Should the NFL have a draft lottery? PFT on NBCSN explores

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Last night, the NBA held its annual draft lottery.  Tonight (technically, today), PFT on NBCSN looks at whether the NFL should follow suit.

It’s one of the topics to be addressed during a one-hour edition of the program, which includes visits from Lions running back Reggie Bush and Cardinals rookie safety Deone Bucannon.

We’ll also be taking a closer look at the offseasons of Bush’s Lions, Bucannon’s Cardinals, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And here’s the part where you chime in on whether the NFL should have a draft lottery.  Tune in to NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET for the results.

85 responses to “Should the NFL have a draft lottery? PFT on NBCSN explores

  1. Not no, but HELL NO.

    Not only that, but the NBA should get rid of the lottery as well.

  2. No the draft lottery is dumb. Cavs have one it 3 out of 4 years. First of all that is extremely sketchy with less than a 1% chance of happening. Secondly, and most importantly, it’s unfair.

    Between NFL where worst team picks first best team picks last, and NBA where mediocre teams could pick first 3 out of 4 years, the NFL one is much more fair and inspires a more competitive league

  3. It would be another event that would get big ratings. I’m surprised they don’t have one already considering all the ads they could sell and the prime time slot they could fill with limited investment needed.

  4. I think it would be best not to adopt ANY of the NBA’s business plans…

  5. If the NFL wants it rigged, then yes. I strongly dislike the lottery and everything that it stands for. Sorry Cavs about Lebron leaving, we will gift you 1st after 1st.

  6. The draft lottery is a manufactured TV event, augmented by the NBA either outright fixing it or giving the strongest appearance possible that it’s fixed (to drive ratings of course), so while I absolutely am against it, Goodell is for $$$ and TV so sadly I can see it coming eventually.

  7. I’m against it. But if the NFL did have a lottery it should be televised. Not the reveal of the draft order like the NBA does. I mean the selection process of determining the draft order.

  8. I want to know if you actually thought about this concept, or if you were just listening to Ross Tucker this AM on NFL Radio.

  9. The NBA fanbase is significantly smaller than the NFL fanbase.

    That’s really all that needs to be said.

  10. The only argument draft lottery proponents can come up with is it helps prevent a team from tanking. Well, a draft lottery certainly didn’t prevent multiple NBA teams from tanking. If you want to prevent tanking, the draft should go in order of finish starting with the SB winner. That would put an end to tanking in a hurry.

  11. I can understand all the votes against it, but it would end campaigns like “Suck for Luck” and “Bad for Jad”, etc.

  12. The NFL dominates the American sports world for many reasons. Parity and the NFL draft process are two of them. If anything, the NBA should be following the NFL model.

  13. I absolutely do not want it!!……however, it would have made the Colts think twice about tanking for Andrew Luck.

  14. NBA draft is rigged, all they do is rummage around until they find the ping pong ball that the Commish wanted kept in the freezer overnight. This year the Cavs got the #1 pick despite something like a 1% chance of doing so. Sure.

  15. No. Right now the NFL has a commissioner who believes all change is good because it is change. But that’s not a good enough reason to make this change. Goodell sees the NBA allowing half of their teams into the postseason, and he thinks its a great idea for the NFL.

    Just because some other league is doing this doesn’t mean that the NFL needs to follow suit. Leave things as they are unless there is a compelling reason to change them.

  16. No Lottery. If an NFL team goes 1-15 , they need all the help they can get. There’s no need to have a 5-12 team leapfrog the worst team, just because the ping pong ball fell in their favor.

    Chances are the worst teams need a new QB, which is why giving them the first overall pick is necessary to get them back to playing competitively again (see: Matt Stafford and the 1-15 Lions) instead of keeping that market mired in mediocrity for the next 2-3 years.

    And unlike other sports, a 53-man roster of NFL players (especially linemen) won’t risk injury by playing less than 100% when they’re out there, which is why the NFL record is generally an accurate indicator of personnel strength. That is why the draft order is so important in maintaining league parity.

  17. If it increases revenues in any way, you know the NFL is for it. Don’t plant the seed by discussing it!

  18. I mean, the NFL doesn’t need to do anything to stop tanking. The fact that you have so few games a year to provide teams with evidence that you deserve a job in the NFL and the hundreds of unemployed, hungry players and coaches after your jobs means that no team is going to tank, if only out of self-preservation.

  19. Let’s NOT interject pure, random luck into the process. Although it’s a very Goodell thing to manufacture another event to put on TV.

  20. If it will make them an extra Billion, they will do it regardless of who likes it or how it affects the game. What the fans want means nothing! It’s a waste of time to ask us what we think! All of this tweaking is really causing me to begin to lose interest…

  21. For the last 30 minutes i’ve been trying to explain to a friend that the NBA draft is rigged. Beating the odds and the laws of probability once in a while is coincidence and good luck. Beating the odds and the laws of probability for almost 5 years straight is a pattern. I wish my lottery tickets would defy the laws of probability every now and again.

  22. Draft lottery not needed in the NFL, because one player does not have the same impact in the NFL as in the NBA. Lebron on a bad NBA team instantly makes them a contender (see Cleveland), one great QB on a bad NFL team, will not make them a contender instantly. The Colts were already good team before Andrew Luck showed up.

  23. I am against a lottery for the NFL. But if they did one it should only be for the top 3 or so picks. Talent levels off faster in the NFL than the NBA.

    One argument I could see for a lottery is when there is some sure fire QB prospect like Andrew Luck coming out it is quite frankly best for a team to tank. If the Vikes or Skins had lost one more game they’d have Luck and pretty much be perennial playoff contenders, just like that.

  24. How about they leave the first round as it is, but do a lottery for the second round–exluding all playoff teams….or, include all 32

  25. Absolutely not.

    In basketball, if you are fortunate enough to have 1 superstar that is the difference between 20 wins and a playoff team. 2 superstars makes you an elite basketball team.

    Football requires much more team depth, and there isn’t an incentive to completely tank a season in the hopes to get a single player at the top of the draft (the rare franchise QB notwithstanding).

    The NBAs slow death march to the end of the season with 2-3 teams this past season very clearly tanking in hopes of getting the superstar to lead them out of 20-30 win purgatory to become a perennial playoff team is an embarassment to the sport. The NBA should hold a true lottery and give all teams, or possibly just the non-playoff teams 1 ball in the hopper with everyone having an equal chance at #1. Sure it would stink if a good team gets another star gift-wrapped, but beats 1/10th or more of the league laying down

  26. No the NBA needs to follow the NFL’s way worst record gets the first pick they need the most help…

    NBA’s lottery system seems rigged Cav’s get the last 3 out of 4… 1st overall picks in the last 4 years with a 1 percent chance of getting the first pick…. Garbage the system is majorly flawed

  27. I have this issue where after my team appears to be a non playoff team, I start rooting for them to lose. I hate it. I know I’m not alone here.

    I’m not sure if a draft lottery is the best fix for that issue, but it is one idea. I would love to see some sort of change to how the draft order is determined.

  28. Hell No!!! Why so Cleveland can win 3 out of the next 4 #1 NFL draft picks?

    The lottery is stupid and unfair I could even see if the NBA did the lottery for the worst 5 or worst three teams but the lottery is not fair at all. Has there ever been a team who tanked to get 3 out of 4 1st round picks? No so why change it .. The NBA should have left it alone.. Oh wait if they did that that couldn’t pull the back channel favors they do now

  29. Fans so hell no.

    …This means we will have a lottery next year about this time.

    For the draft.

    In June.

    In London.

  30. A thousand times no. A ranked draft helps keep the league competitive for all 32 teams. The NBA draft lottery is so bogus.

  31. No more Suck for Luck type of years where the Colts lose a Hall of Fame QB only to get another superstar player at the most important position.

  32. I think something should change. I’m sick of seeing the same mediocrity in management (Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland, Jacksonville, NY JETS) get the top picks year after year and do nothing. It’s said to see careers get wasted.

  33. The NFL Draft order is one of the few things that appears to work exactly as it should work.

    If you perform poorly in a given season, you get earlier cracks at highly talented recruits, arguably to give your team a better chance to improve in the next year.

    If you perform strongly in a given season, you get to pick later, where you don’t necessarily get a chance to just load up on very talented players early, and you have to strategize better with later rounds.

    Then, the wild card, is that you can package picks, players, or both to shuffle around in the draft order to pick where you’d like to, should you find a trading partner.

    This is one of the few times where “Don’t fix what isn’t broken” I think actually applies.

  34. Roger “Diddle” Goodell will find a way to stick thins crappy idea on the NFL…the problem is that he has the owners scared of the Massive Concussion Lawsuit on its way to ruining the game and they need to capitalize on any $ that isn’t attached to the CBA..why we have Draft in May, possible expansion to Europe and Canada as well as extra playoff games all on the table..get ready for Tuesday and Wednesday night Football…just sayin’

  35. no. worst team should get the first pick. so on, so forth. the really good teams seem to make it work using the later round picks. stop changing what has absolutely no reason to change.

  36. The only reason the NFL would need a draft lottery is if bad teams throw games at the end of the season to get higher picks, which I don’t think they do. Take the Jaguars and Vikings, for example. They started winning games after they were out of playoff contention last year.

  37. That Indianapolis tank job was so obvious.


    I would have a lottery but, unlike the NBA where about 15 teams have a chance, I would limit the lottery to the three worst records in the league.

  38. Oddly enough, a lottery would prove to be unfair (taking in mind that in the NBA Lottery, the Cleveland Cavaliers have “mysteriously” come up with back-to-back 1st draws).

  39. I’m all for using a lottery or some other kind of random system to determine tie breakers between teams with the same record. It would be more fair than the current system that is based on opponents win percentage. Teams have no say in who they play each year.

    The year Luck was drafted the Rams had the same record as Indy. Who’s to say St Louis wasn’t more deserving of that pick. A quarter of the league finished 8-8 in that same season. I think it add some more excitement to the off season by doing this.

    As for determining the overall draft order and giving the mediocre/good teams even an outside shot at high picks, hell NO.

  40. Lets be honest here… The NBA has some type of system to determine who gets the first pick, but it isn’t a lottery that’s for sure. Which is the only reason why it’s done behind closed doors.

    You look at the odds of the winners year after year, and it just doesn’t add up. Lets not turn the NFL into the NBA.

  41. Sure! A lottery, followed by a NFL Draft Shell Game. Where the consensus top three players to be drafted are put under individual shells, mixed up, then whichever player is under the shell you choose…..there’s your draft pick!!! Woohoo…..draftee gets a free plate of funnel cake, too!!!! Fun stuff for the whole family!!

  42. The NBA draft lottery is a joke. The Cavs lose LeBron James and they win the lottery 3 of the next 4 years under odds so long it’s crazy. (1.7% to win last night, and they did). And let’s not forget that when the Magic had Shaq, they won the lottery with 1 ping pong ball in the hopper. Only 1! The NBA is just south of the WWE. The NFL doesn’t need to follow its lead. What’s next, hiring Joey Crawford to ref the annual Cowboys week 17 loss so they can actually win one?

  43. is the NBA more popular than the NFL?

    does the NFL need to generate any more hype about the draft?


    i don’t understand the NBA lottery at all.

  44. Who are the 1,300 people in this poll who voted in favor of a Mario Party draft selection? And why would the best and most successful sports organization in America want to emulate the worst in any way?

  45. Yup it’s not like they havnt rigged this league already the refs don’t need no help with a draft lotter. How ever they have it fixed works just fine.

  46. The lottery is gambling! The NFL doesn’t gamble! Don’t pay any mind to all the fantasy scores though.

    But forreal though. Quit changing the game

  47. This would never happen, I don’t even know if it should, but it would be awesome to reverse the order of the teams that miss the playoffs so the team with the best record picks first and the team with the worst picks 20th. Sure, some loser teams may sandbag the playoffs for a higher pick but it would definitely prevent fans from “rooting their crap team to lose” half way through the season for a higher pick. Although my team rarely misses the playoffs, I would never root for them to lose if they were out of it. I get the logic, but like I said, my team rarely misses the playoffs which means they rarely have a high pick. Rooting for your team to lose for a high pick is a loser mentality.

  48. No more tanking!
    Only the worst 5 teams should or teams with less than 5 wins, it would prevent from tanking the season and play the game the way should, it was painful how the colts did as the Texans last year

  49. Sure why not it would make the draft a little more interesting I think! and this way teams can’t tank their seasons just to get the #1 pick! But this is how I would do it.

    All 8 division leaders get 1 ball each
    2nd place division leaders get 2 balls each
    3rd place division leaders get 3 balls each
    4th place division leaders get 4 balls each

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