Adam Gase: We expect Montee Ball to be a big contributor


Montee Ball said earlier in the offseason that his mentality is that he’s the starting running back for the Broncos in 2014.

That’s the Broncos’ mentality as well. Offensive coordinator Adam Gase said that the team believes in using multiple running backs every week, but that the main competition in the Denver backfield between now and the rest of the season will be for the spots under Ball on the depth chart.

“We drafted [Ball] to be a guy that was going to be a big contributor for us,” Gase said, via “But at the running back spot, it’s hard to just have one guy and say, ‘Hey, we’re going with him for 350 carries.’ It’s really not what we’re looking for. We’re looking for a guy that can start those games out, be consistent all year, make sure that he’s great in pass protection, great in route concepts, which he’s shown us that he has the ability to do. We just need to make sure that he continues that through this season.”

It’s worth noting that Ronnie Hillman was the top running back for the Broncos at this time last year, but Ball’s grip looks pretty strong. Hillman’s been put on notice because of fumbles and the other aspiring backs on Denver’s roster are C.J. Anderson and four undrafted free agents. Maybe the Broncos add someone down the road, but their actions thus far have made it clear they want Ball to be the main man in the backfield.

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  1. they wouldve been MUCH better off getting one of those RB steals in the draft as a backup to ball and cut their losses with hillman. But, once again, pride gets in the way of making a team better

  2. Not really a surprise what smells rotten. It’s your logic. They won’t be in the SB again? Who in the AFC is going to stop them??

  3. I hope Ball is up for the task.

    Still perplexed why Elway would let KnoMo go for a measly $3 mil. Moreno is, like, the friggin’ prototype RB for a PMFM offense. Great hands, stone-cold pass protector, outstanding vision for draws and screens, etc, etc, etc.

    Plus KnoMo injected, heart, energy, and enthusiasm into an otherwise staid bunch of personalities.

    But, alas, one can’t have a McD guy taking reps from Ronnie Hillman, even if he will be out of the league by this time 2016.

  4. CJ Anderson is the player to watch here.

    He was a coach/fan favorite last offseason into the preseason. Then got injured.

    Letting Moreno go (who has had injury concerns his entire career) was less of an indictment on him and more of putting faith into young blood.

    The RB position has no loyalty across the board.
    (Unless your name is A.Peterson)

  5. Donkeys will be lucky to make the post-season this year and even if they do, don’t look for a bye week or a home game.

  6. Gase the genius has spoken. Hope this guy falls flat on his face and is never again considered for a head coach job. Never a fan of guys that think they’re are too good for the small market teams.

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