Ray Rice holding press conference with his wife on Friday


Ravens running back Ray Rice has been granted entry into a pre-trial diversion program that, once completed, would lead to the dismissal of the third-degree charge of aggravated assault he faces as a result of a February incident in Atlantic City involving his then-fiance.

Janay Palmer is now Rice’s wife and she will join her husband at a Friday press conference for his first public comments since the arrest. The Ravens announced the details of the press conference in a release that also said Rice has remained silent until this point in order to let the process run its course.

The Ravens also reiterated that the Ravens “have praised” Rice for the steps he’s taken to rectify the situation. Team president Dick Cass sent a similar message of support for Rice and the Ravens appear ready to move on with Rice in their backfield.

They may need to wait a few weeks during the regular season for that to happen, however. Rice can be suspended by the league under the personal conduct policy, something that Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported is likely during an on-air appearance Thursday. If that happens, Bernard Pierce or Lorenzo Taliaferro could earn more playing time once Rice is back with a strong performance at the start of the season.

32 responses to “Ray Rice holding press conference with his wife on Friday

  1. A press conference – for what? Hean avere back wh cmmitted a crime, and says he is real, real, real sorry.

    Not to mention, Janay looks like she could whip Ray in a heartbeat.

  2. I did not hit my wife, we weren’t married then. I’m paying 1/2 of everything so I don’t have to do no jail time. Thank you for coming, I will not be answering any questions.

  3. Awe, isn’t that special. Really want to hear the explanation of exactly why he was dragging an unconscious person out of an elevator and then tried to act like nothing was wrong. What a tool.

  4. As a ravens fan, I’m hoping for a long suspension.

    The worst part of this is that if you had asked me to list 3-4 guys who would NEVER get in trouble, ray rice would have been right up there. Very disappointing. My daughter is no longer allowed to wear her #27 jersey & she met him numerous times & says he is a sweetheart in person.

    A troubling issue….one that all teams will face (or already have) over the course of time.

  5. Rice did something wrong and should be suspended. Glad how the process played out and I’m a Ravens fan. First time offender so he deserves a second chance without scolding like other players like Aldon Smith gets who committed mutiple offenses.

  6. RAVEN NATION is behind you Ray!! The haters can continue to hate but we know the kind of person you are and the contributions you have made to our great city!!

  7. Awwww. How cute … On top of being a lousy running back. He is also a lousy human being. Fits in well in Ratland. Hope he wears those lame glasses . Guy is a total ravanator

  8. This is so unfortunate. I know he’s a “public personality”, but at the same time this is a private, domestic matter that I don’t feel I have any right to be privy to.

  9. So pathetically Ravenesque. Will they announce when they will build a statue to an abuser that will be next to the obstructor of justice? Will it be called the walk of dame or shame? Lol”

  10. comparing a domestic violence/woman beater to aldon smith is laughable. if the roles were reversed, i’d say cut aldon smith. no place in this world for that type of behavior. imagine if that was your mom , sister or daughter.

  11. I don’t recall video of him actually “knocking her out”. It seems that the video just showed him dragging her out of the elevator. Who knows what happened to cause her to pass out? Just sayin.

  12. this is how his conference really started..” Hello I’m Ray Rice and this is my wife, she’ll answer any questions you have and tell you all that I didn’t do anything to her cause she knows if she does after we’re done I’ll take her out back in the elevator and beat her again”

  13. I hope it’s held in an MMA otcagon. That would be cool, any back talk and down she goes.

  14. Wow, a battered wife standing by her abuser. How shocking. We’ve seen this one before. They always think the abuser will change since he’s a “good guy”. Hope it doesn’t end up t like most abusive relationships. If it does, ravens still wont cut him, they dont mind employing muderers.

  15. Had she been conscious at the time of the incident in sure she would have defended him

    Just bad luck the one person who could have cleared this up early was the one person he’d beaten senseless

    But since every guy apparently is able to knock a woman unconscious one time for free he gets out of jail time

  16. 10) RayRice 9) Ben Roesthlisberger 8) Mark Chumura 7) Leonard Little 6) Donte Stallworth 5) Darren Sharper 4) Ray Lewis 3) Rae Carruth 2) Aaron Hernandez and the worst person ever to play in the nfl 1) OJ.

    Way to go Rice, you made the top 10

  17. “He’s a real sweetheart….pillar of the community,” “he didn’t do anything that bad” …says the ravens fans. Just pitiful.

  18. Hate to say this again, but anyone who believes Ray Lewis murdered anyone either has a complete lack of factual understanding of what happened that night or is just intellectually incurious. The DA who charged him has said repeatedly it was his biggest career mistake. He KNEW Ray was not involved in the night’s violence. Do a little research into the facts of the case. You may learn something & maybe even change your opinion. Nahhhhh…..that’s too tough for most people. Being clueless & wrong is way easier.

  19. Guessing not a single one of you would be brave enough to say what you post here if you met him in person.

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