Belichick has no interest in trading Ryan Mallett


Patriots coach Bill Belichick rarely speaks unless he has to.  And even then he says as little as possible, at times barely moving his mouth.

So it was surprising, to say the least, that Belichick would say anything more than he’s required to say by the league.

He appeared Thursday on SiriusXM NFL Radio and discussed, among other things, the status of quarterback Ryan Mallett.  The 2011 third-round pick enters the final year of his contract, and he arguably has been rendered irrelevant by the decision to use a second-round pick on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

“Well, that’s not really something that we’re that interested in,” Belichick said regarding the prospect of trading Mallett.  “Ryan’s done a good job for us.  Fortunately for our team, maybe unfortunately for Ryan, he hasn’t really had any playing time in the last three years but he’s improved tremendously as a quarterback and as a football player and we have a lot of confidence in him.  But at the same time he’s in the last year of a contract and Jimmy was a player that we had a high grade on and at that position I just don’t think you can afford to pass up a player that you think has that kind of value.  We feel like we have a good quarterback situation.   I think there’s a lot of teams in the league that maybe don’t feel good about that position and that’s not a good position to not feel good about.  We feel very good about the players that we have at that spot.”

And so it sounds like Belichick is willing to carry three quarterbacks on the roster this year.

“I don’t think that’s a position that you can ever have too much depth at,” Belichick said.  “Certainly too much is a lot better than not enough.  So, again, we’ll put those players out there, let them compete and see how it goes.  But I think all three of them are quality players at that position.  We’ll see how it all plays out.”

We’ll see how Belichick’s sudden willingness to talk when he doesn’t have to plays out.  Coach, interested in a visit to PFT Live?

72 responses to “Belichick has no interest in trading Ryan Mallett

  1. Well… if this isn’t a transparent admission that the new england patriots are weak and they want to sell Ryan Mallett to shore up weaknesses… I don’t know what is.

  2. Why bluff? Saying he has no interest in trading Mallet isn’t going to make uninterested teams interested. Should he try and trade Mallet? Yes. Is Bill interested in trading Mallet? No. Not the first time Bill goes against common sense.

  3. Texans trade Andre Johnson & a 4th rounder in next years draft to the Patriots for Ryan Mallett ,Danny Amendola & a 2nd round pick in next years draft

  4. Of course he’s not trading mallet. After Brady leaves nothing is a sure hit. You can bet Bill will get probably a 3rd qb to go after the starting role once Brady is gone. He’s not gonna waste his time.

  5. It’s all about contract. Some desperate team will overlook the fact that Mallett Head has a 25% completion rate, and has thrown as many intercepetions as completions in the NFL, and offer him a decent contract next year. When that happens they would still have a cheap young guy on hand as a backup who knows the system

  6. We have enormous confidence in Mallett, that’s why used a 2nd round draft pick on Jimmy Garoppolo when we could have drafted a WR to help Tommy.

  7. Brady is near the end of the line.

    It takes years to develop a quarterback.

    When Brady is gone they have a 2nd and 3rd round prospects competing to be the starter.

    That is far better than some franchises that go for years without a QB plan and desperately spend high draft picks on busts.

    Don’t fault the Patriots for planning ahead.

  8. Brady is likely coming to the end soon.

    Every season he plays could be his last from here on and every time he goes on the field just due to age his chance of injury increases slightly.

    When Brady goes I’d like to have a 3rd round pick who’s been in the system and a 2nd round pick to battle it out to take over Brady.

    That’s given yourself a shot to have a strong QB after you lose an all time great.

  9. Ryan Mallett’s tutelage under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick the last 4 years is worth at least TWO first rounders, you guys.

  10. This title doesn’t sound very accurate.

    “Well, that’s not really something that we’re that interested in,”…

    Translation: We’re quite interested and not that far off in price from offers we have fielded, if somebody can come up a little bit we have a deal, but now that we have JG as a high value insurance policy we have to try and keep it cool but not obvious in how we downplay our interest in trading Mallett.

    “I don’t think that’s a position that you can ever have too much depth at,”

    Truth: Belichick has a limited imagination or can’t count higher than the number of fingers he has on one hand. You can’t get much trade value or usage value if you have 10 QBs. It’s exponentially more difficult to make use out of each QB you have beyond 1, and once you go over 3 there starts to become seriously poor diminishing returns. You absolutely can have too many QBs, and even keeping 3 on the roster or rather activating 3 is a serious price to pay considering you might not make ANY use of 2 of those activations. QB is one of the easiest positions to have too much depth in.

  11. Don’t diss the Garapolo pick…I can actually see this guy eventually replacing Brady. Mallett? No way Jose.

  12. Wasted career, standing on the sideline with a clipboard. Hey Brock Osweiler, you too! “Grow a pair” and go out and compete for a starting job. Why are you and Mallett content as backups?

  13. This is like the 10th article on this site that says the patriots are not going to trade mallet/are going to trade mallet. They wouldn’t have drafted a 2nd round qb if they felt mallet was serviceable. They have so many needs/ aging players, I don’t see why they would grab a qb in the 2nd.

  14. I think they are the only team with that kind of depth. Sure Mallett and Garoppolo may never be bonafide starters, but they are better development QBs than most teams have. Hopefully Brady plays great and stays healthy, but the Patriots have a chance if he doesn’t.

  15. Brady is 36, don’t think he’s going to retire anytime soon. That said, Mallett has a bullet for an arm, and is hoodie-coached. Depends who is going to give what to NE.

  16. Guys you’re all making good points but missing THE point. This year they evaluate both and if they like Jimmy enough, which they will, Mallet signs elsewhere and they get a 3rd round compensatory pick in return. They paid a 3rd they will get 3rd based on Mallet’s next contract and whoever signs him will do so to be a starter.

    They traded a 2011 3rd rounder as a rental and will get back a 2015 3rd rounder in return.

  17. This can’t be… all these posters on here that has inside information that it was a done deal…. the trade of andre johnson is almost laughable…

  18. Garoppalo is the future ….maybe. Mallett is insurance if Tom goes down now. Either way if Tom does go down now Garoppolo or Mallet are not taling the Patriots anywhere. Its all on Tom.

  19. Brady, Marino, Kelly, and Manning for a little while then you have the next tier of Testaverde, Bledsoe, Floutie, Pennington… AFC East is the division in the NFL.

  20. This isn’t a shocker. Belichick has carried 3 QBs every few years – he had Hoyer and Mallett on the team at the same time too.

    Whether Mallett is available for trade also depends on how well Garappolo plays too

  21. “Belichick has no interest in trading Ryan Mallett”: Means “Yes we’d love to hear offers at this point for Ryan Mallett” coach speak

  22. Mallet, a bust?? He was drafted in the third round to sit behind Brady. 1st round qbs in 2011: newton 1, Jake locker 8, Gabbert 10, ponder 12…2nd round qbs in 2011: Dalton 35, kaepernick 36, and then Mallet at 74 in round three…hardly a bust.

  23. You call that not saying much? Sounds like Belichick said plenty. What more would you want him to say?

  24. 31 other teams can’t trade fair a guy that isn’t on the trade block. Those who called Mallet a bust are idiots. Based on what is he a bust? Brady not being hurt so he doesn’t get in a game?

  25. 31 other teams can’t trade fair a guy that isn’t on the trade block. Those who called Mallet a bust are idiots. Based on what is he a bust? Brady not being hurt so he doesn’t get in a game? Good logic!

  26. This is a good thing because nobody’s interested in trading for Mallett either. It’s all about dumb rumors.

  27. Build Ryan up, play hardball with whomever comes knocking, bill will state again he has no intention in trading him, such team will offer a “to good to pass” package, bill will say I guess so (secretly smiling all the while).

  28. How great was that to get such insight on how a coach and GM thinks. Say what you will, Bill is the best!

  29. He’s probably telling the truth. They’ve brought Mallet along and if Brady goes down for a few games Mallet should be good enough to keep them in games. They’d be foolish to turn it over to Garappolo already.

    Plus, Mallet runs one of the cameras and monitors two hidden microphones.

  30. If Mallett is in a contract year, he’ll surely be looking for a starting gig and a big payday. Seems that’s what they’ve prepared for.

  31. It can be argued that Denver’s approach to go all in with free agency is reckless but sometimes you got to live in the now, especially with an aging Manning. It seems the Patriots are being too conservative by not supplying Brady with the weapons needed to win a championship. Before they know it Brady will be gone and they will be left with a bunch of “potential” contributors.

  32. Just ask the Colts how a lack of depth affected them when Manning went down a couple seasons ago. NE simply had Garoppolo ranked as the best QB in the draft; and when the best player at a position is still on the board that late in the second you trust in your board. Don’t forget that NE had all the QB’s in prior to the draft, so it’s not like they were reaching on an unknown quality.

  33. If Mallett is good, makes no sense to trade him to the Texans, since they will lose for sure with their current QBs.

  34. Doesn’t want a rookie as a backup in case Brady goes down. Mallett has 3 years in the system and could manage it for a season if required. Garoppolo learns for a year,and at the end,Bill decides if he keeps him or re-signs Mallett instead.

  35. Also… if Mallett leaves via free agency, and signs a lucrative contract for some QB desperate team, the chances are that the Patriots will receive a 3rd or 4th round compensation draft choice in 2016.

  36. The way i see it, Mallet is insurance against brady injury this year and BB knows Mallet will not resign with Pats next year so jimmy would be no. 2 next year onwards…

  37. I’m sure that if a team offered up a trade package that Belichick liked he trade Mallett in a heartbeat, but absent a tantalizing trade package I think Bill is more than happy to keep two young, promising QBs behind Brady and let them duke it out for the starting job when Brady retires. Again, absent a team coming out of left field with a nice trade offer for Mallett I predict that when Brady retires, if the Pats decide to resign Mallett, the outcome will be Garoppolo as the starter and Mallett backing him up.

  38. I keep reading Brady is on decline & career is coming to an end… Been reading that for 4 years now….he was in AFC Championship game last year with no receivers to speak of…. The guy just keeps winning & will be competing till he’s 40+… That’s another 3 years minimum & plenty of time for a guy like Garropollo to develop & step in as his successor…
    Mallett will be either traded this year before season starts or have a 2 NFL round tender put on him for next year so the Pats get compensated for him by some QB needy team next year… But I believe Houston & Bill O’Brien make a deal for him sometime this year

  39. Yes, we believe you. Drafting a QB in the 2nd round was all we needed to know about their confidence in Mallet.

  40. This is clearly Belichick trying to drive up the price on the Texans. Rick Smith should sit back and wait. Belichick can do the deal or he can let Mallett sit on the bench and then get absolutely nothing for him after the season. There will be other teams willing to deal. Mallett hasn’t proven anything to anyone anyway.

  41. Mallett is worth more value-wise on the team than off. He knows the system and can step in immediately if needed (God forbit). He can help coach up his replacement, Garoppolo, and both of them breathing behind his neck works to keep Brady sharper than ever in his final stretch. Bill knows what motivates, and this is a terrific scenario.

    Most teams carry a third QB anyway so what’s the big deal?

  42. after assembling a hall of fame resume, Tom Brady was given Belichick’s highest praise in being called a “quality player at the position”

  43. Mallett will enter free agency next year and teams needing a QB will pay him….Then Garropollo will be sentenced to 3-4 years holding a clip board like Mallett….but he could have a worse life being a gym teacher somewhere.

  44. Some of these comments are actually comical.” He’s a bust, he’s wasting his career on the sidelines”. You’ve got to be kidding!!! He’s backing up and learning from a future HOF QB just like that guy in GB did. I think Aaron Rodgers turned out all right!

  45. Mallet is an actual (pass first) quarterback that could rival any young quarterback as the best young quarterback. Given he had tutelage under Belichick and watching Tom Brady, I dare say he’d be the best out right now if given the opportunity. He had ridiculous talent coming out of college and you gotta love his patient approach. Hypothectical situation of course, but you put him on a number of teams and he could make a real impact. If Blaine Gabbert can get a gig I mean c’mon…

  46. u4iadman says: May 23, 2014 12:45 AM

    Brady past prime, we need to keep Mallett. Lord knows our newly drafted QB isn’t the answer,bonehead coach move.
    Brady was AMAZING last year – seein’s he had no-one to throw to MOST of the season, you IDIOT. The Lord and you know no such thing, you brain-dead dufus. Garopolo may be the best QB in the draft. Only time will tell. Funny how a bonehead like you is calling the best coach in the league names. You should stick to bowling or knitting.

  47. putinstolemyring says: May 22, 2014 11:51 PM

    You call that not saying much? Sounds like Belichick said plenty. What more would you want him to say?
    Oh I don’t know, maybe; “It is what it is” or; “Next question”?? hehe. I love it when Bill pisses off the press by not giving them squat – especially when they ask him STUPID questions.

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