Brandon Marshall calls Marc Trestman “best in the business”

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Brandon Marshall wants to play as long as he can in Chicago, for coach Marc Trestman.

As the press conference today announcing Marshall’s new three-year contract extension with the Bears, which locks him up through the 2017 season, Marshall praised Trestman as the “best in the business” and went out of his way to thank Trestman for putting him in a position to succeed.

“So thankful that you’re here, coach,” Marshall said. “Coach is amazing.”

Marshall, who frequently faced off-field problems in previous stints with the Broncos and Dolphins, said his trade to Chicago was “career-saving.” Marshall has spoken many times about how his mental health treatment has turned his life around, but he also believes that being in Chicago with teammates and coaches he loves has turned his career around.

The Bears have all the pieces in place for Trestman to run just the offense he wants, and Marshall is one of the biggest pieces. It may be premature to call Trestman the best coach in the business, but there are plenty of reasons to believe that Trestman and Marshall will have a lot of success together, for several more years.

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  1. Marshall also believed that the diner around the corner actually sold the world’s best coffee.

  2. Marshall’s words regarding Trestman are very hard to dispute with the fact that the Bears have had some of the worst offenses in the NFL for years until he came around. One thing the Bears have in Trestman is a coach who can legitimately evaluate talent and develop it within the organization. That’s half the battle right there.

  3. When you get a talented but troubled receiver like Marshall to leave behind the ‘troubled’ part, double the talent, and make him a role model and great teammate, you’re doing something right! Jags fan here saying “Go Bears!”

  4. He better learn to take points early at home, and never kick a field goal outside of 40 yards on 2nd down again. He may one day be the best, but right now he needs to remember he isn’t in the CFL anymore.

    That said, he fixed an offense in 1 year that has been broken for decades.

  5. Marshall has always had the potential to be a great player, and his success in Chicago is a testament to the point that having the proper supporting cast can make or break a player’s career. (See Alex Smith after Jim Harbaugh)

  6. The combination of Trestman as coach and Emery as GM will ultimately bring a SB championship back to Chicago.

  7. “So thankful that you’re here, coach,” Marshall said. “Coach is amazing.”

    Sunday, September 14th @ SF. Marshall has zero catches.

    “Trestman’s clueless. Figure out a way to get me the damned ball! Damn CFL coach!”

  8. Very innovative coach thinking outside the box….as a coach you are only as good as the talent you have…a lot of times good talent makes a poor coach look good.. Poor coaching with good talent gets you fired pretty quick unless your in Detroit

  9. Year 1 he did make some key mistakes. The most important thing to do is learn from them, minimize future ones, and get this Super Bowl this year!

  10. Bill Walsh said Trestman was going to be the next great offensive mind in the NFL. Some of his in-game decisions last year were questionable to say the least, but he and GM Phil Emery definitely seem to click and I don’t think there’s any doubt they have the arrow pointing up on the Bears. The team had gotten ingrown and stale under Lovie and had serious talent issues (especially on offense). Change was needed, and Trestman and Emery are bringing it big-time.

  11. Well never win with cutler under center. He’s a bum. He doesn’t care if we win or lose as long as he can still go shopping after games. Didn’t even win at hs level. Born 2 lose

  12. Good to see the kid turn around. He was a mess as a Bronco and looked destined for a crash and burn career.

    And he actually likes people now.

  13. Trestman’s Resume

    University of Miami (VC)
    University of Miami (QB)
    Minnesota Vikings (RB)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (QB)
    Cleveland Browns (QB/OC)
    Minnesota Vikings (QB)
    San Francisco 49ers (OC & QB)
    Detroit Lions (QB)
    Arizona Cardinals (OC & QB)
    Oakland Raiders (QB/OC)
    Miami Dolphins (AHC)
    North Carolina State (OC)
    Montreal Alouettes (Head Coach)
    Chicago Bears (Head Coach)

    Marc was the best available HC when the Bears hired him a year ago. So far I’m pretty happy with what he has done.

    Marshall is just being positive and supporting his coach and team.

    Bears are much improved and will continue to build on the foundation that Emery and Trestman have started….

    P.S. ANYONE is better than Lovie and Angelo!!!

  14. Best coaches in the NFL in no particular order

    The 2 Harbaugh’s
    Pete Carroll
    John Fox
    Sean Payton

  15. Trestman was the OC when Gannon and Co. were lighting up the league and winning the MVP. There’s no doubt the man knows the offensive side of the ball.

  16. The bears offense is in line to make a run, hopefully no injuries and he better make sure his new contract doesnt reflect a slump in performance. I like how we bought a defense. Go Bears!!!

  17. If he was the best in the business the Eagles would have hired him. Instead they hired somebody much better… Chip Kelly 🙂 Goodluck with Trestman.

  18. The rep on Trestman in Canada was that his teams were great on offense but not so much on defense. Which is exactly what the Bears were last year.

    The defense–not the offense–currently sets the ceiling on the Bears’ potential. They brought in a bunch of defensive talent so now it’s up to Mel Tucker to produce results. DCs under Trestman in Montreal tended to not last long so Tucker had better be up to the task.

  19. 2014 NFC North: 1. Packers (11-5); Team Purple (10-6 with Teddy; 7-9 with Ponder); 3. Motor City (9-7); 4. Le Chicago Alouettes (8-8)

  20. Everybody harping on the defense forgets that the Bears cannot put people away. It’s the same across the pond in Detroit….when it comes time for a clutch drive or clutch play to nail up the coffin or at least put serious pressure on the opponent, both Cutler and Stafford have a case of the chokes.

    If someone had the 2nd half and especially the 4th quarter stats on these guys, jaws would hit keyboards across the Midwest.

    Cutler will NEVER win a Lombardi. Never.

  21. Trestman was 8-8 in his rookie coaching season, Lovie was (I believe) 5-11…Trestman turned an atrocious offense into the best in the NFC and was done in by injuries and lousy play on the defensive side.

    That said, he failed to win either of his last two games, and thus the Bears did not make the playoffs.

    But…He will finish better record-wise than Lovie this season.

    I predict 10-6 if the new defense gels and Mel Tucker gets a clue, and if the team can avoid key injuries.

  22. Thrilled with Trestman so far. Just hope he figures out game management stuff before too long. Settling for a 49 yard field goal on third down in overtime is just boneheaded. Can’t afford decisions like that in the NFL.

  23. Lovie Smith’s Bears teams got fat on bad teams but failed badly against playoff quality teams. To be a playoff team you have to beat other good teams regularly and under Lovie that didn’t happen. Especially as it got toward the latter years of his tenure.

    As for Trestman, he has some work to do, especially in division play. The Bears went 3-3 in the NFC North last year (including a sweep by the Lions), and were a miracle play against Minnesota away from 2-4. That won’t get it done. I’m a Bears fan but the Packers own that division until the Bears take it away from them.

  24. Oh, and for what it’s worth, Cutler’s 4th. quarter QB rating each of the past two years was over 100. You need to research some before spouting off.

  25. I know what Marshall is talking about. From his years in Montréal the thing that stood out about Trestman is he knew how to get his offensive playmakers in position to have success. If you have ability Marc Trestman will find a way for you to show it. He also did a wonderfull job to keep his QB protected, he was never predictable from week to week. It kept opponents guessing and his own players involved and motivated.

    Its too bad they missed the playoffs. The best is yet to come. Trestman is a GREAT coach.

  26. Usually have to win your division or make the playoffs consecutively or win at least a Superbowl to be considered the best in the business…

    Then again, they’re more concerned about stats in Chicago than winning.

  27. If the bears had Lovie as dc and Trestman running the offense I’d be worried… But hey don’t, so I’m not. Mel Tucker is not worthy. That said I hope he has a long career in the Windy City. Go! Pack! Go!

  28. I hate agreeing with a Packer fan, but Lovie as DC would be scary for opposing offenses. Mel Tucker is just scary, period.

  29. Silly debates like this are why I hate the offseason. Of course Trestman is not the best coach in the business. Do you think Marshall sat there with a chart of all 32 franchises and said, ‘Yep, after careful research, I have determined that my coach is the best in the game’? He was giving props to a coach he likes, who helped make him a ton of cash.

    Next time you tell your wife, ‘You’re the most beautiful woman in the world,’ make sure there are no PFT commentators nearby to tell you that it’s not actually 100% true. “She’s not even the hottest in her division. SKOL.”

  30. Packer fans seem to forget that the bears QBs out played both of yours last season. Yes that’s right Cutler out played Rodgers all game it was lacy chewing up the bears d just like everyone did all year. Also a safety that thinks it ok to let the best receiver on the opposing team runaway like its a game of tag instead of 4th down. I do think that problem is solved this coming season.

  31. That was actually quite a presser. Marshall was getting pretty emotional about Trestman and Emery gushed for quite awhile about Marshall not only as a player but a person.

    Almost seems to be too good to be true but for the Bears sake I hope it’s legit. They have endured so many years of incompetent front office doofs, underqualified coaches and untalented/underperforming players that it’s nice to see everything apparently coming together at last.

  32. Last season Trestman undoubtedly made mistakes with game management and definitely has to adjust to being a HC in the NFL. That being said I’m thrilled with the rejuvenated offense and Trestman’s ability to get the best from the Bears offensive talent. Coupled with Emery’s ability in the draft and in free agent acquisitions, it looks to be an exciting season! However after last season the jury’s still out on Mel Tucker. Hopefully with recent defensive additions we’ll have at least an average unit. As long as the Bears aren’t snake bit with injuries again, I think this team can make a deep run in the playoffs with Trestman at the helm! Really lookin’ forward to September you guys! Bear down!

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