Peterson laughed off McCoy’s comments: “He didn’t really mean it”

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says Eagles running back LeSean McCoy doesn’t really consider himself the best running back in the NFL.

Peterson said on FOX Sports Radio that he found it funny when he saw McCoy make that claim on ESPN.

“I definitely started laughing,” Peterson said. “It was funny because when Stephen [A. Smith] asked him the question, you know, he kind of hesitated. If you watched it, you know he didn’t believe it when he said it. So I’ve got to tell the youngsters, ‘Next time, say it with your chest, man. Say it like you mean it!”

The 29-year-old Peterson says the 25-year-old McCoy knows deep down who’s really the best.

“He didn’t really mean it,” Peterson said. “If you watched – if you’ve seen his response – he didn’t really mean it. . . . But, you know, I’ve got to give the young guy credit, you know. There’s nothing wrong with having confidence in yourself.”

Among those who have voted in our PFT poll, more than three-fourths say Peterson is a better running back than McCoy.

166 responses to “Peterson laughed off McCoy’s comments: “He didn’t really mean it”

  1. Adrian Peterson is not only the greatest running back in the NFL today.

    He will go down as the greatest running back of all time.

    And maybe the best player of all time.

    Teddy + Peterson = Multiple Superbowls.

  2. He shouldn’t be laughing. McCoy may not run with the authority that Peterson does, but he is a more complete back, one perhaps even better suited to the modern game.

  3. I’m more interested in debating who is the most valuable RB, so these guys can discuss it all day and I don’t really care who is better, the money is through the roof on their pay rates and I don’t see the value in guys like Peterson if the team isn’t going to trade him or win with him. What’s the point in having him if you aren’t going to capitalize on getting results or leveraging him up for new assets to get results with? Same goes for McCoy.

  4. More “complete back”? Thats quite the red herring you guys got going there, I believe they were discussing who is the BETTER RB. In which case, its Peterson, period, next topic.

  5. Peterson’s remarks are his way of dealing with the real truth: McCoy DID mean it and he has every right to believe that he is the best.

    Running into the line (and trying to run through it) is not for the faint of heart. It’s a man’s job and if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will.

    McCoy may well be the best, most well-rounded RB and there’s nothing wrong with him believing it and saying it.

    We’ll see what happens this year. Players are only as good as their results…each new year.

  6. Nice, not once did AP say or need to say he is the best. He does not have too, everyone knows it and it’s not even close. This is like those Raven fans saying Flacco is better than Brady or CJ saying he was better than AP. Famous last words from them both…big paydays on the back of their teams and then disappeared..We’ll see what happens, until then shut it McCoy, it only hurts you to keep trying to convince people of something you are clearly not.

  7. McCoy is more elusive.

    Peterson is stronger.

    I think they both block well enough. I think McCoy might have better hands, but that’s a tough one to call. Peterson can catch as well.

    I think Peterson is a great back. I think it’s amazing how well he bounced back from injury. He’s an authoritative runner for sure. McCoy is faster though and can break ankles with his jukes in space.

    It really comes down to the kind of runner you want. They both have skills the other doesn’t. I can literally say either one is better than the other and not feel like I’m wrong.

    If there’s an edge at all, it’s that Shady is younger.

  8. McCoy could never carry a whole team to the playoffs like AP did a couple years ago.

  9. I hate to break it to the Peterson fans, but Jim Brown will always be remembered as the best running back of all time. I don’t think there’s any way of really proving who is best, since there are so many variables involved, but I think its fair to say that Jim Brown set the standard for what is generally considered to be a great running back, and it would take a super human effort, over the course of an entire career, to de-throne him.

  10. And Alfred Morris silently keeps to himself while grinding and working, and maintaining rushing numbers only second to Peterson over the past 2 seasons.

  11. sdsmooth says:
    May 21, 2014 10:22 AM
    McCoy is definitely better. In fact I can think of 3 or 4 other running backs I’d take ahead of Peterson.
    Says the delusional packer fan. Let me guess, you guys are preseason champs too right?

  12. Why are people saying McCoy is more well rounded? What can Peterson not do? Yea McCoy is probably faster and more fluid, but what is it that Peterson cannot do that McCoy can? I’ll wait……

    and I’m a niners fan..

  13. I like how people on here want to point to one year as to who is the best… all the pro-mccoy people are making their argument from a vacuum and that doesn’t really put you in a position of strength.

  14. McCoy will juke you out of your jock, AP will go thorough the whole team. Either way their both insane RB’s. Id give the edge to Shady tho because he’s a better reciever out of the backfield.

  15. When its all said and done AP will go down as one of the greatest of all time. He still can’t surpass Barry Sanders IMO. But finishing in the top is definitely attainable if he’s not already there.

  16. AP has had a great career but he’s 29 and the decline has already started and he will fall off of the cliff in the next couple years. McCoy probably won’t have the career that AP has had but right now, in 2014, he is better than AP.

  17. Maybe for another year or two AD, then the wheels are coming off. See Shaun Alexander.

  18. Peterson is right! Haha, you can see it in his eyes. Y’all leave shady alone. He is just havin’ fun. They’re both good players. Peterson is the best RB in the NFL, and McCoy is the current NFL rushing champ. Glad to have him.

  19. Peterson is still a great RB, but there is a reason why the first RB taken in the Draft was well into the 2nd round. Teams are getting better at prioritizing and good RBs are nice to have but not essential, as evidenced by the low $ available for good free agent RBs and the preference to draft WRs as weapons for the QB.
    Peterson and McCoy can get the headlines re who is better, but it is a passing league and RBs are being reduced to supporting cast.

  20. What does well rounded mean? Percy Harvin is a more “well-rounded” WR than Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson, but he’s not better than either of them. I’m glad everyone thinks because Lesean Mccoy, with his one good year with gaping holes created by Chip Kelly’s offense (it’s not Mccoy’s fault, Chip Kelly is just simply better than Musgrave), compared to no other weopon on MN outside of AP, hence, having to run through 8+ guys in the box every play.

    Bottom Line, the stats don’t lie, frankly, it’s not even close:

    Lesean Mccoy:
    5 yrs, 5,473 yards, 39 TDs

    Adrian Peterson:
    7 yrs, 10,115 yards, 86 TDs

  21. Emmit smith is definitely the best running back of all time but Adrian will for sure finish off behind him or break his records. Rite now even at Peterson’s age he is still better then McCoy and always will be.

  22. Top 5 offensive players in the league:

    1. A.P.
    2. LeSean McCoy
    3. Cordarelle Patterson
    4. Aaron Rogers
    5. Teddy Bridgewater

  23. If you’re a GM, selecting a RB to start your franchise TODAY, who would you choose?

    I’m not so sure AP gets the nod at 29.

  24. When you think of a running back you think of AP first. Rb’s can run around or through someone. Mccoy is a finess back . Not alot of running over anyone there. More punt returner that rb. He jukes in the hole on every run. He avoids contact at all costs. Very soft. Benefitting from that college offense kelly has installed. Philly doesn’t realize that having a great running game is one thing. Having a great power running game is another. Power running games and defense win in the playoffs. They have a very soft running game lead by mccoy.

  25. LOL Peterson’s the man. He didn’t even get angry- he just shrugged, laughed it off, and basically said “Naw, that dude’s ain’t even close”

  26. Any GM would take McCoy over Peterson whether it be fantasy or real football. Gotta look at 5 year projections.

  27. All Day Greatness! This is going to be another huge year for #28.
    Yawn at the fools saying “decline”………..WHERE DUDE?
    When he comes to your NFL city this year remember what YOU said about decline. The only way he declines is when NORV calls the WOLVERINE off!
    Rock N’ SKOL

  28. You can make arguments for both. They have different styles and play in different offenses. It’s hard to make blanket statements like “McCoy can’t carry an offense” or “AP can’t catch as well”, etc. There are other factors to consider, which is why football is the ultimate game.

    I look at it as two lines on a bell curve. Peterson is at or near the peak and at age 29 and will begin his downward descent. McCoy is still climbing that curve.

    If you want an offense predicated on a power running game, AP gets the nod. If you run a fast break offense, go with McCoy.

  29. qdog112 says:
    May 21, 2014 10:52 AM

    “If you’re a GM, selecting a RB to start your franchise TODAY, who would you choose?”

    I’d take Shady…. All Day

  30. Here’s a good debate with one caveat missing. Given their contracts, I take McCoy every day any day, and even all day. Peterson is the one reason that Minnesota hasn’t made it out of the basement of the North. You paid 100 million for a running back that can’t play every game. Good luck being able to sign anything else around him to make a team.

    Minnesota truly learned nothing from Herschel Walker.

  31. Vikings fans: They’re not talking about who’s better at producing out of wedlock kids. They’re talking about who the better running back is.

  32. Adrian Peterson doesn’t compete with young RBs trying to BS their way into a big new contract. His laughing at McCoy was well deserved.

    AP competes against the greats now- Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Walter Peyton, Emmitt Smith.

    Jim Brown himself said just a couple months ago AP has what it takes to end his career with the all-time rushing record- if that’s what he wants for himself.

    Talk of APs decline is premature. There has been no sign on the field that his performance has declined or he’s lost a step, etc. The way AP works to keep himself in shape, I suspect it may be 2-3 more years before any decline in his performance. By that time he’ll likely be #3 on the all-time rushing yards list, behind only Walter Peyton and Emmitt Smith. If AP plays as long as Smith, he’ll easily break his all-time record.

  33. What professional athlete doesn’t think he’s the best at his craft? If you have any doubt, why compete against perceived superior talent?

  34. AP gave the classic response. He barely acknowledged it because he doesn’t have to. There are always going to be RB’s that flash for a year or two but one constant always remains the same… AP is #1. Wonder how effective McCoy would be with 11 guys keying on him every single play and the Eagles had no passing game?

  35. If there was a option in the poll for “Who cares? Running back is a worthless position.” I would have voted for that over either of these two egomaniacs.

  36. norseyapper says:
    May 21, 2014 10:37 AM
    If McCoy were to try to handle AP’s regular work load he’d snap like a dry twig

    You know McCoy had more touches than Peterson, more carries and catches. Yet Peterson fumbled 5 times to Mccoy’s 1 fumble. There are plenty of things that McCoy is better at than AP. Both are great backs. Who cares who is better, they both are greatly productive and successful, but you should make sure you know what you are saying before you speak.

  37. AP was the best RB with a well below average QB (Ponder), 9 in the box, and an OC with a 3×5 play card. Now he has a QB that can pass deep, an OC that is well known as the best in the league, and a HC that will build a defense. I’ll go ahead and stick with AP for another 2 years before this topic is brought up again.

  38. McCoys in a better situation. AP is the whole offense so they stack 8-9 on the box and he still goes off. McCoy runs that fast college offense with weapons around him and he’s able to get the yards that he gets. I bet if you put him on the Vikings he probably wouldn’t have a lot of yards. it’s like the old “if Barry was on the cowboys” argument.

  39. Ok like 5 people have said this: LeSean McCoy is the more “rounded” player? How so? AP is really fast, he cuts on a dime and he runs people over (ask william gay). How is that not well rounded? Because LeSean catches more passes out of the backfield maybe? That makes him half a receiver, not a more well rounded runner. It really sounds like someone on ESPN said that and all you morons are repeating it like its your opinion as well.

  40. the answer: McCoy is definitely better. In fact I can think of 3 or 4 other running backs I’d take ahead of Peterson.

    The question: Why you are not an NFL GM.

  41. One more thing, McCoy saw plenty of stacked boxes himself. I don’t time to dig for the numbers but I believe that the Eagles saw more man-press with single high safety looks than any team in the league last year.

    There is a reason that Riley Cooper went from being a player on the bubble in training camp to a legitimate threat on the outside. There is a reason DeSean Jackson had the best season of his career. There is a reason Nick Foles went from being a 3rd round draft pick, former back up to the Pro Bowl in the span of 12 weeks.

    It’s inaccurate to say that the passing game opened up the lanes for McCoy as it really did work both ways last year.

  42. Funny, two running backs for teams with no rings. Might as well throw Barry Sanders in the mix too. (he was better than both of them) But, I’d take an average RB that helps his team win the “Big Game” .

  43. Peterson has more wear and tear simply because he’s the only legitimate offensive weapon the Vikings have. And I’m a lifelong Vikings fan.

    Having said that, McCoy better remember to wait before your peers call you the best in the business. There’s nothing more annoying than someone tooting his own horn or using the term “great” without really knowing what it actually means.

    Just sayin’

  44. A stat that most of you are ignoring is ap has had his fair share of fumblitis. 27 to shady’s 9. Ap is on the decline shady is on the rise in 2-4 years someone else will be the best rb in the league because shady’s numbers will decline. Rb’s don’t last long in the nfl. So shady’s statement as of 2014 is a true statement just like the best team in the league is the seahawks. This is the nfl (not for long). Btw best rb of all time Barry sanders

  45. Peterson is a physical marvel and McCoy goes down like an extra in a Western if he gets hit too hard. How many times does he go off to the locker room only to turn out to be fine.

  46. I’m a Viking fan that loves the fact AP is on the Vikings. However, when you look at the all around RB position, I would say McCoy is the better of the two just because of his blocking skills and coming out of the backfield. AP is a better runner and I think can do more given what he had in an OLine. Most RBs in the league could not have accomplished the same thing AP did in 2012 or even the other years he’s been inthe league given the poor OLine. The Vikings OLine has been over-rated for years and that is because of APs success. But I see both sides of this debate.

  47. McCoy does more different stuff and what not. But I think if you removed both players from their respective teams that the Vikings would be hit harder, for what that’s worth.

    I mean just watch the two play. Watch them run. You don’t have to be an NFL scout to look and say “uh, that dude’s better”.

  48. If McCoy is talking about last year he is right. In fact I would put Charles and lynch ahead of ap last year. If we are talking overall, you have to give the nod to AP. Fact is AP saw the most 8 man fronts in the league last year and Ponder had by far the worst rating of any qb against those fronts. If AP saw the fronts some of these other guys do it would almost be unfair.

  49. “He shouldn’t be laughing. McCoy may not run with the authority that Peterson does, but he is a more complete back, one perhaps even better suited to the modern game.”

    How was the ‘modern game’ Super Bowl won last year?

  50. “McCoy is definitely the more well rounded RB.” <~ that comment got 300+ thumbs down? Wow you people are in denial! Point proven. AP is the best RB in the past few years but McCoy will most certainly succeed him and if you don't think so you apparently don't watch LeSean play.

  51. sdsmooth says: May 21, 2014 10:22 AM

    McCoy is definitely better. In fact I can think of 3 or 4 other running backs I’d take ahead of Peterson.
    People must love playing fantasy football against you.

  52. It’s like blocking and catching passes doesn’t matter at all to the A.P. Fans. McCoy is maybe one or two in blocking in the nfl, A.P. Is in the bottom third. McCoy is top 5 in hands for backs and again A.P. Is in the bottom third. McCoy can be split out as wr, A.P. Can’t.

    Truth is I don’t think Kelly would even want A.P. He just can’t do it all. Doesn’t mean he is not great. He is. But he can’t do what shady can do on the football field. Shady gets more touches because he catches the ball as well as runs it.

    Oh and for the guy who just broke out the over all rushing stats you might want to add passing yrds to those totals

  53. Peterson isn’t even the best back in the NFC North, let alone the league. He can’t catch, block or do short yardage. Everybody remembers him ducking out of bounds in the playoffs so he wouldn’t get hit by Sam Shields in the cold more than once. Now he’s playing outside in December and January? At his age with his wear and tear and his injury history, he’ll be nothing more than pedestrian. He’s a good, not great back who doesn’t have the skill set to be mentioned with the likes of Matt Forte and McCoy.

  54. Are we talking Shady in an Andy Reid Offense or Shady in a Chip O. Shady in the Chip O will be best RB in league again. AP knows this. Shady doesn’t fumble, is never hurt and in the most dominant running game in NFL.

  55. AP is not even close to being the best at anything. He has had a couple of good seasons. The guy is 27th all-time in rushing yards and he is going on his 8th season in the league.

    If you compare Shady vs. AP, straight up, one-to-one, it is undeniable that McCoy is the better back. He has more tools in the toolbox. McCoy gets over 1k yards AND catches a lot of balls. He is both a RB and a WR. AP is just a downhill runner who is getting old and has a bum knee.

    I am not hating, just being honest. It’s ridiculous to say that AP today is AP from 3-4 years ago. He’s not. He’s past his prime.

  56. Nobody will remember either one of them in 20 years. Not because they aren’t great, but because they never played for a great team.

    LaDanian Tomlinson is the perfect example. Not too long ago, he was the only person you’d ever put in that same class as Emmit, Barry and Walter. And yet, how many people even remembered him when comparing Adrian Petersen to the all-time greats?

    Only one great RB has multiple plays that will live on in infamy, replayed on highlight reels 40 years from now (Beast Quake). But he was too busy hanging out at the White House with the President after winning a Lombardi.

    All about that action, boss.


  57. As an Eagles fan, I don’t know whether or not Shady is the best, or better than Peterson. But it’s definitely a conversation worth having. I wouldn’t laugh anything off, AP.

  58. AP is just like Barry Sanders. Best RB of his time that will never do anything because his team will never win anything. If Franco Harris played for the Bengals you’d be saying “Franco who” right now. If Steve Young stayed with the Bucs instead of going to San Fran you’d be saying “Steve who” right now. In 20 years, you will be saying AP was good but he never won anything. The new generation in 20 years will be saying “Adrian who.”

  59. Who got better moves and can break ankles? McCoy

    Who had the rushing title last season? McCoy

    Recently who was an all pro RB the most? McCoy

    Who can catch the ball, execute screens, and be an overall better athlete? McCoy

    Most of you people don’t want to admit your idle is not what he once was. That’s like expecting wrestling legend Hulk Hogan to body slam a 500 pound man with a jacked up back. Hogan was one of the best, now he is a shell of his former self. Same applies for Peterson. McCoy is the future of the NFL and RB’s.

  60. For all of Peterson’s so called “greatness”, he has only been a part of one playoff win. Just one.

    His big chance to get Win #2 and a trip to the Superbowl literally slipped thru his fingers with his 3 fumbles. But what are the Vikings if they aren’t choking in playoffs? That will forever be the legacy of the Vikings and Peterson’s 3 fumbles will be his own last memory of being in a playoff game.

  61. I am an eagles fan and yes I think they are both very good. McCoy has to keep his mouth shut though. He just has not learned. Oh yea he has to stop skipping out on his restaurant tabs and pay his wait staff a tip which he never does.

  62. Everyone that quickly dismisses Lynch has not watched many Seahawks games lately, for the last 3 years he is as dependable as anyone and his power and heart have made that team work for those 3 seasons. He has been an absolute thrill to watch fight for the extra yards to extend drives and keep his defense on the sidelines, he may not be the best flat out runner but if this discussion is taking into account what the player provides for there team then Lynch should absolutely belong in this discussion.

  63. AP is a class act and one of the best running backs to ever play the game. So sad that he’s stuck with a bunch of losers!!

  64. Big year for Eddie Lacey, stay tuned….

    I was wondering when some Packer fan would pull out Eddie Lacy. Lets see if he can make 2000 yards before he is immortalized.

  65. AP is a class act and one of the best running backs to ever play the game. So sad that he’s stuck with a bunch of losers!!…

    You took the words out of my mouth. Aaron Rodgers must feel the same way..

  66. Most McCoy Stat quoters for last year are leaving out that Adrian Peterson only played 14 games. Give him 2 more games and those stats are a lot closer.

    As a GM, you take McCoy, duh he is 25.

    But as to who is the best RB it is Adrian Peterson and if you disagree just watch him play. He will change your mind.

  67. I love the people loving AP for laughing at the mere thought of himself not being the best and saying “Pound Ya Chest!” yet hating McCoy for believing in himself yet still praising AP. Btw, isn’t the NFL a what have you done for me lately league? If so, check the stats for last year on both players. By Love I mean “can’t comprehend.”

  68. WOW, this is actually a story? With over 100 comments? I’m sure if you asked 32 RB’s from 32 different teams..20+ will say they are the best or just as good as anybody. I personally don’t want a RB / WR or even QB who doesn’t think he is the best or at least on par with the best. I’m sure Marshawn Lynch and Arian Foster think they are the best. truth be told IMO all 4 of them are great with McCoy and Peterson being #1 and #2 in what order will differ with most. If they were Richard Sherman they could settle it by who makes the most money..being how he thinks $$ is respect..move on to next article

  69. In the end, Peterson’s legacy will be a guy who used HGH, was a horrible father, and had one great year.

    Cedric Benson had one great year, too. So right now they’re about equal.

  70. From the day he stepped onto an NFL field he has been the best RB in the league. At least Shady has had some decent QB play in his career lol.

  71. As a huge fan of AP, he still has some area’s to work on like fumbling, blocking. He was not utilized in 3rd down and passing under Musgrave as much as he will be with Turner for sure. I’m sure that other players think AP is far harder to tackle and defend than McCoy.

    The problem I have is the slight arrogance in his comment. People forget that against the Saints, in his absolute prime with Favre as his QB, AD had a great and terrible game at the same time. He had two fumbles attributed to him and a third that was charged to Favre but was AP on the 6 yard line with a hole so big the Vikings could have drove a truck into the end zone that would have been a back breaker to the Saints and sent the Vikings to the Super Bowl.

    So minus the revisionist history of most of the chuckleheads on this site who say they wish AP had a chance to get a ring. Well he did, on a team that was loaded and he had the chance to score the TD that would have sent them to the Super Bowl and he fumbled it away. I wish he used that as motivation and drive to get the Vikings the trophy I feel they deserve. He used his injury. He doesn’t sound humble in his statement that he laughed and he should remember that game.

    Other than that AP is certainly the best and is right up there with Jim Brown as one of the greatest to ever play. I am not sure if McCoy will be remembered that way but Peterson definitely will be.

  72. McCoy gets to often start with the space that the Eagles offense can create. He gets the huge advantage of having other players on offense drawing attention. Maybe there’s someone assigned to spy on him.

    Peterson is often involved in plays where everyone on the field knows who is getting the ball. From the get-go, all eleven defensive players converge to him. Everyone has him in their sights.

    McCoy is electrifying. He’s exciting. You marvel at what he can do. Like Barry, or Bo, or Gale, he will get your heart racing just to watch him.

    But Peterson is amazing. He’s impressive. You can’t imagine how he generates yardage despite most plays being stacked against him specifically. You can only shake your head in near disbelief.

    So while proper respect is due McCoy, one still has to appreciate Peterson as an amazingly unique back.

  73. But to show what a great running back is worth in the NFL these days…

    Adrian Peterson = no rings
    LeSean McCoy = no rings
    Brandon Jacobs = 2 rings

    It’s a pass-to-win team game, guys…

  74. Jim Brown is the greatest of all time that’s not even arguable then Payton and Dickerson come next. People need to stop thinking that the NFL only started playing when they were born

  75. Any discussion of current GOAT RB that doesn’t begin and end with Barry Sanders is pointless…

    10 years in the league
    10x All Pro
    10x ProBowler
    4x Rushing champ
    1x MVP
    5x 1500yd seasons (NFL Record)
    14 consecutive 100yd games (NFL Record)

    2000yd Club (7 members, yes AD is a member too)
    Heisman Trophy winner (His Heisman season was RIDICULOUS)

    AD can get there… but he’s got a ways to go to catch Sanders.

  76. Put McCoy in the Vikings offense and tell me how good you think he’d do. AP has been one of the top RB’s consistently since entering the league and he’s done it with no help from the passing game the majority of his HoF career.

  77. Eagles fan all day long and 2X on Sunday, but, C’mon Shady, AP is THE best.

    Let’s talk again in 3 seasons….

  78. AP the guy used PEDs to run for 2000 yards 500 more yards then he ever ran for and last year had almost 1000 yards less he needs to pass the torch he is over rated can’t block can’t catch those are part of being a running back you can’t be the best if you only do a third of the job!!!

  79. A.P. will flat out run you over……think John Riggins, Earl Campbell, Christian Okoye……McCoy is more of a scat-back……think Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers, Walter Peyton (actually Walter was both)… really can’t compare the two…..if I was a GM I’d take McCoy, but then again I’m an Eagles fan anyway. Put it this way……when I watch McCoy highlights my ankles hurt……when I watch Peterson highlights my whole body hurts!!!!!

  80. Love seeing the typical packer trolls downgrade a player they would glowingly rave about if he was on their roster.

  81. McCoy was leading the league in rushing the last 3 years 2 of them he got hurt he is a better running back just can’t stay healthy he is a better blocker and better receiver I live in MN my dad is a die hard queen fan agrees McCoy is a better all around back

  82. If McCoy faced eight in the box every play and had a QB that cant throw the ball more than 20 yards and had a completely predictable game plan, he wouldn’t even be talked about. This is what AP has been dealing with the majority of his career and he is still feared by opposing defenses.

  83. sorry AP, but in the NFL, it’s all “what have you done for me lately”. In 2013, McCoy had almost 400 more yards and .6 more yards per carry than you.

    When all is said and done, your career numbers will probably be better. You’ll probably be remembered as one of the best rb’s in NFL history and you’ll probably be first ballot in Canton. All things McCoy has not accomplished yet. But last year, he was better. And that makes him the best running back in the NFL.

    A Giants fan calling it like he sees it (and hoping Andre Williams is in this discussion in a few years)

  84. Look up their stats the last 3 years. LeSean has more all purpose yards, and 1 less TD.

    AP was yesterday’s news.

    LeSean is the future.

    The question asked to LeSean is “Who is the best running back in the league right now”. Sorry AP, but your body is worn down. LeSean is in his prime.

  85. Lets not forget about Jamaal Charles If it wasent for an injury 2yrs ago and a sub par OL the Chiefs RB would be right there at the top easy, the guy has scary speed and he does not shy away from a hit like shady does

  86. I guess everyone is forgetting what shady did in the snow against detroit. They knew shady was getting the ball they stacked the box but yet he still ran all over them 217 yards not bad. Also Stephen smith asked him if he feels he’s the best rb in the league he just gave his opinion. That’s what you want from a player confidence.

  87. That’s a tough one. You can make a case for either guy being “the best”. However, Peterson is the absolute, all-time, hands-down best at saying the words “you know” in an interview. I can’t even hear anything else he says because he says it so often it’s maddening. Pick an interview, any interview, and listen. It’ll drive you crazy…

  88. I am a Packer fan and AD is the best running back since Barry Sanders. I like McCoy but chances are he will fade in a couple of years, most RB’s do. Peterson is a once in a decade talent at minimum.

  89. Wow… just reading through the comments it’s pretty obvious that Peterson is right.

    Your all calling McCoy a “well rounded back” on one hand and putting Peterson on equal footing with Barry Sanders with the other.

    McCoy is good, don’t get me wrong. When he makes it to the same level as Peterson and Sanders though…. then he can run his mouth.

  90. Jim Brown
    Eric Dickerson
    Earl Campbell (albeit a short career, was the most dominating runner of his time)
    Emmitt Smith
    Walter Payton
    Barry Sanders
    Terrell Davis
    O.J. Simpson
    Marcus Allen

    There are a lot of great running backs and they were all somewhat different. Adrian Peterson is a great running back but now he’s always getting dinged up and his team can’t win with him. I don’t know if I would call him the greatest of all time, but of his era, yes.

    If carrying your whole team to the playoffs is the measuring stick then Jamal Lewis must be the best running back who ever lived because he not only carried his team to the playoffs, but to a superbowl win.

  91. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!? Every time Le-Shon-Shun-Shen-Shin touches the rock he starts to run like he’s trying out for dancing with the stars!!! He wouldn’t have won that rushing title if reigning MVP was healthy! Get over yourself Le-Shon-Shun-Shen-Shin, you ain’t THAT GOOD!

  92. thepftpoet says:May 21, 2014 10:15 AM

    Teddy + Peterson = Multiple Superbowls.
    Why not? They make more than enough money
    to buy tickets to multiple Superbowls.

  93. Who is not saying me when asked who’s the best at something? Come on this is them joking across the media.

  94. Those who criticize any player for not having a SB ring are ignorant. No player, no matter how great he is, can win a SB by himself. It’s a team sport and a team needs all-round good/great talent, as well as good coaching and a little luck, too. You don’t have to look any further than the last SB, where the NFL MVP / record-breaking QB (Peyton Manning) was under assault from the get-go and his receivers were intimated and couldn’t get open in the little time that Manning was given to pass the ball. The better (all-round) team won the SB, not the team with the best player.

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