Pierre Garcon thinks he’s underrated as the No. 80 player in the NFL

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NFL Network has begun its annual practice of revealing the Top 100 players in the NFL, as voted on by the players (or at least the players who bothered to fill out a ballot). Washington receiver Pierre Garcon doesn’t think his fellow players ranked him high enough.

Garcon came in at No. 80, and he reacted to that on Twitter by writing that he feels “underrated” by that ranking.

I guess it’s better to be underrated than overrated,” Garcon wrote.

It’s not surprising that Garcon, who led the league with 113 catches last season, thinks he deserves to be higher than that. Of course, Garcon also led the league with 184 targets, so leading the league in catches was as much a reflection on the way he was used in Washington’s offense as it was on his own play. Garcon can quibble with the ranking, but No. 80 seems about right.

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  1. “how many drops did he have”?

    The better question should be “how many catches did he make”? The answer to that question is the most in the NFL. Despite that, doesn’t make the Pro Bowl. Yeah, he’s underrated.

  2. Yeah but this is a vote generated by the players and it’s not like this is a ranking produced by the highest quality of bona fide player evaluation experts so it doesn’t really mean anything tangibly important.

  3. I liked PG a lot as a Colt. He seems to have gotten better in Washington. But he did drop balls. A lot? Who’s to say. Key ones? Yes. Still, this seems about right. And if he thinks it’s low, it’s up to him to raise his level of play and therefore his rating. I will be watching for him to try.

  4. No one ever talks about his drop in the Super Bowl against the Saints. Peyton hit him in stride & he had a 60 yard TD, he just dropped it. The Colts were never the same in that game after the drop. Great players rise above & make great plays when the $$$ is on the line. Garcon is a fast WR but has average hands & is an average route runner that dropped easy balls on the NFL’s biggest stage. This guy doesn’t even deserve to be on the top 100 list.

  5. He does realize this had as much bearing to the season as power rankings, draft rankings, Vegas odds and anything else that happens up until the point they start playing games?

  6. The worst so far has been Matt Forte. How the hell was Matt Forte only the 91st best player. I understand I can be a bit bias as a Bears fan, but these rankings downright suck. The only other RBs I can say for sure are better than Forte are AP and Shady. The rest of the guys it’s a tossup. That’s why no fans really take this NFL top 100 its all a popularity contest and not based on actual stats.

  7. Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Josh Gordon, AJ Greene, Alshon Jefferey, Andre Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Dez Bryant…are all better than Garcon. So, he’s right about where he should be.

  8. He’s actually pretty good. He plays very hard, with a lot of passion.

    That said, he needs to just ignore these ratings shows and focus on helping his team win.

    In short, ratings shows mean nothing. The only thing that matters is getting to the Super Bowl. The rest is just noise.

  9. I’m so over these players talking themselves up or feeling underrated.

    Play the game and prove your worth OR throw your QB under the bus and sign somewhere else for less money to show how great you are..

    This is getting so old.

  10. Peyton Manning would have another ring on his finger if Garcon would’ve caught a slant that hit him between the numbers (with nothing but open field around him) on 3rd down in the second quarter of SB 44.

    Great talent but wildly inconsistent. He’s more than fairly rated.

  11. garcon is indeed underrated…great WR…the top 100 lost; supposedly done by the players, is probably the worst list i’ve seen

  12. NFL teams have 53 men on their rosters. Pretty sure I could draft 2 full teams, maybe even 3, before his name is called. That’s 106 or 159 men. He shouldn’t be complaining about being ranked 80.

  13. Just take these lists for what they are. They mean nothing, along the same lines as at the end of the calendar year, these lists that come out. One thing matters… winning.

  14. 1,600+ players on final rosters and you’re complaining your peers “underrate” you @ 80?

    Given the # of players in the game the top 100 should be considered elite and not complained about despite the flaws in the voting system.

    Get over it.

  15. Underrated is having a top 3 rb in forte and a top 3 cb in grimes in the 90’s, overrated is having kaepernick “tebow v2” , Wilson the glorified game manager and Sherman the destroyer of the other teams 2nd and 3rd best receivers on at all.

  16. Garcon can quibble with the ranking, but No. 80 seems about right…..
    Are you getting those toradol injections that Madden claims members of the media are taking along with the players prior to games? This ranking is bogus! He is more like the 80th receiver

  17. Jackson loves you dawg and that’s all that matters. You get you some you’s, he gets him some him’s and its all good. Winning 3 games last year is what should matter but your a Redskin so WTF.

  18. Your team finished 3-13. You are lucky that you are in the top 100 because you were the only receiver on the team. Jordan Reed had the 2nd most receptions on the team and he was hurt the last month of the year. Diamonds shine brighter when they are surrounded by crap. Seems Griffin’s me, me mentality is rubbing off. At least this year, you will be the #2 guy bc that’s what you are.

  19. Methinks this list thing is way past overdone.

    Yuck. Just play football, and all nerds pulling out stats like they mean something in a game where a 3 yard pass can be a 99 yard TD, and penalties etc influence everything—-need to go play rainman with another sport.

  20. I do watch the countdown shows, but seriously, who gives a crap? Why do these guys care so much about this list? It’s entertaining to watch the show and the highlights, but really, big deal!

  21. Still think this guy would be a perfect fit in New England. Since the Patriots won’t get him I’ll just continue drafting him on my fantasy teams.

  22. “Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin are much better than P-Air Garr-Sone.

    Eagles will win Super Bowl 49, 50, 51, and 52”

    No, sorry. But Riley Cooper leads the stats for Average Ephitets Screamed Out Per Season. And I expect the Eagles to win the Super Bowl right around the time the Tea Party endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

  23. It is hard to maintain a high catch rate over a significant amount of receptions. That being said, in 2013 Garcon managed a catch ratio of 61.4%, which ranked Top 5 in the league among receivers with 140 or more targets.

    The names and rankings by catch % on this list were as follows:

    J.Edelman 70%
    K.Wright 67%
    A.Brown 66%
    D.Thomas 65%
    P.Garcon 62%
    B.Marshall 61%
    A.Johnson 60%
    T.Y.Hilton 60%
    A.Jeffery 59%
    D.Bryant 58%
    A.J.Green 55%
    J.Gordon 55%
    C.Johnson 54%
    M.Wallace 52%
    V.Jackson 49%

    I’d expect some of these WR with lower catch % and lower catch totals were ranked somewhere between 1 and 79 on the Top 100 Players list. Many of them on “higher tier” teams, which lends more quantitative support for P. Garcon’s claim. (Note to Michael David Smith…you see what I did there? Taking some time to build a case based on actual facts before throwing out a BS opinion based on a “feeling”?)

  24. Cool, you still worked well for me in FF, anyhow who gives a hoot about subjective rankings. Go out there and play your game.

  25. What did you expectPierre Garcon to say, did you really think he was going to say he was too high on the list?

  26. Why are people talking about a Superbowl drop he made what 5 years ago? He was like 22 then. They are ranking him today, not 5 years ago. Right now he is better than any WR the Colts have. Clearly. Wayne has declined and Hilton is not on his level.

  27. RG Bust was also mad that he wasn’t ranked higher as a running back until someone whispered in his ear he’s suppose to be a quarterback. Can’t wait for the Preseason when the Patriots first string team destroys the awful redskins

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