Brandon Marshall sees Jerry Rice as a model for playing into his 30s


Brandon Marshall, the Bears’ 30-year-old receiver, just signed a contract that keeps him in Chicago for four more seasons. Marshall says he already has a model for the way a receiver can stay on top into his 30s.

Marshall noted at his press conference announcing his new contract that Jerry Rice showed that players in their early to mid-30s can continue to play at a high level. Rice led the NFL in receiving yards for three straight seasons at ages 31, 32 and 33, and led the league in catches at age 34. Marshall thinks he can be that kind of player over the next few years.

“Jerry Rice had his breakout year in Year 11,” Marshall said. “So, I am in nine, so I think I can do it.”

It’s not realistic to think anyone is going to be as good in his 30s as Jerry Rice was, but Marshall has shown no signs of slowing down. It’s very realistic to think that Marshall will play well enough to earn the $40 million he’s slated to make over the next four years — and perhaps sign another lucrative contract after that.

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  1. I see no reason he cant.

    I dont know about leading the league in anything, with guys like Fitz and Megatron still playing, but Marshall is still a fantastic player.

    I think he will be well worth what they are paying him. He has been consistent and a dependable player in Chicago. Good for him.

  2. Hey is that John Candy over there? Rice had Montana you have Cutler.. Big difference

  3. Jerry Rice never had 3 hip procedures before he was 30. Keep Dreaming Brandon. When Brandon Marshall is the focal point of your offense you’re a team that is going nowhere. He’s a guy who’s numbers are better than he is as a player. When Jerry Rice is the focal point of your offense you win championships.

  4. Those hip operations are a cause for concern. Still impressed with the about face this guy has done.

  5. He has definately turned around since being in Chicago. Good for him. I hear he also donates a lot towards research/treatment for those with mental issues.

  6. You’re comparing apples and oranges. Instead, Marshall should look for more relevant comparisons. For example: Marty Booker, Eric Moulds, Keenan McCardell, or Antonio Freeman. Those guys were all Brandon Marshall-quality players. How relevant were they in their 30s? Maybe a little.

  7. This guy has earned the moniker of a true pro. Remember the 20 catch game vs Indy? I love this guy and what he has overcome with the American taboo of mental health issue. If you don’t love BMARSH then you just don’t love. Enjoy bears fans. You have a dandy.

  8. Never could understand this guy. The off field stuff was always so weird …the stabbing thing , the Denver issues, the 15 personality disorder he claims to have. Great football player but I hate when guys like this compare themselves to guys like Jerry Rice. You knock that 15 personality disorder down to 3-4 personalities and I have better time listening to your stories. In the meantime just shut up and catch the ball.

  9. Brandon Marshall is the model for a player who can turn his life and career around.

  10. Calm down folks, I don’t think he compared himself to Jerry Rice.

    If you read the article you will see how emotional and grateful he was to the Bears for extending him the opportunity that lead to this contract.

    Rice had his breakout years in his 30s in large part to his unwavering commitment to preparation in the gym and the film room.

    If Marshall does the same and continues at the same or nearly the same levels as last year he’ll be a first round Hall of Famer.

  11. Brandon isn’t slowing down. He’s in a perfect situation. Offensive minded coach. Team that has a lot of weapons on offense. The QB he loves to play with. Everyone on offense is locked up for another four years except for Jefferey, who will get his extention. Marshal will continue to flourish because teams can’t constantly double him anymore. Too many weapons around him. He’ll get another 100+rec this year with somewhere around 1400yds and 11+ TDs. Don’t believe me. Just remember the past two season he was coming off procedures and was not fully healthy at the start of the season. This year he’s going in fully healthy. Year 2 of the system. The bears are going to be scary good on on offense.

    Marshal – 103rec 1424yds 13TDs
    Jeffrey – 82rec 1389yds 11TDs
    M. Bennet – 67rec 878yds 8TDs
    Forte – 1320 rush yds 8 rush TDs 60rec 820yds 3TDs
    Cutler – 4740yds 38TDs 15ints
    Wilson will have a solid year as well.

    Someone mark this down, I want to see how close I get to my predictions.

  12. I hope Marshall is willing to put the offseason work to prepare himself for the season like Rice. It was well known in the Bay Area that Rice had an incredibly grueling workout running the hills every day. That’s how he was able to stay an elite WR well into his 30s until Warren Sapp yanked him down by the facemask and tore his knee up. One of the dirtiest plays I’ve ever seen.

  13. Like I said Jerry Rice was an excellant reciever, teamate, and all around class act. Brandon Marshall is a good reciever and a b.s. actor.

  14. He never compared himself to Jerry rice. Brandon Marshall is a beast! If there’s anyone who can play well into his 30s it’s definitely him. his game isn’t revolved around speed, it’s about size physicality, and route running. And to the hater who said he lies about having 15 different mental disorders and he needs to “shut up and catch balls”, you have problems. Probably some mental health problems you should go get checked out. Good thing bmarsh donates about 1mill a year for research in that department as well too.

  15. Your right you don’t want to rip a guy who’s crapped all over two of the three teams he’s played for. Like he cared about anyone in his past. Wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

  16. Umm read the article he is not comparing himself to Rice he is saying Rice is a role model. Will never be another receiver to compare to Rice. Good for Marshall giving mad respect to the goat.

    – Long time Niner fan

  17. “When Brandon Marshall is the focal point of your offense you’re a team that is going nowhere.”

    You do realize that Marshall is not the focal point of our offense, right? We also have Jeffery, M. Bennett, Forte, and Cutler.

  18. If anyone saw the NFLN Total Access program, then they would have SEEN and HEARD B. Marshall give J. Rice his props for the HARD WORK (film and physical) as the reasons behind his productivity and longevity. Marshall also mentioned that he would need to mimic Rice’s commitment, if he wanted to do the same.

  19. People do know that Brandon Marshall is the co-owner of a big-time fitness/training facility in Florida, right? And they do know that he hosts any number of the Bears’ offensive players down there (most notably Alshon Jeffery) and leads them through all kinds of conditioning and skills workouts during the offseason, right? I’d say it’s safe to say he takes conditioning pretty seriously, and that he is a huge reason the culture of that entire Bears team is turning in that direction.

  20. All players look to the past greats as a role model for their own careers, if Marshal wants to put those high expectations on himself by comparing his career to that of Jerry Rice then good for him. I personally don’t believe that he will be on Rice’s level when he retires but he is a beast and is obviously very driven.

  21. What Marshall did to his wife in Miami that caused her to stab him makes Ray Rice’s elevator move look like he was just lending a helping hand. You want to suck up to that kind of guy…have at it.

  22. Jerry Rice is a great model for playing into one’s 30’s and that’s why the Eagles took his cousin Jordan Matthews in the 2nd rd of the draft this year. Great blood line!

  23. Dolphins didn’t make the playoffs either when they had Marshall….I like the Fins but I’m on the other coastline….keep guessing lets see how long it takes you.

  24. “If you look at the all-time leaders in: receptions, yards, and, receiving TD’s, Marshall is by far the youngest to appear anywhere near the top. Beast”

    Yes, “by far”. Except for that guy that hasn’t been arrested an uncountable amount of times. The guy who is never asking for the lime light. The guy who is actually been to a playoff game. You know, Calvin Johnson…

  25. Marshall is always happy when he has the individual stats. Thats all you get with him. Bears were 8-8 with him as their featured player. Same thing will happen this year.

  26. @beachsidejames:

    Marshall is NOT their featured player, they have several guys you could say that about. Get over your bitterness already.

  27. Megatron playing in his 50’s with 3 broken fingers/bum leg > Marshall in his prime. Go Lions!

  28. Hey Chicago fans, how does it feel to get smoked by the Lions every year? Prepare for another sweep!!

  29. To back up my previous post, which was a reply to calvinthegreat81 and which got deleted for some reason the first time I posted it:

    The Bears are 96-67 vs. the Lions all-time, and 13-5 since 2005…In those last nine seasons Detroit swept the Bears twice (’07 and ’13) and went 1-1 in 2011. Every other season in that span (or 6 out of 9)
    it was Chicago that smoked Detroit twice.

    Just sayin’.

  30. The way Calvin plays against Peanut Tillman and the Bears every year, he might as well be in his 50’s with busted fingers and a bum leg.

  31. Stafford is the better QB. Megatron is the better WR. The Lions are the better team. Let’s move on to the next dumb argument that Bears fans bring up.

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