Plea deal could be coming in Aldon Smith weapons/DUI case


The complicated legal docket of 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith could be getting streamlined.  Considerably.

Per multiple reports, Smith is in court for a status conference on his pending weapons and DUI charges.  There’s widespread belief that a plea deal could be coming for one or both cases.

Any acceptance of responsibility by Smith on either charge will open him up to scrutiny.  The DUI situation falls under the substance-abuse policy; the weapons charges land under the personal conduct policy.

His past alcohol-related offense could result in a suspension this time around, and the weapons charges could result in a separate suspension.  Smith also faces potential criminal charges for the incident at an airport security line, where he joked about having a bomb after receiving extra screening.

Smith has 42 sacks in 43 career regular-season games, a fact that surely has prompted the franchise to be far more patient than it would have been with a lesser player.

31 responses to “Plea deal could be coming in Aldon Smith weapons/DUI case

  1. Probation before judgement should be the outcome. He is rich and should be treated as such.

  2. Being an excellent performer on the field has its privileges. Jimmy Johnson didn’t treat his players equally and has said as much. Nor did Bill Parcells, with “his guys.”

  3. Lesser player or not, he is under a contractual obligation and still has to adhere by the RULES, if he is not suspended by the league then we have major flaws

  4. 0 chance he gets any discipline for the guns. See bought guns legally purchased weapons that required slight altering in CA.

  5. He’ll get off easy. Meanwhile, the county DA just got upgraded to an executive suite in the new stadium. Go figure.

  6. Good try “he bought legal guns” someone was shot at a party by one of those guns they could not pin it on him so they went after the legality of the weapons . C’mon man common sense should be applied . Regular person goes to jail with his track record but nfl suspension is a must seeing how this guy has not even lost a game check due to any sort of suspension .

    He deserves 8 games to a year all his actions have or Could have affected innocent people not just himself !

  7. DUI charge isn’t going anywhere. The weapons charge – he didn’t hurt anyone. I can see a plea of “no contest” and even then the league isn’t going to go hard on him because he’s already been through rehab. The airport situation – if it comes out, as I suspect that the TSA was being ridiculous in their assessment, which is highly likely, and the word “bomb” was never used, it will lessen any reason Goodell will have to punish him severely.

  8. I know someone that actually went to prison for their firearm possession. Just show the hypocrisy of having money and your position in pop culture in the USA. Him and Bieber get the same treatment. As does Irsay.

  9. Another genius.. even the victim said it wasn’t Aldon or his gun. He sued because it happened on his property, and the guns were legally purchased. He didn’t buy a ridiculous $20 bullet button to make it CA compliant. Wouldn’t expect another bandwagon hawk fan to understand that though.

  10. Just go to the same rehab place as Ray Rice. No jail, No prison and No NFL suspension.

  11. His having been through rehab once, should be hindrance not a help.
    If the rehab had worked, they wouldn’t be having trouble.

  12. I thought the airport issue had been bounced between jurisdictions and nobody wanted to charge him?
    Thought it was a dead issue.

  13. If course he is treated differently because he is a valuable employee. Same as he would be in any other business. It’s not football, it’s not the niners, it’s business.

  14. Hey aldon will walk from this! write it down..
    He will be in the game against seattle guaranteed…Best pass rusher period
    gooooo 49ers

  15. If Aldon Smith played for the Saints, Goodell wouldv’e kicked him out the league already..

  16. Purposefully disregarding Aldon Smith’s situation as well as Ray Rice? Im pretty sure the two of them have some rather serious allegations with no league discipline yet.

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