Chris Ivory is OK with losing carries to Chris Johnson

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When the Jets signed running back Chris Johnson this offseason, it meant the incumbent No. 1 running back, Chris Ivory, would lose some carries.

Ivory says he’s fine with that.

Asked about the Jets’ decision to sign Johnson, Ivory said today that he liked the move and is glad to welcome Johnson to the team.

“I thought it was a good move. Anybody that can come in and help us I think is good for the team,” Ivory said. “He’s fast, has great speed [and] great hands. We all bring something different, so as far as complements, it just depends on the team and the scheme that they have for the guys. . . . I’ve seen him play. He can do it all. He speaks for himself.”

Ivory said no one has told him how the ball will be spread around, but he doesn’t have any worries there.

“No, no concerns about touches, just trying to win,” Ivory said. “It’s not my team. I’m just on the team. I’m working. However it turns up, I’m happy with whatever.”

Ivory’s tough, physical running style could make him a nice complement to the speedy Johnson. Ivory sounds OK with playing a complementary role.

23 responses to “Chris Ivory is OK with losing carries to Chris Johnson

  1. Chris Ivory impressed me last year. Admittedly, I only saw a few Jet’s games, but man, that dude is strong, not just his running.

    He gave Sio More a concussion picking up the blitz. One block to the upper body and Moore crumpled.

    just .02

  2. Pretty easy to see Idzik and the Jets are building something special this year.

    Out with guys like Holmes, in with guys like Ivory.

  3. Loved Ivory when he played with the Saints, but he seemed to be hurt quite often…

  4. He knows that as a running back the less hits he gets, the longer he stays in the league. I recall Tom Landry trying to impart that knowledge to Tony Dorsett, and Dorsett resented it. Tony only realized later that Landry was right, and now Tony has days that he can’t remember his name.

  5. Well if he moaned, he’d be in deep doo doo.
    Its Politically right thing to say.
    He probably should have kept his pie hole closed.
    There is NO “I” in team

  6. As a saints fan, Ivory was a bulldozer. Wish we could of kept him over Ingram but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. He will earn his yards either way.

  7. So he’s okay with losing carries to Chris Johnson, what about losing reps to Bilal Powell ?

    Ivory can’t catch out of the backfield & doesn’t play 3rd downs. Just when we thought he would be that all-around starting RB, he’s in another time share like he was with the Saints.

  8. I get tired of them switching backs out in the NFL! Guys get a rythm and then they take them out. Sharing carries should only be for breather and thats it!

  9. Why does the author give the term “complementary” and negative connotation? It’s has been and still is a running back by committee approach.

  10. then as a head coach I’d cut him immediately, as a HC I’d want every player on my team fighting to be the #1 at their position not saying their ok with getting paid and being the #2 or #3!!

  11. From a Titans fan who watched every game Chris Johnson played in, a warning for Jets fans: CJ does not have “great” hands. Whoever came up with this idea hasn’t been paying attention. In some games, he caught the ball pretty well, but most of the time he was wildly inconsistent catching the ball out of the backfield.

    That being said, I’m a fan of CJ and hope he does well for the Jets. He doesn’t miss games and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. I wish we had found a way to keep him.

  12. Over 1K all-purpose yards every season, for the past six (6) years. CJ2K is The Real Deal. You should be honored to share the same locker room as him, Mr. Ivory.

  13. I want to throw my support behind what Ivory has to say. He showing humility and sportsmanship by not stooping to players like Sherman’s level of braggadocio. Players are only able to really excel when the rest of the team is doing their job. +1 Chris Ivory. I’m just glad we don’t have to see him on the Saints squad anymore. Best of luck to you this year. Go Bucs!

  14. If I were a Saints fan, I’d be upset about losing Ivory… but I’d be a lot more upset about losing Joique Bell.

  15. No crap. What’s he supposed to say? Maybe if he woulda earned his keep last year they would have no need to bring in CJ. Ivory was a role player in N.O. and had an chance to be the main guy, now hes a role player again.

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