Reggie Bush wants to retire a Lion


Reggie Bush has said he wants to play at least five more years.  On Wednesday he said that, no matter how much time he has left in the league, he wants to remain with the Lions.

“I want to stay here, I want to retire here and I’d love to retire as a Detroit Lion,” Bush told Erik Kuselias of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “I don’t want to bounce around from city to city, from team to team.  I think I have something good going here, have been really getting to know the city over the past year and just really looking forward to bringing a championship here someday and making history.”

That effort could get a little easier on offense this year, with the addition of receiver Golden Tate, the arrival of tight end Eric Ebron, and the ongoing presence of receiver Calvin Johnson.

“There’s a lot of options and I think that’s the great thing about this offense, you can’t just key in on one guy because we have a multitude of players that can hit the big one and can score touchdowns and make big plays,” Bush said.  “Obviously like you said adding Golden Tate and adding the new tight end into our offense is only making us that much more dangerous so we’re bringing more weapons into an already explosive offense.”

Defensively, the team got a boost with the recent arrival of tackle Ndamukong Suh for offseason workouts.  While Bush said nothing about Suh’s past absences, Bush’s praise for Suh’s decision to show up said plenty.

“It’s very important because he’s a huge part of what our defense does,” Bush said.  “He’s a one man wrecking shop, he’s a good player, but we also need his presence there and he makes a difference when he is there.”

The Lions generally have needed leadership.  Bush has tried to bring it since joining the team in 2013 after time with the Saints and Dolphins.  If the guys who are supposed to be the leaders follow the lead of the guy who has been in the league eight years and has won a championship in New Orleans, maybe the Lions really will put it all together.

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  1. Bush has been a welcome addition to the Lions. Never thought I’d ever say that but he provides the team with good football skills and is a positive force in a locker room filled with malcontents, underachievers and the self absorbed personalities who don’t appear open to constructive criticism from the coaching staff. Just wish his attitude is contagious and would help to break the culture of losing which has permeated this team for far too long.

  2. If he wants to play for 5 more years he better produce for the next 4. What have you done for me lately.

  3. And Reggie, we’d love to have you. Sure do get excited when he breaks off a big play and all of Ford Field is goin “REG-GIE!!! REG-GIE!!!”

  4. Do so after gettin smashed by the bills d line this year.. I love that they play you twice and will destroy you both times, like they did when you ran backwards in Miami

  5. I missed the signs of leadership last year, all he did was try to turn everybody into a Jim Schwartz yes-man when he wasn’t busy sulking or being mad at himself. He sure wound up Joique Bell to be just like him, including the very high fumbling rate that put this pair on top of the league in that statistic. I think he has a couple things to work on and improve if he wants to set a good example for everybody else. Namely attitude, leadership, and fumbling rate. And please tell Joique Bell to quit the dance and celebration routines so he doesn’t stay screwed up forever. We need some serious ballers on this team.

  6. Reggie needs to learn how to hang onto the dang ball!

    He showed a lot of potential last year and he was exciting to watch. But he also caused a lot of heartbreak. His fumbles cost the Lions wins.

  7. Reggie is the kind of guy you root for. Hard worker, great community guy. I’ve actually met Reggie at the motor city casino and he didn’t try to big league me or anything, all around down to earth person. We’d love to have you retire as a lion.

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