Ravens president stands by Ray Rice and his track record


Now that Ray Rice has avoided prosecution for assaulting his then-fiance by virtue of a pre-trial intervention, the Ravens hope he can get his reputation back.

Team president Dick Cass said he hopes Rice is judged on his full body of work, rather than the alleged knocking unconscious of his now-wife in an Atlantic City casino.

“You have to look at Ray’s whole life, and what he’s meant to this community, and how much work he’s done in the community,” Cass said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “When you look and you list everything he’s done, he’s made a major commitment here. This is not just a guy who talks about community. He does it. He’s out in the community all the time. He’s had a positive impact in Baltimore and also in his hometown. I think Ray has done so much.

“I’m hoping that when people look at Ray as a person, they will not judge him by this one incident. I always like to say, we have the advantage of knowing Ray. We’ve been with him and known him so well for six years. I think we know what kind of person he is, and I don’t think this incident represents the type of person that he is, and I’m hoping our fans will give him a chance. And I think they will.”

Cass said that he expects Rice to talk about the incident to the media soon, and of course, there’s the matter of potential league discipline.

The NFL can and has suspended players without convictions before, though quarterback Joe Flacco said this week he expected Rice to be available for all 16 games.

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  1. What Ray Rice did was indeed horrible but it shouldn’t define him for the rest of his life. He was always a class act here in Baltimore and will continue to be. Nobody is perfect and he will probably be suspended for a couple of games but he will redeem himself through his actions.

  2. Any assault on a woman should be a one year min ban from NFL. Ray Rice is a punk and I will never ever root for him or any team he plays for. Same goes for Greg Hardy and the rest of those woman beaters.

  3. I find it really hard to believe womens rights groups aren’t losing their minds over this.
    OchoCinco head butts his wife and the Dolphins cut him, Rice knocks out his fiance on tape no less and the owner supports him….. smh

  4. There is outrage when someone commits a DUI because they could have hurt someone else, because of this we say they deserve to be punished.

    Ray Rice DID hurt someone else with a deliberate act, yet he is looked at like nothing was done wrong?

    This is nuts

  5. I wish football fans all around the world give Ray a special, vocal, “welcome” wherever he goes for the rest of his days in the NFL.

  6. This speaks volumes about the Ravens organization.So Rice has one strike on his record. It happens to be a huge one,but we’re standing by him…same with Ray Lewis. It’s not just the Ravens either. It’s the whole NFL ,my team included. Some offenses should be a one strike and you’re out deal,and this is one of them.

  7. Baltimore Fans could care less what the rest of the NFL fans think, they have shown this over and over.

  8. Judging by the comments section, Ray Rice should receive anywhere between a 1 game suspension and death by firing squad. Get a grip. My guess is he’ll get 2 games, and more than a few opposing D’s will add a little extra mustard when he carries the ball but this will be a forgotten issue in 6 months.

  9. Get a grip? It wasn’t a love-tap. It was a knock-out punch followed by dragging her around like a rag doll. The punishment should fit the crime,and I don’t mean a firng squad. A nice long suspension without pay maybe? Something along those lines would be fitting.

  10. To all the lynch mob types here: I can’t wait until Ray Rice, who appears to be in the best shape of his life, runs all over your team’s defense. Gives you heartburn just thinking about it, eh?

    Cass is 100% right. Ray Rice has been an exemplary human being since he came to Baltimore and has built up a ton of good will with the fans. Most of us view this incident in that context… a good guy was in a bad place and did a terrible thing. Clearly he deeply regrets it, and he will pay the price for it the rest of his life in countless ways. But no, we’re not going to hang him from a tree.

  11. I’m at a loss for words. If the (now) wife isn’t complaining, then anything we say here is mute. He’ll get a 4 game suspension from the league office and all is forgotten. I guess, for and chance to marry a millionaire she’ll take a knockout punch anytime.

  12. They had a chance to make an example by cutting a player with declining skills and they couldn’t. Typical Ravens Standards.

  13. What Rice did is, and will always be despicable. I hope that this is rock bottom for him, and look for him to account for his mistake publicly and be outspoken not only against bullying, but now domestic violence as well.

    Meanwhile, obvious non-fans will continue to live in glass houses, making any excuse to justify their allegiance to their team with past offender or various nature.

    Lets turn the page here, hopefully the next big story can be about actual football.

  14. If the reason the Ravens are keeping Ray is a money issue, then the NFL contracts need to have some addendum that states a team can cut a player over illegal actions and the contract should be deemed null and void. Any money due should no longer be required by the team.

    This might not be an issue with the Ravens as much as it is with the NFL as a whole.

    Either way, I want to see footage of him actually hitting her. All I can find is him dragging her off the elevator. She looks like anyone who could have passed out from drinking.

  15. “Get a grip? It wasn’t a love-tap. It was a knock-out punch …. ”

    Get a grip yourself. No one on this board has seen how he hit her (or even knows for sure that he did hit her, although it seems likely he did strike her in some way). But while it could have been a punch, it could have been something much lighter to have the same visual effect given her apparently drunk condition. Neither you or I know for sure. If and when a video is released showing that/how he hit, we can all make the judgment.

    It amazes me how many people are eager to assert as a “fact” something they have no direct knowledge about – and that they would bitterly complain about, if the same assumption approach were taken to claims made against them.

    For people comparing this to Hernandez, it’s only the same in that until the facts are shown, we don’t know for sure what he did, so we should not assume anything. But regardless, anyone who compares murder to striking someone clearly has no sense of proportionality.

  16. The NFL PROUDLY supports women with breast cancer awareness month in October every year with players wearing pink. Having said this, it will be interesting to see how Roger Goodell acts with a player knocking out a woman………

  17. Comments by the initial police responders, and the actions of the DA, all of whom have seen the tape of the event, not just the elevator incident, seem to indicate there was not a “knockout” punch.
    Put yourself in the Cops position. If you had just watched a tape where a man knocked out a woman with a punch, would you simply cite him with simple assault and send him home with the same woman?
    I didn’t think so.
    Ray’s facing a suspension as he should for being mixed up in that situation. Both were drunk, both were wrong. Ray’s going to pay.

  18. No one defending Rice knows for sure this is the first time. You only know this is the first time he was caught on camera. This was a despicable act and anyone defending him should be ashamed of themselves…and you probably shouldn’t let your mother hear you either.

  19. ray rice should be suspended 8 games, 6 months in jail and 1 year anger management classes. hes lucky roger goodel doesnt step in with an iron fist.

  20. I don’t think he hit her as hard as everyone is saying ,, first of all no one but the authorities have seen the video so everyone is assuming the worst ,,, second ,, if he did strike her viciously where are the injuries that would be associated with the attack ,, such as black eyes ,, bruises ,, fat lip ,, etc ,, I’m sure someone had to see her mugshot ,, so where is the evidence that he brutally beat her ,, answer ,, isn’t none ,, he probably open handed her and due to her being so intoxicated she passed out ,, don’t pass judgement until the real evidence is presented !!

  21. all the defenses’ playing them this year may not like when dudes hit on their women. And thus adding some extra pop 🙂 some of his peers will be schooling him on proper etiquette.

  22. Anything less than 8 games would be a disgrace.

    You just can’t go all Neanderthal crazy on a woman –
    Goodell has set high standard of conduct
    policy ever since he suspended Big Ben for being
    a Big jerk, and he wasn’t even charged. If Goodell is
    consistent, then Flacco is fooling himself if he
    thinks Rice wont be suspended for a lengthy time.

    This pre-trial intervention sounds stupefyingly
    generous and forgiving.

  23. mgjnsc says:
    May 22, 2014 1:10 PM
    No one defending Rice knows for sure this is the first time.

    anyone who knows Ray Rice, knows he’s not this way.

    A bad judgment call on his part. As the saying goes, nothign good happens after midnight in bars (or casino’s when you’ve been drinking)
    He’s going to get a couple of games for being stupid for the first time in 7 years as an NFL player.

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