Eric Ebron visits PFT on NBCSN


The Lions have plenty of weapons on offense, and we’ve already had multiple of them on the show this week.

A day ago, it was running back Reggie Bush.  Thursday, it’s tight end Eric Ebron.

Ebron, the 10th overall pick in the draft, diversifies an offense that could be among the league’s best.  And Ebron could have a very important role.  Even if he’s not precisely sure what that role is.

“I have no idea what I’m going to be, I’m really all over the place right now,” Ebron said.  “As I told coach, I chew on an Advil just to get through the playbook because they’ve got me learning like five different positions, but they’re surprised how fast I’m picking it up.  They love how I attack every day even if I mess up, at least I messed up attacking it and getting the concept right but not doing it right.”

Hopefully, we’ll be doing it right when we look at the offseasons of the Cowboys, Jets, and Raiders.  As to the Cowboys, they suddenly have a link, sort of, to the Browns.  So why not exploit that link for Thursday’s poll question?

Tune in to NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET for the result.