Joseph Fauria knows chances will be harder to come by

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On most teams, second-year tight end Joseph Fauria would be tabbed as a breakout star.

Of course, he plays for a Lions team that just spent the 10th pick in the NFL Draft on tight end Eric Ebron, so he might not have as many chances.

Fauria was upbeat but realistic, knowing it’s going to be tougher to come by seven touchdowns again this year.

“I’ll always fight, no matter what,” Fauria said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “[Matthew Stafford is] still fighting. He’s trying to get better. He’s fighting. It’s football, it’s professional football, so we’re always fighting. . . .

“When you’re in the first round, you pick the best player,” Fauria said, “and at No. 10 the Lions’ front office thought that was the best player, and he’s a heck of a teammate.”

Fauria talked about the way new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi had made use of tight ends in the past, but the Lions are now deep at the position with Brandon Pettigrew and Ebron.

“I think it fits perfectly,” he said. “Guys in the New Orleans offense thrived in this offense, like Jimmy Graham and guys like Ben Watson. So this is tight-end friendly, tight-end pass-catchingfriendly. It gives everybody a chance to make some plays.”

Considering the Lions have some other pretty good pass-catchers outside, it’s unlikely Fauria gets as much action this year. But he’s good in the red zone, and has developed some trust with Stafford, which gives them plenty of options.


18 responses to “Joseph Fauria knows chances will be harder to come by

  1. Well this team failed miserably in each previous year primarily because of Stafford not actually getting better. If we would have had a great coaching staff that would have helped him since we drafted him (or better yet not used the #1 overall pick on him) then we’d already have won. Hopefully this coaching staff has a clear and driven plan to help him improve and then this offense can become very dangerous. Otherwise I’ll just go back to hoping we can trade him off the roster before the next season. He’s just the most overpaid QB this team has ever encountered and I’ve had enough of that. Play better or go away please, I’m never going to tolerate something else.

  2. Way too high of a luxury pick when your team only has one receiver and almost no secondary. Ebron was a terrible pick for the Lions. Why did they pay Pettigrew, if they planned to take a TE at #10 when they already have Fauria who will likely be better than both??

  3. Unfortunately… with lazy, low character, OTA skipping, veteran defensive “leaders like suh and fairley… they won’t be going very far in the playoffs.

  4. “Way too high of a luxury pick when your team only has one receiver and almost no secondary. Ebron was a terrible pick for the Lions. Why did they pay Pettigrew, if they planned to take a TE at #10 when they already have Fauria who will likely be better than both??”

    Joe Lombardi’s offense utilizes two TEs. Pettigrew at this point is more complete than Fauria who cannot block anyone. Ebron is a hybrid TE/WR and will likely line up off the line similar to Jimmy Graham. Given that the top 2 WRs were already taken, Ebron was the logical choice both in terms of BPA and team need.

    Anyone that watched the Lions last year knows the reason they struggled down the stretch was due to their OFFENSE. The defense gave up 17 ppg when they went 1-5. Not sure why it would make sense to reach for a corner or safety at the 10th pick when not scoring points when they needed them was the reason they lost last year.

  5. Pettigrew is not a starting caliber tight end anymore and won’t play forever. he is really expendable.

  6. Fauria will be a nice luxury to have this year, and in 2 years when he hits restricted free agency the Lions can cut Pettigrew and use him and Ebron the way New England used Hernandez and Gronkowski, or if the Lions would targets move on with Pettigrew and Ebron they can put a tender on him and receiver a 2nd round pick for a guy they got for free, this tight end situation is set up perfectly.

  7. Pettigrew shouldn’t even be on the team in the first place. Surprised if he makes it past final cuts.

    Too many drops since being a first round pick.

    Ebron takes his spot full time, Fauria is the 2nd tight end in the red zone.

  8. Breakout star? By whose definition? He can’t run, can’t block; he was fortunate to catch all those TD passes, but his talent base is that he is tall.

  9. Ebron better be a superstar or this will go down as yet another bonehead pick by the Leos. So you have a good, cheap option in Fauria, you bring back Pettigrew AND you pick Ebron, leaving big problems on the D side of the ball? Gotta wonder…

  10. Look fellas, this talk about Stafford being a bust is premature. he has to continue to learn and every weapon at his disposal will help. Remember, he was pretty much out of two seasons due to injury. These lions are primed and close to winning on a consistent basis. The TE position being stacked is great. Watch how defenses scramble to defend the middle this year as megatron and tate spread the safety and corners out on opposing teams. you will see a definite improvement im sure. Fauria at the least and pettigrew at best will be trade bait. The team is good. they will win the division this year. They will learn to hold leads and move deeper into the playoffs. Watch!

  11. I expect Fauria to be traded this summer. Between his red zone ability and his very low contract number (walk on), he’s someone a lot of teams would like to have. With Ebron as the receiving TE (Pettigrew the blocker), there’s not a lot of room for Fauria.

    Maybe a deal can get worked out that somehow gets us a DB upgrade?

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