Michael Vick says Jets QB competition not really open

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Michael Vick has been in quarterback competitions before.

He doesn’t think this is one.

The Jets free agent pickup sounded like a man who had conceded the job would stay with Geno Smith. The team had indicated it was open early on, though offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said they didn’t want to impede Smith’s progress.

“Going through the competition with Nick [Foles in Philadelphia], we knew both of us coming in that it was open competition and the best guy was going to win the job,” Vick said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “Pretty much cut and dry. This situation is different. It’s kind of unique. Even though it’s not an open competition, we’re both competing every day.”

Vick said he assumed that if all things were equal, Smith would hang onto his job. And while he’s not raising a stink about it, he’s not hiding his feelings either.

“It’s still tough right now…I won’t lie,” Vick said. “Because deep down you always want to be a starter. Hopefully that opportunity will come again one day and I’ve just got to keep working for it.”

The best situation for the Jets would be for Vick to play well enough to make Smith grow and improve to keep it that way. Having the young guy own the job is clearly the preference, but Vick gives them a Plan B they trust more than last year.

34 responses to “Michael Vick says Jets QB competition not really open

  1. Ill quote Vick, hes “cut and dry” the better QB. Once Geno stinks up the joint for a few games the jets will be 1-4 and on the brink of elimination and with Rex about to get fired. Thats when Vick will get his chance, and as an Eagles fan, i hope he makes the most of it

  2. The Steelers play at the Jets on November 9th. If Geno Smith is the starter there is a chance the Steelers could win. If Vick gets the start Big Ben’s 13 points of offense won’t hold up.

  3. michael vick please do everyone a favor and retire. you steal paychecks from your employer. at best, you play 1/3 of the season then your hurt collecting checks for nothing. your more fragile than green bays china doll.

  4. Vick is the only saying it’s not a competition, but I’m sure the coaches believe otherwise. Geno will play his way out a job and Vick realizes this so he’s being coy about it. Not to mention you don’t pay a “backup” $5 million for one season.

  5. It would seem that a year and a half in prison did for Mike Vick what it was expected to do. Adjusted his attitude and perspective on things.

  6. Here I thought it was a given that it was Simms. The only QB on this roster worth mentioning. That isnt saying much since he couldnt make the roster of 25 teams in the league.

  7. Hang in there, Vick,the moment that Geno starts to be a “turn over” machine like before,the job will be yours…

  8. I don’t understand this attitude. Vick is sounding pretty worthless at this point. I liked the signing when I thought he was coming in with fire and determination to take that starting job whether anybody else likes it or not because he feels he is undoubtedly the best. This weak stuff won’t cut it in this league.

  9. “Because deep down you always want to be a starter. Hopefully that opportunity will come again one day and I’ve just got to keep working for it.”

    If you actually tried in ATL you’d still be a starter and a legend there, but instead you’re a washed up never was in NY.

  10. Say whatever you want about rexy, he does back his QBs. Each one is guaranteed minimum 4 years…
    Who needs a hot dog!

  11. I thought Vick said and did everything right when he was being replaced in Philly by Foles…but this to me sounds like he’s not happy with the idea that he doesn’t see it as an open competition, because maybe it isn’t. He’s certainly not the future of the Jets, and at some point he needs to come to the realization that he might be nothing more than a back-up. I think he should keep his mouth shut and just play his ass off.

  12. i cant wait to see what geno does with some legit weapons this season. the best games he had last year were when jeremy kerley was healthy and in the lineup. if geno plays like he did the last 3 games of 2013, then i like the jets chances to compete for a playoff spot.

  13. If Vick is holding the clipboard and Geno is showing no progress, Rex will lose the locker room. Vick is a pro and Geno is a neophyte. I’d open the competition and let the best player win. That, or everyone else on the team won’t buy into competition. Responding to competition is the key to performing in the NFL.

  14. At this point in his life I’m sure Vick realizes getting paid good money to be a backup QB in NY is easy money and low risk of getting even more lifelong damage done to his body.

  15. Vick & Tebow have around the same passer rating lifetime (counting playoffs), yet ruddy duddy Rex Ryan refused to play Tebow while Ryan was “coaching for his job”, circling the drain with Mark Sanchez. I suspect Geno Smith is more Idzik’s guy (& Rex doesn’t have a Geno Smith #7 tattoo on his person), so maybe Sexy Rexy will make the switch quicker (plus Vick is just more established than Tebow ever was).

  16. Apples & Oranges. Geno is a “pocket-passer” (42 TDs, 6 INTs during his senior year at WVU); Michael is a “mobile QB”, i.e., “I can’t help this ‘itch’ to run!”. It would be Most Prudent for Marty Mornhinweg to play both QBs actively, throughout the entire regular season: QTR1: Vick; QTR2: Geno; QTR3: Geno; QTR4: Vick. Truthfully, all 32 teams should implement this scheme so as to avoid a “deer-in-the-headlights” scenario, i.e., 2010 NFC Conference Final wherein “mBoy” Jay (Cutler) goes down and Hanie becomes “the deer-in-the-headlights”. Holding a gosh-darn clipboard for six (6) years (Mr. Jimmy Garoppolo, please take note) ain’t gon’ do diddly-poop for no QB.

  17. Geno Smith stats were pretty comparable to Matt Stafford’s his rookie year. I look forward to seeing what he can do with Decker, CJ2k & company as well.

  18. Sounds like Vick feels sorry for himself. Believe me, I feel a lot more sorry for those poor puppies/dogs he murdered. I have forgiven him for this, but still…he feels sorry for himself. A true trait of the New York Jets.

  19. Did that idiot Geno Smith give Vick his number yet? What a scrub Smith is. He will be out of the league in 3 more years.

  20. Geno threw 12 TDs and 21 picks. That is not good. Geno also accounted for several fumbles – and his QB rating was 34th in a 32 team league. Awful. So why on earth do the Jets want to crapcan another season with Geno behind center?

    Not a Jets Fan, but a fan of good football

  21. Anyone thinks Mike Vick is a good QB clearly doesn’t know that he sucks. HE WAS BENCHED LAST YEAR IN PHILADELPHIA.


    I am done with this team until he’s gone. If you want to follow this idiot then by all means have fun. Here’s to another 40 years without going to the superbowl

  22. jetfanfolife says:

    “I am done with this team until he’s gone.”

    I don’t think your team will miss you honestly after what I just read.

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