Browns take low financial risk with Austin, Bennett


The Browns need receivers.  They recently got two in Miles Austin and Earl Bennett.  But if the Browns decide to move on, the impact will be minimal.

Per a source with knowledge of the contracts, the Browns gave Austin (pictured) only $300,000 in guaranteed money.  Bennett got a mere $75,000.

Austin’s non-guaranteed base salary is a mere $1.7 million.  Bennett will get $730,000 in base pay if he makes the team.

Whether both make it to Week One could depend on whether receiver Josh Gordon ends up being suspended.  So, in a weird sort of way, Austin and Bennett probably should be quietly rooting against Gordon in the appeals process.

14 responses to “Browns take low financial risk with Austin, Bennett

  1. It wasn’t that much more for Steve Smith, I wonder how much they considered him. Or they could trade for a lower profile player that has some youth and upside, perhaps a guy like Ryan Broyles from the Lions could be had for a decent price. They still have Corey Fuller another draft pick vying for a shot. That’s 2 very different round-values (2 & 6) of recent picks that they can choose from.

  2. BBWWWAAAAHHHHH, Earl Bennet refused a pay cut from Da Bears and now he is only making $75,000.
    What a fool, could have stayed with the Bears for a million or a little more most likely and been a champion!
    Go Bears!!

  3. Im not convinced Miles Austin will bounce back to his 2009-2012 form. Cant stay healthy and played terribly last year… Earl Bennett is a nobody. Scrub. Nothing more then a 5th WR. These guys arent gonna save the Browns WR corps. Hey Farmer, the phone lines are OPEN!!!! T.O. is ready to get off his couch!!

  4. Earl Bennett is better that Nate Burleson. Like, by a lot. He just has to stay healthy.

  5. Truckstop Jimmy needs to start watching his pennies. Even if he gets away with the criminal charges, can you imagine the civil judgements against him by former trucking companies AND former employees?

  6. This must be a alternate universe, the browns are making smart moves, putting together a very solid roster, with depth. Ray Farmer may just be the man to lead the browns to the promised land!!!

  7. The Browns are making a lot of smart moves financially with their player acquisition. Low risk, potentially high reward. They are building a team to compete now and in the future.

  8. When they stole Andrew Hawkins from the Bengals they got one of the best slot receivers in the league. He’s spooky quick and has good hands.

  9. Can’t speak for Austin but after watching Bennett every week in Chicago his whole career he should be a lock to make the team and be a strong #2 or #3 WR. Good, cheap pick up for Cleveland

  10. Don’t need them but they will be good backup to Gordon. He might not be suspended at all. Google or Yahoo….Little: Violation by Browns Gordon. Tell me what you think. I’m thinking max two games if this is true..Browns recieveing corp is going to be sick this year! Go Browns!

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