Robert Mathis: Sorry, and I’ll be back

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Last Friday, Colts defensive end Robert Mathis was suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

Mathis released a statement in the wake of the suspension saying that the suspension was triggered by his use of Clomid for fertility purposes, which led his agent to slam the NFL as “unjust and unfair” and the NFL to say that Mathis broke a “crystal clear” policy without going through the proper channels before testing positive. Mathis spoke to his teammates on Wednesday and made his first public comments after addressing the rest of the Colts.

“Sorry, and I’ll be back,” Mathis said, via the Indianapolis Star. “I shouldn’t have (done) it. My bad. There’s no question I’d like a re-do, but I can’t take it back.”

Mathis’ teammate Cory Redding said that he didn’t need to hear the apology from his teammate, but that hearing it left him with “no doubt what kind of man [Mathis] is” because he owned up to his mistake. That won’t make it any easier on the Colts defense to play without him for the first month of the season, but, based on the comments from Redding and other Colts players, at least he knows he’ll have the back of his teammates when he does return.

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  1. You could also apologize on behalf of your agent who was mouthing off about stuff that didn’t make sense and wasn’t fair to the league! You should take back his words for him too if he’s not going to man up and do it!

    But sorry doesn’t cut it anyhow, you break the rules and miss 4 games for your team and this is all you have to say after having your agent whip up a storm? Not good enough Robert.

  2. At least he’s not sticking to his story and he apologized, unlike the Adderal and ‘Fedex mishandled my sample’ guys.

  3. That’s all he ever had to say, he didn’t need to appeal or let his lawyer sling mud, just sorry…

  4. Best part of the story is the fact that his doctor wasn’t a real fertility doctor with any real fertility expertise but a doctor who just happened to specialize in “anti-aging”.

    Mathis’ initial denial was up there with Ryan Braun’s in terms of shamelessness.

  5. Actually, clomid is becoming a drug of choice among urologists that treat men for low testosterone. It has less harmfull effects than testosterone injections and doesn’t leave you sterile when you stop taking it. My urologist prescribed it to me. But then again, I’m more than twice his age with a prostrate the size of an orange…….
    But if someone needs it for fertility, there should be exceptions to the rule. But we all know that the NFL doesn’t do exceptions.

  6. Clomid is taken every day by professional bodybuilders to prevent manboobs after a major steroid cycle hahaha.

  7. To ppl who dont know… Chlomid is used during the recovery process of steroid use… This is NOT for male infertility…

  8. He is sticking to his story as he never said he didn’t take it just he took it for valid reason but didn’t check it. NFL stance is one if zero tolerance and reason doesn’t matter. Clomid is prescribed off label (FDA has not said the drug us effective to treat said issue and drug manufactures can’t marketed for that purpose, but doctors can prescribe if they believe it would work.) to treat hypogonadism or your testes (male gonads) not functioning properly. The drug label use is treating ovaries (female gonads) for similar issues. However given what the drug does while the use may be perfectly valid and Mathis won’t regret it, you can see why its banned as it would mask use.

  9. Some of y’all are some cold hearted people, I swear. I hope you all get pulled ovr for going 57MPH in a 55MPH zone. His story could be tracked for validity. The testimony from the doctor and online fertility sites should have cleared him. One site read: “While often used for female infertility issues, clomid male infertility treatments are common for men who have infertility related to sperm quality and motility.”

    Some of you want to burn him at the stake. We aren’t talking about Ryan Braun, here. I’d have faught harder, because I am not saying that I did steroids if I didn’t. The NFL does nothing to Irsay, but fine and suspend players for much less. Stay classy, NFL.

  10. At least when Bruce Irvin got suspended for PEDs he admitted he made a mistake, and didn’t come up with some BS story to make everyone feel sorry. Man up, admit you were wrong, everyone will respect you more. Lying and fabricating stupid stories makes you look, well, stupid.

  11. What’s going on with Will Hill from the giants? He was suspended twice so far and just failed another test! That’s three times and no one is talking about him getting suspended !

  12. Usually if you have a financial benefit for your actions, that’s why the action happened in the first place. Money > Everything else for the pro athlete.

  13. If you are using a drug for a legitimate medical purpose there are channels that you can go through with the NFL. You can get a therapeutic exemption. You need to fill out the paperwork and get the approval BEFORE you start taking the drug.


    He did not follow that procedure. So, even if he’s got the most valid and symapathetic reason in thw world for taking it and isn’t coming off a steriod cycle, he broke the rules. You don’t just ignore the rules because someone has a good story after the fact.

  14. Bruce Irvin statement was no better. He thought he just should have had a subscription for Adderall like everyone else on his team before taking it. I’m sure he’s got that done long ago.

  15. There were players a few years ago who were suspended for Starcaps which is an over the counter supplement let alone a prescribed medication. Fact of the matter is he didn’t check with the league first which makes it very suspect as to why he didn’t first inform the league.

  16. I am bothered by the fact that his doctor while backing him states that he had never even discussed with him whether or not this was a drug banned by the NFL. Mathis and all media reports say the doctor said it was okay

  17. Mathis is a cheater. His “resurgence” last year makes a lot more sense now. Too bad NFL players can get away with cheating while MLB players are welcomed by torches and pitchforks when they break the rules.

  18. Drug addiction is no joke, I hope Mathis seeks help and is able to turn his life around.

  19. He doubled his Tackles and Sack numbers… He just finally got better after 10 years in the league. I guess you really can’t blame these guys. Does anyone really care if these guys use??

  20. He took his lumps, and that’s that. But it is funny how no one ever seems to be angry about PEDs in football unless there is a chance it’s not just a case of using PEDs. The outrage here is really odd, all things considered.

  21. Dummy, your record is already tainted. You will not be joining Michael Strahan in Canton, anytime soon.

  22. I really have a hard time believing Mathis. How many times do these “misunderstandings” need to occur before players stop taking anything stronger than Tylenol without permission? Mathis’s sack numbers were 70% higher than his previous career high at 32 years old, and I’m supposed to believe that’s all just a bizarre coincidence?

  23. Since players love to sue… Every tackle that got beat for a sack by Mathis last year should sue him for lost wages since every sack they give up costs them money on their next contract.

  24. Mr. Mathis is one of my premiere clients for HGH and non detectable steroids as well as women’s fertility drugs to get himself back PH balanced.

    T. Bosch

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