Stadium quid pro quo could scare cities away from Super Bowl bids

The decision to give the Super Bowl to Minnesota in the first year that the team’s to-be-opened stadium was eligible to bid for the game has sent a clear message to all other NFL cities that may be considering giving public money to the construction of a new stadium:  If you build it, the Super Bowl will come.


There’s another message that’s being sent to the potential Super Bowl cities that already have their stadiums:  If you’ll be going up against a city with a new stadium built in part by taxpayer dollars, don’t bother.

And that could make things interesting next year, if/when (when) Atlanta makes a formal request for Super Bowl LIII to be played at the venue that resembles a giant change purse.

If enough other cities decide to pass on making a pitch for Super Bowls when new stadiums built in part by public money are in the mix, the bids in those years suddenly won’t be as good as they otherwise would be.

Which makes it even more important to make cities like Denver, Philly, Washington, etc. think they’ve got a snowball’s chance to get the game.

48 responses to “Stadium quid pro quo could scare cities away from Super Bowl bids

  1. EVERY NFL city with a publicly funded stadium should get a Super Bowl.


  2. When guests come over you always break out the fine china and the good table cloth. Why is this any different? The Superbowl is watched by millions and the NFL wants to show the best it has to offer.

  3. I still dont get why they couldnt have just had Minny take SB 53. NOLA had history on its side. Minny had a new stadium.

    Yet historical significance was ignored and the new stadium couldn’t wait one year. If there were ever a reason to award a SB to city going against a new stadium this was it.

    This is absolutely a turn off to bid for SBs when competing with new stadiums.

  4. Its only right – taxpayer money was used in part to build the stadium so might as well return the favor by bringing a LOT of revenue that comes with hosting the game .

  5. I would LOVE to watch a Super Bowl played in a blizzard. They should alternate between all 32 teams. Each city SHOULD get the chance to host.
    Dont worry about corporate sponsors, the tickets will be sold out.

  6. Not getting the final paragraph equating Denver and Philly with Washington. Invesco in Denver and Lincoln Field in Philly are both relatively new, each only about a decade or so old. FedEx Field in Washington dates to the early ’90s and is famous for having the worst playing surface in the entire NFL.

  7. New Orleans has hosted more than its fair share of Super Bowls, and last time they couldn’t even keep the damn lights on…

  8. I guess that explains why any city in the state of Florida is almost hardly mentioned any any future Super Bowl sites.

  9. The NFL is admitting their product is weak when they argue for warm weather, scenic, tourist cities and avoid available NFL cities with publicly funded stadiums.

  10. The media and special interests will always argue for the warm weather, party locations out of their own selfishness.

  11. NOLA can stick it up their craw, who cares if it’s the 300 year anniversary of the city!! It’s not like people are gonna not come there and party it up because the super bowl isn’t going to be there. Minneapolis deserves this game, get in the back of the line!!

  12. From what I’ve heard/read Minn proposal was weak compared to Indy and NO. I can’t wait to hear the stories about weather all over again. I agree when public money is involved its great to reward the fan base, but the bid needs to be competitive. I think it’s more about the new stadium not the tax payers or location.

  13. The league has to understand that most people view Super Bowl week as some sort of winter break, especially the fans who teams are playing in the game. No one wants to spend a week enduring frigid weather. They got lucky weather wise with New York, but they are rolling the dice big time with Minnesota. I understand they’re building an indoor stadium, nut the whole city isn’t indoors. Hope there’s a back up plan for flight cancellations due to freezing weather.

  14. There shouldn’t even be talk about bids.

    Just give each publicly funded NFL stadium a Super Bowl.

    Spread the wealth.

  15. From what I’ve seen, the team that plays in Minnesota is also weak compared to the teams that play in New Orleans and Indianapolis.

  16. It would’ve been nice for New Orleans to have it for their tricentennial but I understand that the owner’s priorities were with making more money.

    I mean the city of N.O. is older than The United States.

  17. Roger: You pay for our brand new stadiums or you don’t get a Super Bowl!

    Cuban’s arguments become more and more true with every story.

  18. Hear that Chicago! OLD man Daley would not be outdone anywhere by anyone! I mean the real power-broker Daley. Forget artificial turf at Soldier Field, been there and done that before. Time for the Halas family to pony-up some of Papa Bear’s money. Do not let Michael McCaskey screw this one up with his Ivy League education. Spend some money and make some money and Cook County as well as Illinois will be back on the power map.

  19. As a fan of a cold weather team I dream of the day my team makes the Super Bowl and I travel to the sunny south for a week of Super Bowl activities leaving the snow and cold behind! But with cold weather cities getting the game I know that the year they finally make it Will be in NY or some other frozen city in Feb!

  20. Why would you NOT want a Super Bowl in new Stadiums? They are full of current technology and catered to the whole football experience. With nice new HDTV’s most people will stay home. Now when you go to a new stadium they will have video everywhere. Interactive tablets and devices to enjoy while watching and all kinds of things.

    Plus they adapt to Super Bowls. In Minnesota they are making like a mile long Super Bowl Boulevard full of indoor and outdoor activities embracing all the Winter activities a person could want.

    The only thing that could go wrong is if it just happens to be a Winter Storm. Then again. Massive storms hit every State on any given day.

    As for freezing weather you can get anywhere downtown by taking a skyway or hopping on light rail. By the time the whole area is built it’ll be a new downtown area with everything you need.

    As for the Bids. Indy and NO have the same stuff and MN is new. The Stadium was the selling point though. I’m sure they have it online somewhere.

  21. I don’t know how other cities will react, because even though it takes months of planning and coordinating to put a bid package together, not to mention, a lot of money, the reward a successful bid garnered always made it a worthy investment.

    But the message was clear this week, the bid from New Orleans, and even Indianapolis, was better than the bare bones bid proposal from Minnesota, all they presented was their new stadium period.

    In the future, New Orleans will carefully weigh who else gets invited to put a bid proposal together, BEFORE they accept it and/or before they decide to go all out like they did this year. No way New Orleans will put an expensive package together for the 2019 game, when atlanta will put in a bid with their bid for the game in their new stadium. They won’t say “No Thanks” to the NFL if they get invited to bid against a new stadium, but they’ll probably only spend enough money for a couple of postcards to handout. In fact, any city that puts together a first class bid versus a city with a new stadium, must have money to burn, cause that’s exactly what they’ll be doing.

  22. Never understood why NOLA gets so many SBs. The stadium is an antique and Bourbon Street is just downright nasty……

  23. These new stadium look good but are not very fan friendly! The one in Dallas doesnt even have escalators! The thing is unless you pay big bucks it will be a terrible experience. I felt cramped and like if I leaned alittle forward I might fall to a horrible death! I love Reliant bc it has everything you need and every seat is a good one!

  24. The NFL is slowly starting to wane on me. I still love it, but I am finally starting to question why. Call it “battered wife” syndrome if you will. There is no other sport that captivates me like NFL football, but for the first time in my life I am starting to look around. I’m a huge fan, but this “you will take what we give you and like it…what are you going to do” stance they have been taking recently is really starting to make me question things.

  25. I don’t understand what taxpayer dollars have to do with it. Who has built a stadium with all private money?

    If you build a new stadium, you get a Super Bowl. But … that doesn’t mean the taxpayers are getting back the cost of the stadium.

    The NFL is a revenue sharing organization that relies heavily on public financing … not exactly a bunch of free market capitalists. Let the billionaire owners pay for their own stadiums.

  26. The NFL is the hottest thing going in sports, and they know this. They will have SuperBowls locked up for the next ten to 15 years by 2020. You know its real if a deal like the DirectTV-AT&T one hinges on NFL Sunday Ticket.

  27. Let’s say a world famous opera company is willing to move to a city but wanted a new opera house, offered to pay half the money to construct the opera house, have limited engagements, collect zero dollars for other events held there and owned nothing…you would be saying what a great deal for the tax payers.

  28. This is great! I’ve always wanted to visit Minneapolis! Especially in the winter time!

    Said no one ever.

  29. Every damn one of you people owe Miami Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross a big giant apology!!!! This is Exactly what he said and yet everyone with basic typing skills lashed out on him for every story written. “Go pay for your own Stadium Mr. Billionaire”. I guess this is why he makes more money in a day than most make in a year. Sorry, the truth hurts. Besides everyone knows the best SuperBowls from a location standpoint is Miami and New Orleans.

  30. As a Packer fan I have to defend the Minnesota bashers. It is a great sports town and fully capable of hosting any major sporting events, including and especially the SuperBowl. There are a lot of fans that don’t live in Miami or New Orleans. Personally, I hate warm weather. I will be there and enjoying myself and I guarantee it will be a party…..45TH Parallel North style. Too cold? Stay Home!

  31. worst thing ever is your team gets to the SB and can’t move the ball bc 30 MPH winds and 1 inch of snow on the ground…ugh…so thanks NJ for the one-off but sorry Chicago, Denver, Seattle even KC….sorry but can’t risk it.

  32. Super bowl in the previous Super bowl winners stadium. Do I have to think of everything?! That is how the fans are rewarded financially for unwavering support. Reward the winners man!
    What more motivates a repeat?

  33. I have a different take on this, the NFL wants to avoid a home team advantage and that is what drove this decision.

    I have a better chance of dating Kate Hudson than the Vikings do of playing in the Superbowl so it is relatively easy to award Mpls the game with no fear of the Vikings being anywhere near it except to sweep up the garbage after the crowds go home.

  34. Super Bowl should be permanently limited to New Orleans + a rotating Florida city. Who vacations in the North in February?

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