Suspect arrested and charged with killing Roddy White’s brother


There has been an arrest made in the investigation into the shooting death of Falcons wide receiver Roddy White’s half-brother.

The Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier reports that Charleston police have arrested Darnell Lafayette and charged him with murdering Tyrone Moore Jr. and possession of a firearm in a violent crime. Lafayette allegedly approached Moore outside a club and shot three times, hitting Moore twice and killing him. Assistant Sheriff Mitch Lucas said that there was an earlier altercation between the two men, but that police don’t know the exact nature of their disagreement.

“We don’t have … a history of reports that they were having ongoing battles,” Lucas said. “Right now, we believe they knew each other simply because of where they lived and the nature of the community out there.”

The police have not ruled out further arrests, but they believe Lafayette, who has a criminal record involving past gunplay, is the only person directly involved.

White is in Charleston with his family and we again send our condolences on their loss.