John Madden says NFL broadcaster gets pre-game pain-killing shots

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A new lawsuit against the National Football League was filed by former players on Tuesday claiming the league illegally used prescription pain-killers to mask injuries to allow players to keep playing.

Former NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden says the culture of pain-killers in the league can even extend to the broadcast booth.

In an appearance on KCBS radio in San Francisco on Wednesday, Madden said he knows of an NFL announcer that will get pain-killing shots before games.

“I know an announcer that goes down to the locker room to get a Toradol shot before a game,” Madden said.

“I think he goes at a different time [than the players], you know, he gets there early, you know, that type of thing. But he’s gotten Toradol shots.”

Madden didn’t identify the broadcaster in question, though it’s possible to assume it could be one of the many ex-players that now commentate on games across the league. Toradol is a pain-killer frequently used in the league to allow players to play despite injuries. Tarvaris Jackson would get a Toradol shot before games while playing with a torn pectoral muscle as the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback in 2011.

Teams have begun to lessen their use of Toradol on players. However, some players have still sought out the drug by other means because it’s non-addictive and non-narcotic. Apparently broadcasters are also seeking out its pain-killing ability as well.

60 responses to “John Madden says NFL broadcaster gets pre-game pain-killing shots

  1. NOW it makes sense why Troy Aikman always brings up the Dallas Cowboys during games that have NOTHING to do with them…or his playing days.

  2. Non-addictive, non-narcotic, and it takes away the pain?…what’s the problem then? Sounds like the miracle drug.

    In all seriousness it’s your body and you need to know the risks and rewards. Take responsibility for your actions but your choosing is your choosing.

    People cry foul that there is too much government control but beg for government help when they loose control. If you play with fire you need to read the “common sense” warning beforehand.

    It’s also unclear what Madden is trying to imply or do to help the matter. Passive aggressiveness helps nobody.

  3. When you literally can’t move because of back pain – toradol relieves all pain, you feel none.
    It is not used for getting “high”, it has no narcotic affect like the other schedule 2 drugs.
    It simply eliminates the “feeling”of pain. Which in turn allows you to “get off the toilet bowl” without the help of 3 people.
    Used correctly/legally, there should be no problem.

  4. Jim McMahon needs to go away I’m a 15 year union worker and can’t miss work to take care of a sick child without disapine reed Hemish Mankato mn 56001, somebody please help me and my family I get threatened with being fired to stay home with my sick children and I’m a union worker this wrong in my opinion 2014 America ?

  5. criqui and tasker are doing some sort of drugs just as an excuse for their terrible, innate announcing ability.

    They should have been fired YEARS AGO.

  6. … Tavaris has the one thing that all Vikings and their fans will never have… a visit with the Pres, a nice big Bling Ring and the right to call yourself a world champion.


  7. Why the heck would John Madden feel the need to mention that publicly? You know the press is going to be hell bent on finding out who the announcer is. The announcer himself is going to hate madden for bringing this to light and putting him under a microscope.

    Noone benefits from this disclosure but Madden. Maybe, since Favre was always his favorite subject, he should go on and on about Favre’s drug addictions that he had during his playing days. That would be much more interesting.

  8. If its non addictive then tell us who the broadcaster is. If he is using it to deal with pain then im fine with it. but since its secretive i suspect its actually quite addictive since he is getting the shot every week when its available to him.

  9. I actually like to sprinkle a little Toradol on my cereal in the morning.

  10. It’s got to be Aikman or Seragusa. That’s the only thing that could explain their Captain Obvious explanations for every play.

  11. Whoever it is probably just does it to numb the pain when he has to announce Jags games…

  12. Toradol is in the same family as Advil (Ibuprofen) and Aleve (Naprosyn). Only real difference is that it can be given intravenously or by intramuscular injection, but it also comes in pill form by prescription. Not sure why broadcaster would get injection and risk this kind of negative publicity when he could get it in pill form. Story is much ado about nothing.

  13. Anderson Cooper had to get a shot before that interview with Donald Sterling

  14. It was definitely Summeral. A shot of Torodol and a fifth of gin and he’d be ready to belt out, “the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field” with mucho gusto.

  15. Even in retirement, John Madden speaks nonsense. Madden’s old sidekick, Pat Summerall, spent nearly his entire broadcasting career “feeling no pain.” Wonder why Madden didn’t mention that?

  16. Aikman is actually one of the few broadcasters that I like listening to. Very professional and knows what he’s talking about but doesn’t run his mouth too much. Can’t stand his partner. I know he has a bad back, possibly could be him.

  17. I’m sure Aikman’s shots stopped after Buck started bringing a milk crate to stand on in the booth so Aikman didn’t have to stoop down so low anymore.
    Seriously, about 6 years ago one of three things happened. Joe grew a foot, Aikman shrank a foot, or Buck started standing on a milk crate. Try to find some old footage if you can.

  18. Yea, as a fan I need a shot everytime I hear aikmen speak. Talk about painful!

  19. Toradol is an NSAID, like ibuprofen or naproxen (Aleve). It is not a narcotic like Morphine or Dilaudid. I work in a Level 1 trauma center, and know of no one in the medical field that would call Toradol a “pain killer.” It is an anti-inflammatory plain and simple, and only controls pain by reducing swelling. Pain killers ease pain by blocking pain receptors…two totally different things. Madden’s comment is garbage, and someone should have done some research before printing it.

  20. So I still fail to see what’s so evil, yet again the NFL is evil, about trainers giving a freebee shot to an older man who has a lil pain getting up in the morning after a football career.

    Someone explain the evil?

  21. Is it that shocking that people in pain are given pain killers? That’s what happens when you tell the doc you have pain. Only the patient can decide if he needs it or not. Pain is personal. If you don’t need them after a few days, stop taking them.

  22. I cant see how any Browns or Jaguar announcer can make it through a game without pain-killers.

  23. No, pain shots aren’t required to broadcast games but the guy is either hooked or has lots of pain from his playing days. Probably both. These pain drugs are incredibly addictive and a lot of former players are in pretty much constant pain from their numerous past injuries. Easy to see how the culture continues even after guys are retired.

  24. I take a shot of Toradol before I have to listen to either Buck/Aikman or Nantz/Simms.

  25. Toradol, big deal! I had them for sciatica and they were useless, nothing like real painkillers.This may not be the point but I feel toradol is on the level of legal OTC analgesics. Society is way too sensitive about so many issues it has become pathetic, sure don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings; feelings are hurt everyday it is a part of living so lighten up!!!1

  26. I cast my vote for Dan Dierdorf. He retired after last season, saying that the hassle of traveling with bad knees and hips was too much for him.

  27. Phil Simms is the one that drives me crazy. The man needs to go back to school and study English grammar. He’s making big bucks — get a tutor at least.

  28. Toradol is not even considered a pain killer, it is an anti-inflamatory (NSAID). No one is getting high on this medication and it is not addicting in any way. The only danger from this drug is that it can kill your liver or cause heart problems if you take too much of it or use it for a long period of time. I have no problem with someone getting a shot of Toradol because it certainly is not going to mask serious pain. It will reduce inflamation and as a result reduce pain, but it is not going to make you high so that you “feel no pain” like opiates can to let you do things you should not.

  29. Just because a drug is non-narcotic does NOT mean it’s safe.
    When it was first released it was pushed hard by drug companies, law enforcement, etc., as a replacement for narcotics, and I prescribed it for few patients They kept telling me about side effects, especially stomach problems. Then I had a patient wind up in the ER; he’d taken it on an empty stomach and gone into convulsions while coaching a kid’s soccer game.
    Today, it’s supposed to be prescribed ONLY for short term pain relief, not chronic pain like these guys have; long term side effects are severe.
    Toradol is some seriously nasty stuff; I’d never take it myself.

  30. Et tu brute… This is how you treat Mr. Summerall after all these years.

  31. T-Jack is a stud. Lockeroom favorite. Glad he got a ring, but I bet he loses his job to Terrelle this season.

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