Wilf wouldn’t feel guilty about Vikings playing “home” Super Bowl

In 2018, the Vikings will host the Super Bowl for the second time. There’s a chance (as there is every year) that they’ll become the first team to play in a Super Bowl that they are hosting.

Would the Vikings feel guilty about securing the ability to participate in the game that their new stadium will host?

“That is a great question,” Vikings owner and president Mark Wilf told PFT Live on Wednesday. “And not one bit.”

The closest any team has come to playing in a “home” Super Bowl came in early 1985, when the 49ers played the Dolphins at Stanford Stadium. Now and in the future, it’s highly unlikely that a Super Bowl will be played in any venue other than a current NFL stadium. Every year, then, there will be a one-in-16 chance that history will be made.

Or, if/when the game is again played in New Jersey, one in eight.

Those odds make it even more amazing that, through 48 Super Bowls, it’s never happened.  Eventually, it will happen.  It has to.

46 responses to “Wilf wouldn’t feel guilty about Vikings playing “home” Super Bowl

  1. I can dream right? It will probably be the dynasty team in the making Seahawks though.

  2. how is it not a competitive advantage for a team in the current SB rotation to have the possibility of having a home game in the SB

    do the right thing, rotate it evenly among the 32 host cities

  3. I would have a hunch that most owners would lack a feeling of guilt over anything that most people might feel guilty about anyhow. Let’s find some reports of NFLers that have expressed feelings of guilt about anything, that could be an interesting study. The gravitational fields in the NFL are astounding with how the universe revolves around every body simultaneously. No wonder there seems to be a higher rate of occurrence of black-holes than in the universe of reality.

  4. Feel guilty? As a long suffering Vikings fan, I would be so happy to be in the Super bowl and so nervous about the outcome, I guarantee I would not feel guilty. I have been patient for decades. SKOL Vikings, “get er done”.

  5. No, there would be a 1 in 16 chance that a super bowl would be played by a team in their home stadium. the math is like this 32 teams/2 teams in the super bowl.

  6. Before all the haters jump in. He was “Asked” the question. He didn’t just bring it up himself.

    It has never happened but until the last few years, the Saints and Seahawks had never won a superbowl either. So anything can happen.

    Go Vikings.

  7. 1/32 chance is not correct. Some cities will never host a SB even if they have a done in the north. Some cities can’t handle the amount of people coming in and then there are the cities that people straight up don’t want to go to.

  8. After that battle with state legislature and the super bowl bid we can all agree Zygi is a little drunk on life at the moment so why not dream a little more. He is going to go for a swim this afternoon in his gold coin vault to relax and come down.

  9. This would nearly be a home game for the Packers in 2016. If it were to happen, there would be a lot of green and gold in town. Wow. That would be fantastic. “If you build it, the Packers will come!”

  10. niners, colts… colts missing Mathis for four games.. niners missing Bowman and Aldon for most likely 4 to 6 games…

    I wouldn’t hold your breath on either team being there at the end of the season.

  11. bahahaha

    by then adrian peterson will be 33 and probably retired, they will be on their third QB after Bridgewater’s skinny shoulders don’t hold up in the NFL, and it’ll take them longer than that to pass all those other teams in their division.

  12. The 1985 Super Bowl was straight up a home game for the 49ers without question. Pretty amazing scene to say the least. The whole peninsula was painted red and gold. I hope the Vikings get the same chance.

  13. The math is this:

    With 16 Teams in each Conference, the home team has a 1 in 16 chance in representing their Conference in the SB.

    The Vikes would have a 1 in 16 chance to represent the NFC in their new stadium.

  14. Actually if the game is in the Meadowlands, the odds are 31/256 (since there’s the chance that 2 teams would be playing in their home stadium)

    1 – (15/16)*(15/16) = 31/256

  15. nobody knows what the team will look like in 4 years, so why not? by then the seahawks could have one of the worst defenses and aaron rodgers could’ve been forced to retire because of injuries, you just never know with the nfl.

  16. Given 13 teams have never won a Superbowl, some cities don’t have a venue to host a superbowl, and for years there has been a preference for warm climates. It is not surprising at all that no team has won a superbowl at home.

  17. I’m a Viking fan, but I would never expect them to play in a super bowl even if they have the best team in the history of football. My heart has been broken too many times.

  18. As Jim Mora would say “Superbowl!, Superbowl!, are you kidding me Superbowl”!! I think your trophy case will be empty for some time! At least the Packers will be playing in a stadium that is familiar to them.

  19. He should feel guilty for fleecing the tax payers of $456 Million dollars.

    If I was a viking fan and tax payer, I would demand the team play in the SB for that kind of money!

  20. There has to be something in the drinking water up there. Here is a team that hasn’t been in a Superbowl for over 30 years, lost in the last 5 NFC Championship games they played in, and finished in last place 3 out of the last 4 years and their owner is talking about a home field advantage in the Superbowl?

    What makes the statement even more delusional is that they don’t have a QB and the last two that they drafted were picked by none other than Rick Spielman who has never hit on a NFL QB his whole career.

    Minnesota has a better chance at electing a 2nd rate SNL hack comedian to the US Senate, oh wait……….

  21. Nope. The closest a team got to host was when Rams lost to Pittsburgh at the Rose Bowl. So its almost happened twice. Not once.

  22. It would be very realistic. The Vikings can be contenders in the next two years. I think they picked out the right coaching staff considering which division they are in. The defense hasn’t been good since 2009 and even then there was some flaws in the secondary. Before 2009 the defense was terrible to. We do have some good players on the defense now. Some longtime Vikings that have been on the team for awhile now. They can help guide the new players in and we now have the right coach to bring the best out of them.

    Offensive side. Even last year the Vikings offense was pretty good. even with a qb carousel. They were ranked 16th overall. I dont think the Vikings will make the playoffs this year. And even if they did. They wouldn’t go anywhere. Its always tough with a new coaching staff and hopefully a new qb. I think they will show flashes tho of potential.


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