit (-6) at San Diego (-1), Miami (-6.5), at N.Y. Jets (-3).

San Francisco 49ers (12): at Dallas (-3.5), Chicago (-7), at Arizona (-2.5), Philadelphia (-6), Kansas City (-7), at St. Louis (-4.5), St. Louis (-11), at N.Y. Giants (-3), Washington (-8.5), Seattle (-2.5), at Oakland (-7), San Diego (-7).

Detroit Lions (10): N.Y. Giants (-4), at N.Y. Jets (-1), Buffalo (-7.5), at Minnesota (-1), New Orleans (-1.5), at Atlanta (-1), Miami (-5), Chicago (-3), Tampa Bay (-6), Minnesota (-7).

Indianapolis Colts (10): Philadelphia (-2.5), at Jacksonville (-6), Tennessee (-7.5), Baltimore (-3) Cincinnati (-2.5), New England (-1), Jacksonville (-12), Washington (-6), at Cleveland (-1), Houston (-4.5).

Pittsburgh Steelers (10): Cleveland (-5), Tampa Bay (-3.5), at Jacksonville (-6.5), Houston (-3.5), Indianapolis (-2), Baltimore (-2.5), at N.Y. Jets (-2), at Tennessee (-2) New Orleans (-2.5) Kansas City (-1.5).

Carolina Panthers (9): at Tampa Bay (-2), Detroit (-3.5), Pittsburgh (-3.5), Chicago (-3.5), New Orleans (-2.5), Atlanta (-4), at Minnesota (-3), Tampa Bay (-6.5), Cleveland (-7.5).

New Orleans Saints (9): at Cleveland (-2.5), Minnesota (-10), Tampa Bay (-7.5), Green Bay (-2.5), San Francisco (-1.5), Cincinnati (-4), Baltimore (-6.5), Carolina (-3.5), Atlanta (-6.5).

Chicago Bears (8): Buffalo (-6.5), Green Bay (-1.5), Miami (-6), Minnesota (-7), Tampa Bay (-6), Dallas (-4.5), New Orleans (-3), Detroit (-4).

Cincinnati Bengals (8): Atlanta (-3), Tennessee (-7), Carolina (-2), Baltimore (-3), Jacksonville (-11), Cleveland (-6.5), Pittsburgh (-3), at Cleveland (-1.5).

Dallas Cowboys (8): at Tennessee (-2.5), Houston (-4.5), N.Y. Giants (-3.5), Washington (-4.5), Arizona (-3.5), at Jacksonville (-10), Philadelphia (-1.5), Indianapolis (-2.5).

New York Giants (8): Arizona (-3), Houston (-4), Atlanta (-2.5), Indianapolis (-1), Dallas (-2.5), at Jacksonville (-5.5), at Tennessee (-1), Washington (-3.5).

Philadelphia Eagles (8): Jacksonville (-11), Washington (-4.5), St. Louis (-6), N.Y. Giants (-4.5), Carolina (-1), Tennessee (-7), Dallas (-3), at Washington (-1.5).

Arizona Cardinals (7): San Diego (-3), Washington (-4), at Oakland (-3.5), Philadelphia (-2), St. Louis (-4), Detroit (-2.5), Kansas City (-2).

Atlanta Falcons (7): New Orleans (-1), Tampa Bay (-5.5), at Minnesota (-1), Chicago (-3), Cleveland (-7), Arizona (-4), Pittsburgh (-3.5).

Baltimore Ravens (7): Cincinnati (-2.5), Pittsburgh (-2), Carolina (-1), Atlanta (-3), Tennessee (-6), San Diego (-3), Jacksonville (-10.5).

Houston Texans (7): Washington (-2.5), at Oakland (-2.5) Buffalo (-5) Indianapolis (-1), Tennessee (-5), at Jacksonville (-4.5) Baltimore (-1).

Kansas City Chiefs (7): Tennessee (-5), New England (-1), St. Louis (-6.5), N.Y. Jets (-6), at Buffalo (-2), at Oakland (-4), Oakland (-8.5).

Buffalo Bills (6): Miami (-1), San Diego (-1), Minnesota (-2.5), N.Y. Jets (-2.5), Cleveland (-2.5), at Oakland (-1).

San Diego Chargers (6): Jacksonville (-10), N.Y. Jets (-4), at Oakland (-2.5), Kansas City (-2), Oakland (-8), St. Louis (-4).

Miami Dolphins (5): Oakland (-5), at Jacksonville (-4), San Diego (-2.5), Buffalo (-3.5), Minnesota (-4).

Washington Redskins (5): Jacksonville (-9), N.Y. Giants (-1.5), Tennessee (-3.5), Tampa Bay (-2.5), St. Louis (-2.5).

Cleveland Browns (4): at Jacksonville (-2.5), Oakland (-4.5), Tampa Bay (-2.5), Houston (-1.5).

St. Louis Rams (4): Minnesota (-4.5), Oakland (-5.5), Arizona (-1), N.Y. Giants (-3).

Tennessee Titans (4): Cleveland (-2.5), Jacksonville (-7), N.Y. Jets (-1.5), at Jacksonville (-3).

New York Jets (3): Oakland (-4.5), Buffalo (-2.5), Miami (-1).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3): St. Louis (-2.5), Baltimore (-1), Minnesota (-3).

Minnesota Vikings (2): Washington (-1.5), N.Y. Jets (-2).

Jacksonville Jaguars: None.

Oakland Raiders: None.

78 responses to “Oddsmaker: Raiders, Jaguars underdogs in each of first 15 games

  1. Let me get this straight… Vegas has set the MIA over/under for season wins at 8, but the Phins are only favored in five of those games?


  2. The NFL is a better game when the Vikings dominate.

    Vegas odds mean nothing.

    The 2-14 Chiefs last year weren’t favored in any games last season too until they turned it around by a competent QB.

    And the Vikings have an even better QB in Bridgewater.

    The Vikings will turn this season into 12 wins.

  3. Absolutely fantastic image selection for this post… Jamaal Charles running clear and free on his way to the end zone, past a Raiders’ “Commitment to Excellence” poster. Just perfect.

  4. Some of these Chargers lines are a joke. +8.5 to the Broncos? if the Broncos couldn’t do that last year, they won’t do it this year.

    +1 to the Bills? There might not be a safer bet to place than this.

  5. Packers fan here. I thought the Bears would favored in a few more games. I figured the Lions would be a favored in a few less games. The Vikings: well, that looks about right.

  6. The Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns play each other twice yet neither team is favored in any game apparently. They really think both games are a push?

  7. Raiders are much improved, but this isn’t the year we will see it. Schedule is tough, but it’s all coming together. I’d be happy with 7-9 or 8-8, but watch out the year after that and onward…

  8. How are the Texans favored on the road against the Raiders when the Raiders beat them last year, they were worse than the Raiders last year and most onlookers believe that Oakland had the better offseason?

    Can’t go wrong against Vegas when every win the Raiders get in 2014 will be an ‘upset’.

  9. Use all them Raiders jokes now…we’ll be the ones laughing soon. Dont expect us to show yall any mercy either.

  10. It looks like most of the teams don’t add up to 16 games if you add the odds for and against. So I’m guessing that the games that aren’t showing are probably either even odds or not yet determined. Does that sound right?

  11. That’s a horrible list. It’s basically a reflection of last season LOL anybody can come up with that garbage. Most of it will most likely be inaccurate anyway.

  12. Seems like the Seahawk – Rams game is even money.
    It isn’t listed as either team being a favorite.

  13. If the Raiders and Jags went head to head, I bet the Raiders would smoke them. At either venue.

  14. Raiders are much improved at allot of positions, waaaay better depth too. But unfortunately our schedule and division will make it tough to win more than 5 or 6 games. Although when it comes to our division, the chiefs or chargers are rarely descent in back to back years. So we may do a little better than expected. Look at the sorry chiefs, they set the all time mark for playoff embarrassments last year. I expect that to carry over into this year. I don’t think they have a won a playoff game since the Reagan administration…LMAO.

  15. A Cleveland -Baltimore push is being very generous, to the ravens.
    And they obviously didn’t watch last year’s late season beatdown if they have cin favored over pit.

  16. The Vikings dominated the NFL….when? Gee, I can’t remember, because they had only one good year with Favre, but beyond that tell me when was the last time the Vikes dominated the NFL.

  17. These odds might make sense now, on paper, but there is no way that there will be 2 teams that don’t win a game. I would like to see how these odds change after the preseason and before week 1, injuries and trades will change things.

  18. How embarrassing for the Redskins and Jets!!

    The only teams the vikings are favorites to beat even if each is by less than a field goal.

    The Packers, Lions, and Bears, combine for 30 wins and the vikings total 2.

    Looks like a good divisional race!

  19. This can’t be true we have the great GM McKenzie
    who has brought us Gregg Knapp and Matt Flynn and two 4-12 seasons.

  20. Thanks for the comments.

    A couple things:

    — 12 games from Weeks 1-16 were pick ’ems, so there’s no favorite or underdog in those games.

    — There are no Week 17 lines, which makes sense, given what a topsy-turvy week that can be with teams resting starters, etc.

  21. The Raiders are poised to surprise!


    No one in the last decade

  22. This is not the year of the Raiders. The fan base does not want to hear it but what they need to see this season is improvement across the the lines. They need to find 3 or 4 players to build off of, and they need to find an identity. Reggie failed to do any of this in year one or two of his regime. Where no players were developed and not one part of the team was built. Even with all the cap problems and the draft issues, Reggie needed to pick something, the offensive line or WRs and make it a foundation to build off of. He failed and the team is only now trying to build its way out of the hole it has been in for the last decade plus.

  23. I need to head to Vegas now… The Failcons are a 1 point favorite over the Saints on opening weekend. The Saints are 13-3 vs them in the last 16 head to head.

  24. Seattle sure was given an easy schedule. I thought it was supposed to be weighted so the best team would face far more legitimate teams than cream puffs – and the current crop of cream puffs got schedules that had at least a handful of games where they had at some sort of chance to win?

  25. Ripping the Raiders and Jags? Just remember that your team is no different to the Seahawks. Every other team is the Raiders or Jags compared to the most dominant team in the history of the NFL. #seahawksdynasty

  26. I can’t WAIT for you Raider haters to start crying…this has been a tough road for Raider Nation, but guess what?…We’re baaaaack! Wanna bet? No, I didn’t think so!

  27. The Jets with just 3 wins? Those aren’t very good odds for Wrecks keeping his job.

    Though heck, on an over/under even I would take the over on that one. The Jets are good for five to seven wins – hopefully just mediocre enough for Wrecks to continue to keep his job.

    That guy is comedy gold!

  28. Speaking as a Browns fan: I really like the talent on the Browns but still concerned about our QB & WR situations. Is Hoyer the real deal? Will Johnny hold up and adapt his game to the NFL? Is Gordon done? Is he choosing his weed over his career like Ricky Williams? What a waste of amazing talent.

    But, my biggest concern is the change (once again) in coaching regimes & philosophies. Pass vs run, stretching the field vs West Coast, zone blocking, 3-4 D vs 4-3 D, and so on, and so on. I don’t doubt Pettine or his staff, it’s just he comes from a Defense background, and not all that long. I’m hoping he turns into Chuck Noll 2.0 but until he does, I have to keep my fingers crossed.

    I would go silly with an 8-8 record but realistically, I think we’ll have to suffer through another 4-12 season. However, the roster is really getting stocked with some pro-bowl talent.

  29. Kalil Mack is a beast, and I thought Carr was one of the more intriguing QB in the draft.

    The Raiders were fun to hate back in the day when they were good. They have been bad for so long I kind of hope that Mack and Carr help restore the Raiders to respectability. The NFL needs a good villain.

  30. I can’t believe the Vikings would be favored against 3/4 of college teams, much less any NFL teams. Especially now that they’ll have Teddy “The Bust” Bridgewater playing QB.

    Pretty generous of the Vegas oddsmakers if you ask me.

  31. Ok I knew that if I looked hard enough I would find a discrepancy, there is nothing in here about the Bears Jets game, and I am not a fan of either team. I would think the Bears would be favored

  32. Miami is @ Oakland, in London. What’s the point in posting an oddsmakers line that can’t read & reprint the schedule?

  33. you’d think they would have predicted the seahawks as the favorite in 13 game for 2013, considering those were the results a season ago. how about for 2014?

  34. But hey, the Raiders won the Super Bowl three decades ago. And if you forgot, their fans will be sure to tell you so when you discuss present day, though it means nothing for the 2014 season.

  35. The Packers are good for ten, without Rodgers. Flynn could do it, if he had to, with a very talented squad coming up. With Rodgers……the sky is the limit.

  36. The Jaguars will be way better than people expect. 2014 dark horse! AFC South is going to be a war this year.

  37. So then lets give the Lombardi to the Hawks and everybody can just cool down.

    Why to play the games then?

    Because this is NFL where every team is good for a surprise or an upset once or twice a season.

  38. As bad as the Raiders were they got the 5th pick in the draft. By my calculations 4 teams sucked worse than them.

  39. Sorry to trash on the good old Vegas Odds, but the Minnesota Vikings will do a hell of a lot better than they portray. Bridgewater will be their missing link on Offense, Peterson is healthy, they have an elite core of receivers and their D looks much better. I expect to see at the very least 8 wins throughout this season.

    Go Bills!!!!

  40. So the Packers are 1 point favorites at Detroit, but they aren’t shown as favorites when the Lions come to Lambeau. I think the Packers should be favored in 13 games.

  41. Something wrong with some of the data.

    Houston is favored at Jacksonville, but not favored at home, yet Jacksonville aren’t favored in any games. What happened to the Jags at Houston game? I doubt that’s a pick ’em if the Texans are favored in Jacksonville.

    I’m sure there are other examples of incorrect data in there.

  42. So a bunch of Mafia dropouts say what they think is going to happen in games 4-8 months from now. Great insomnia cure. Wake me up when the games are actually about to be played.

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