Patrick Peterson takes aim at Richard Sherman

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When Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman signed his big-money contract, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson was happy.  Not for Sherman, but for himself.

In Peterson’s mind, he’s worth a lot more than Sherman’s $57.4 million package.  In Peterson’s mind, Sherman isn’t a shutdown corner.

“[Y]ou put [Sherman] in our system, I don’t believe he would last,” Peterson told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.  “Obviously, his job is much easier than mine.”

How so?

“If you look at their scheme and you look at our scheme, he’s a Cover-3 corner, period,” Peterson said. “A lot of guys say he’s a shutdown corner, but if you look at film and guys who understand the game, go back and look at film and see how his defense is.

“I believe if you put him in our system, I don’t think he’d be able to last, honestly, because I’m asked to do much more than he is.”

That may not translate into a bigger contract for Peterson, if Peterson wants the contract now.  The fact that he’s under contract for two more years makes it potentially harder for Peterson to get big money now.  Maybe next year, not this year.

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  1. Just because Seattle plays Cover-3 doesn’t magically make Peterson better than Sherman.

    Peterson shadows opposing teams No. 1s, Sherman shuts down a whole half of the field (which may or may not include a No. 1). Both are valuable and are necessary for the types of coverage both teams play.

  2. The classless Sherman is just like the shehawks.classless and overrated.too scared to travel with the reciever.patrick Peterson and Xavier Rhodes >Richard Ped Sherman.SKOL

  3. Sherman is laughable…..Everybody cant stand this pass interference cry baby…..Im just glad they gave that guy all that money…seattle let their best wr goo in tate…But atleast u got the holder..

  4. Talib basically said the same thing last night on NFL Network. The top corners in the game don’t have a ton of respect for RS.

  5. The worst thing for an opposing conference player to do is to take a chisel and make the chip on Sherman’s shoulder bigger than it already is. I’m sure Carson Palmer appreciates Peterson’s comments.

  6. All these Seahawk fans fail to realize they have the best trio of DBacks in the NFL. If they were separated they would do tremendously worse. Patrick Peterson hasn’t had a lot of help since last year with Mathieu .

  7. This is 100% true, and theres more. Peterson shuts down the opponents #1 WR, while Sherman stays on one side and usually covera the #2 or #3. Peterson also isnt in a secondary stacked with Pro Bowlers like Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Brandon Browner. Peterson can also play nickel, return punts/kicks, and even takes snaps at WR. Until Sherman follows the #1 WR all over the field, hes not the league’s best corner. Not even Top 5. I mean even MeAngelo Hall follows the #1 Reciever! So whats ur excuse, Sherm? Too hard for you?

  8. FACT: Sherman’s the better value, picked round 5 and busted out on the scene.

    Peterson is merely living up to the expectations of a top 5 draft pick. Don’t hate cause Sherman’s earned his reputation boyo.

  9. As annoying as Richard Sherman and his trash talk can be, these lame excuses for why he is so successful are getting old.

    Sure he plays with two top tier safeties and that might give him piece of mind but, he makes plenty of plays against the opponents best WR when it really counts all on his own.

    The guy can flat out ball.

    The Best CB? Probably not.
    Top 5? I can buy that.

  10. In 2014 Peterson won’t have to worry about… punt returns, playing on WR, mentoring/babysitting HBadger.

    His focus turns 100% to playing DB. I’ll place bets that he takes a huge leap forward next season.

  11. If you have to follow around the #1 receiver is it because you’re the best corner or because the rest of your secondary isn’t that great?

  12. Say what you want but Peterson is right. Sherman stayed on the right side 98% of his defensive snaps last season. Seattle is going to be exposed this year.

  13. the seahawks probably have the best pass rush in the league. opposing qb’s have hardly any time to throw the ball, making any cb in look good. then you throw in the holding there taught to do, that makes the cb’s look better then they really are. put sherman on any other team and he’s average at best.

  14. Two words Peterson. Brian Hartline. Almost 300 yards receiving against you. I haven’t seen a “shutdown corner” have that bad a day ever.

  15. Deangelo Hall has mentioned this before, Sherman only has to cover from where the receiver lines up at to where the near sideline is and Earl Thomas will cover the receiver if he breaks inside. So basically Sherman doesn’t have to account for the receiver if he runs his route to the middle of the field.

  16. I always like how the proof that Sherman is not as good as other CB’s is based on opinions, while the evidence supporting him being a top tier CB is based on statistics and wins. Keep coming up with reasons about why the Hawks are actually bad despite their SB stomping of the Broncos, it gives me a good laugh.

  17. 49er fans are calling Sherman the holder? Just remember in Frisco many many years ago they had the catch.

    In Seattle it will always be known as “The Tip” Who made that play? Oh yea Sherman. Go Hawks!

  18. As a pro level defensive back you could make a case for Sherman being top ten, even top five talent.
    Combine football talent with being a respected, classy human being and he’d likely come in dead last in the NFL. And that’s saying something bro.

  19. Peterson might follow around the #1 receiver on the opposing team but he definitely doesn’t shut anyone down. The dude is inconsistent as hell.

  20. I don’t know why Peterson is talking. He regularly gets burned and should have to wear a shirt titled “Property of Michael Crabtree” for the rest of eternity.

    The truth is that the space between the top two corners (Sherman and Revis) and the next three (Haden, Flowers, Grimes) is massive. Peterson isn’t even top five. The dude is basically an elite punt returner and a mediocre corner.

  21. Are links allowed. If not, it’s from a site with the same first 2 word acronym initials followed by Patrick Peterson is a “F” ool as the 3rd initial in the acronym.

    When are players going to show some humility and give respect to one another? It’s fine to be confident but really?

  22. I have heard this sentiment many times about RS. I know it is popular to say one player is hating on the other. I would say think back to all the player statements you’ve heard/read. It is not really commonplace for another player to “hate” on another if the player believes the other player is deserving of certain accolades. You don’t many players come out against LeBron, he is generally accepted as the best player (or at least a top player); not even the Kobes or Durants (and others of that ilk) come out and down the other top players excessively. Praises are heaped upon Brady, Brees, Rodgers, etc. I think the guy is giving his honest analysis as he sees it. As many times as this has been said, I’m starting to think it might be true. Besides, I can’t think of a time when a bunch of players just came out and said the best guy wasn’t the best. Hell, RS proclaimed himself the best CB the same as Revis did. Difference is, there was very little backlash against Revis and over time (if not immediately) his status as best was generally accepted.

  23. What a crock. Sherman dominates, Peterson does not. There have been plenty of times when Sherman was allowed to cover the the #1 all over the field, like against Megatron. He shut him down. Peterson got torched by Megatron.

    Film don’t lie Patrick. And the film says you’d be the nickel back in Seattle. You’re not even as good as Byron Maxwell on the edge.

    Megatron vs. Patrick Peterson (2013):
    C. Johnson 6 REC, 116 YDS, 2 TD’s, long of 72 for a TD.

    Vs. Richard Sherman (2012)
    C. Johnson 3 REC, 46YDS, 0 TD’s long of 25

    Says it all, But if you want more:

    2013 Stats
    Richard Sherman 16 Passes Defensed, 8 Int.

    Patrick Peterson 13 Passes Defensed, 3 Int.

    FACT: Sherman is not just better than Peterson, he’s WAAAAY better.

  24. Love the comments saying Sherman is so good because he plays with two of the games best safeties. Did it ever occur to you that those two safeties are so good because they play with two of the best CB’s in Sherman and Maxwell?

  25. Wow, I’m just glad Sherman didn’t say that. He’d be banned from the league.

    The one thing bigots can’t stand, is a smart black man, who doesn’t bite his tongue, and one who can back his talk up.

    Most of you would hate Peterson, if Sherman wasn’t on the scene. He conveniently gives you a choice and obviously you chose to hate the one with the smarts from Stanford. He’s your worse nightmare.

    Smart, articulate and on top of his game. Funny, that you don’t hear many saying Peterson should”just shut up and play the game”. Peterson is very good. Sherman is very good, with a degree. He brings what you all claim you want for players, an education and player skills.

    Maybe Peterson should go back and grab that degree and stop worrying about Richard. Maybe win a ring?

  26. I would take Patrick any day over Sherman! I wonder what an athlete like him would do in the Seahawks system that could be very dangerous.

  27. Patrick Peterson struggles IN HIS OWN SYSTEM . He of all the top cbs gets absolutely abused the most . For all the hate for Sherman we have never seen a game he’s been constabtly beaten and abused. Trolls will tell you every td scored by any wr or any big yardage game by a wr automatically was on Sherman. Conversely we have seen PP get burnt over and over again in games and give up big plays and more tds .

    Of course Sherman can rely on his secondary more bc their arguably one of the best ever units .

    Lastly I’m tired of the follow Wr crap , your logic is poor . Sherman should follow Wrs so he can prove his greatness . Yeah he SHOULD change up arguably one of the BEST defenses of ALL TIME (ever to play ) so he can prove how value ? Their is no reason to switch up a historically great defense because there want to claim it’s not fair .

    Richard Sherman affects games more registry than PP bc he creates turnovers and gives the ball back to the offense . As far as I’m concerned PP is barely affecting the games as much as Sherman bc he’s only taking possessions already given to his team (offensive plays ).

    Ask yourself is PP so much better than Sherman that his team is willing to risk injury and lose him on defense by allowing him to play out of position . I used this analogy before should we let AD play safety bc he’s got the tools to be amazing ?

    Works both ways !

  28. He is just trying to publicly justify why he should get more money than Sherman. Peterson is an amazing corner, but Sherm is better in my opinion.

  29. What is a fan of some irrelevant football team in Minnesota doing interloping into a discussion involving the fans of PROFESSIONAL football teams in Seattle and Arizona? It’s like a discussion between two learned philosophers being interrupted by Curly Stooge.

  30. They may ask Peterson to “do more”, but he accomplishes so much less.

    Last season, passer rating against Sherman was 47.3. Passer rating against Peterson was an embarrassing 91.3. In fact, Peterson’s BEST year of 64.8 was considerably worse than Sherman’s WORST year of 57.3.

    Ben Stockwell covered several other stats, and not only does Peterson not even equal Sherman, he finishes behind Joe Haden.

    And Sherman wasn’t afraid to shadow Boldin on both sides of the field last Sept, limiting him to 7 yards…and this was after the monster 200+ yard game Boldin had the previous week against Green Bay.

    Talk all ya want, Peterson. You’re third-best.

  31. Peterson is absolutely right, but some of these comments are off base. It’s true, Sherm only plays his side. But that’s not based off his ability. It’s because that’s the defensive scheme Seattle plays, and based on the shiny new ring Seattle got last year, it works very well.

    Peterson is probably a more complete DB than Sherman . He can cover pretty much anyone with confidence. But the difference is that he HAS TO. Sherman covers his side of the field regardless of who’s lining up against him. Sure, most of the time it isn’t a #1. But that’s because O coordinators know Sherman isn’t going to the other side, and they don’t WANT their best guy facing Sherman.

  32. Imitation is sincerest form of flattery. Keep talking, y’all making Carroll’s job easier by motivating Sherm. PP is phenomenal, but his argument is embarrassing.

    Take any any player out of a scheme that fits them best and they will not be as good. Wow, brilliant.

  33. Pro Football Focus even said Sherman was the best CB in the game. Why can’t people just accept that Sherman is the best? It’s as if the other Corners are too prideful to admit there’s someone else that’s pretty good too.

    Btw, Patrick Peterson’s pass rating against (91.3) was almost double that of Richardson Shermans. (47.3). Just saying.

  34. What it comes down to plain and simply is production. Sherman has been the most productive corner in football over the last 3 seasons. Numbers don’t lie. Other corners can hate and talk scheme, thing is Sherman is the best in his scheme, period. Peterson and Talib can hate and say he can play their scheme, but they wouldn’t be as productive in Sherman’s scheme. Pete Carroll knows what he is doing. At times he does cover the best man, ie: Megatron. Production is bottom line, the past 3 seasons:
    20 ints, 57 passes defensed, 3 forced fumbles, 1 sack, 166 tackles. These numbers blow all other corners out the water! Not the best? Ask 49er fans how he did at the end of the NFC championship game……

  35. This guy is a world class athlete but a jealous tool and nowhere near the technician. Peterson hasn’t won anything while Sherman sent Seattle to the Super Bowl with the 1 pass that went his direction.

    Cards fans point to them beating us in Seattle but Seahawks laid a whupping on them in AZ. Golden Tate was destroying Patrick Peterson 4 catches for 80 and could not match up. Peterson went inside against Megatron and got burned for a 60 yard TD. The guy should be watching film and trying to get better rather than counting every other CBs money and getting bitter.

  36. Sherman may be the most overrated player in the league… not a top CB

    Sherman has great pass rush to limit time, has top FS to cover deep, has top SS and good LBs to take away middle…. all he has to do is use sideline and press…. Sherman is very limited and not at all a top cover CB

    Peterson is in a completely different league….

  37. The facts speak for themselves. Patrick Peterson gives up a 91.3 passer rating to opposing QBs. Richard Sherman give up a 47.3 passer rating to opposing QBs. Just sayin’.

  38. Hey St. Louis/Chicago/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals – win a Super Bowl then we’ll talk.

  39. This coming from a guy that gets his lunch literally taken when he goes up against Crabtree and Golden Tate. As much as I love Tate, I wouldn’t call him elite. The tape don’t lie Patrick. Watch the first game. Wilson constantly targeted Peterson in that first game, and Tate couldn’t hold up. Crabtree owns him. Ask Crabs about Sherman one on one. Sherman locks him up.

  40. Sherman is great at one thing… self promotion

    nobody thought about him at all until his absurd attempt to put himself in same sentence as Revis

    Sherman is mostly a con man…. probably admires our Potus

  41. Seattle fans know nothing about winning. They win the SB this year & they think their going to run off 2,3 more in a row. Guess what? You’re not going to. Toughest thing to do in professional sports in repeat. You guys lost a lot of key players, and every team that plays you will be playing like it’s a ‘win & in’ game.

    BTW: Peterson > Sherman any day of the week

  42. For a guy that isn’t a shutdown corner, Peterson sure does talk about him a lot. He should worry about getting into the playoffs instead of whos shutdown and who isn’t.

  43. Player, Team: Richard Sherman, SEA
    Targets: 58 Catches: 30 Comp. %: 51.7
    Yds.: 421 Avg.: 14.0 YAC: 112 Long: 73
    TD: 2 INT: 8 PD: 5 Opp. QB Rating: 47.3

    Player, Team: Patrick Peterson, ARZ
    Targets: 90 Catches: 49 Comp %: 54.4
    Yds.: 688 Avg.: 14.0 YAC: 284 Long: 72
    TD: 7 INT: 3 PD: 6 QB Rating: 91.3

    Drops mic and walks away.

  44. Having a Guy like Earl Thomas on the back end helps everyone on that defense.

    But they still have to cover their dudes and Sherman does an alright job.

    idk, I’d love to have either guy on my team.

  45. This he’s only good in a certain system talk is stupid. Who cares if Sherman can only play in a cover 3. He does exactly what the Seahawks coaching staff ask of him to do. If Peterson has an issue he better get in the ear of Cardinals management and get them to get some better players around him.

  46. OK Guys..SF made a great move in acquiring Stevie Johnson…Check out his stats against Richard “shutdown” Sherman…..LOL He owns Sherman!!!

  47. I can’t answer specifically regarding how good or bad Sherman would be on a bad defensive team like Peterson seems to think he has. I hope I never have to find out. Go Hawks!

  48. He’s right. Sherman always plays with a safety behind him. And only defends the sideline.
    He has more freedom to make plays on the ball.
    He’s good, but over rated. Mostly due to his constant yapping.

  49. Sherman stays on 1 half of the field, a zone corner, with all word safeties behind him. Sherman is good but not the best. He for surely is not a shut down corner. No zone corners are shut down

  50. I just know that when your surrounded by very good talent in every direction your job becomes a lot easier.

    Last year GB had easily the 2 worst starting safeties in the league and all of their CBs suffered from it. If your worried about doing more than your job on the field your play will suffer.

    Not gonna say Sherman is not a great CB but Peterson job is just harder and that’s all I have to say about that.

  51. What is Peterson comparing himself to Sherman. He needs to compare himself to someone closer to his level like our 2nd corner Byron Maxwell, who still had one more interception than Peterson and only 1 less pass defensed.

  52. Enough already PP, so you call yourself a (1 COVER 1 guy), just because you cover Calvin Johnson and YOU also give up 6/116/2tds does not equate to shutdown corner. If you are going to address Sherman’s issues, FIRST address your issues against # 1’s.

  53. I only know that Jim Harbaugh stayed away from Sherman for everything nut the last play of the NFCCG. And when Kaep tried to sneak one on Sherman, Sherm picked Crab’s tree and ended the game.

  54. You honestly can’t say you’re the best corner because of your stats because if you’re the best corner quarterbacks are going to avoid throwing in your direction so your stats aren’t gonna be all that great

  55. Ha Ha. Peterson is the better athlete but he is about half as smart as Sherman and that makes all difference on the field(See Aaron Curry). Pro Football Talk broke this subject down in depth a couple weeks ago and it wasn’t even close. Sherman is by far the best CB in the game. I wonder how it feels to lose 58-0 in the NFL? I wonder how it feels to watch the best CB in the league make a game winning play to put his team in the superbowl from your couch? Can’t believe anyone would give a team like the Seahawks extra motivation. What a fool.

  56. As a Seahawk fan I hope Mr. Peterson feels disrespected and holds out until he gets the biggest contract in the NFL for a cornerback even if it takes all year. That will show them

  57. Say want you want about D Hall but he says the same thing about Sherman. Stays on one side of the field. Doesn’t follow the other teams best receiver around. He’s a complete product of the system.

  58. Petersons opinion is almost as irellivant as the pathetic cardinals franchise. Football is a team sport and Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancelor will be in the same defensive backfield, playing cover 3 for years to come. And that terrifies opposing quarterbacks and every one of you. #LOB #XLVIII Champs

  59. Sherman started off as a WR in college but was too slow and switched to a holding CB. He’s not a shut down corner by any means but he obviously fits perfectly in the right system. He has good hands but if he tried to keep up with the #1 all game he would get burnt badly. If Seattle loses any key pieces it might get ugly.

  60. Sherman: LEAST targeted starting cornerback in the league, yet LEADS the league in interceptions.

    Super Bowl Champ.

    Sherman FTW.

  61. I’m not here to bash Sherman, he is clearly one of the best players in the NFL.

    BUT, he also has Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Malcolm Smith, Bobby Wagner and Bruce Irvin rounding out the Back 7. That is an INSANE amount of help.

    Much more help than Peterson, Haden or any top NFL CB has back there and it’s not even close.

  62. Fact: Seahawks have the best roster, so no one can take credit for their amazing play.

    Is Sherman good because of Earl or because of the system he plays in or IS HE REALLY THE BEST CORNER IN THE GAME?

    Is Wilson good because of Lynch or their system or IS HE REALLY AMAZING?

    I’m sorry the Hawks roster is so good that nobody knows who is good because they play amazing together. Keep your big money Peterson and keep out of he playoffs.

  63. Peterson is pining for cash and that’s that. Call us when he wins a ring and you lame 49ers as well. We have risen above u fools. Steve Young is very old and so is the SF legacy. Move forward Santa Clara 49ers.

  64. in all, Patrick is right. Dick Sherman is a parasite living off easy matchups while the other db’s cover the 1’s & 2’s on an opposing defense.

  65. Hey Sherman haters. If he only stays on one side, and as most of you say, is overrated, why don’t teams go ahead and line their #1 up on his side all day and tear him up?

  66. Peterson couldn’t carry Sherman’s jock.

    All he does is shuts down one side of the field, picks passes and owns Niners.

  67. Peterson is in a different league…

    You see Sherm plays in playoffs and SBs.

    Peterson? uhhhh no

  68. the more $ Sherman gets the more money all CBs get so dont hate, congratulate….except if the CB is on SEA…then there’s no $ left.

  69. Players know more than us fans do, and a lot of players have said the same about Sherman.

  70. love the Super bowl ring if RS was the one who won the rings FOR THEM..fact is he is (was) part of a very good secondary…for those who said he shut down a whole side of a field have no clue about football…I’ve been watching the NFL since 77′ and i have only seen one CB ( post Mel Blount) shut a whole side down..That was prime time. RS is just an attention staved kid with a chip on his shoulder for last until round 5..even the SHEhawks passed on him 4 times..

  71. Who?

    Oh, some irrelevant player on an irrelevant non-playoff team, talking trash about the World Champion Seahawks.

    Who cares? I sure don’t. We Seahawk fans are too busy celebrating our Lombardi, all thanks to Sherman’s brilliant play to end the NFCCG.

    Every little puppy wants to bark at the big dogs, but we don’t hear ya and we don’t care. Now, go on and kiss this ring and get the hell outta my office.


  72. I find it pathetic how Seahawks fans can’t admit something so simple.

    Sherman IS a Cover 3 CB, that’s what he is, that Seattle’s base defuse, a Cover 3. He’s always getting help from the safety in the scheme who’s never far away.

    Until he shows he can play man and line up in the slot too, he’s merely a Zone CB.

  73. Already a well established point. But Sherman is great at being a cover 3 corner. Just as Peterson is great at being a no. 1 shutdown corner.

  74. Yes, all the football geniuses want us to ignore the stats and take the word of the second tier CBs.

    Sherman is a product of the system? Really?

    Then how stupid are your coaches not to run ‘the system’ that turns Sherman, who you claim isn’t that good, into the best CB in the NFL, again based on stats?

    Google Lombardi.

  75. As a Seahawks fan I could care less if he is a top corner in the league… I care if he is the top corner on a superbowl winning team.
    Kiss the ring

  76. Who you ask?? Haha how about the team that came into your house and beat you late in the season? That’s who. If they are a laughing stock then that’s kinda pathetic they beat you, playoffs or not

  77. Google “pff corners getting paid” and you’ll learn the truth. Go on, I dare ya.

  78. Hard to ignore the numbers Sherman has put up.
    Ive seen Crabtree destroy Peterson every time they play and while I like Crab Im not sure he’s a top 10 receiver with the injury history. Not a fan of Sherman but who wouldn’t want his ability on your team.

  79. Let PP and RS play for the Eagles.

    If their skills translate to Philly, they’re the best. Nobody can seem to play CB there since Asante, and vincent/Taylor before him

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