Doug Baldwin and Seahawks working on long-term deal


The Seahawks effectively kept restricted free agent Doug Baldwin out of the market for a year by placing a second-round tender on him.

They may be keeping him longer than that.

During an interview with KJR-AM, Baldwin said talks were progressing toward a contract extension.

It’s going to take some time,” Baldwin said, via the Seattle Times. “It’s just the process of going through the negotiations, that’s just what it is. … it’s still very early in the stages of the conversation and I don’t know how long it’s going to take. But hopefully we can get something done soon.”

Baldwin said he won’t hold out, and would sign the $2.18 million tender and play out the year if need be.

“If we are unable to reach an agreement I will sign the tender, play that out, and then be an unrestricted free agent,” he said. “I’m going to play this season whether it’s on the tender or under an extension.”

He also doesn’t have many other options at the moment.


21 responses to “Doug Baldwin and Seahawks working on long-term deal

  1. I know he doesn’t put up fantasy football numbers because of the conservative passing nature of the team but there isn’t a WR in the NFL that is more clutch.

    He has some of the most ridiculous 3rd down sideline catches. NFC Championship game this year he had a 60 yard KR and 50 yard bomb he caught from Wilson that changed the momentum of the game. Angry Doug Baldwin needs to be a Seahawk the rest of his career.

  2. This guy is a pro. A perfect example of how the Seahawks have been built into the envy of the NFL. Not a star, but the backbone of any franchise is the amount of selfless, hardworking “grunts” they have.

    He seems to know his worth and is level headed about his position. I might add that he’s another very bright young man from Stanford.

    Two years ago, as a rookie, he led the team in WR production, but you heard nothing from him about it. Doug speaks his mind and he is usually right. He’s gonna do big things after he’s done playing.

    Good luck.

  3. Seahawks will overpay for this mediocre player. They will be in cap hell in 2 years. Glad we have Ozzie running things in Baltimore. Cheers!


  4. The Seahawks will not be in cap hell in 2 years because the cap keeps going up and they don’t overpay for players over 30. Baldwin is a nice piece but they already drafted his replacement if he thinks he’s worth Golden Tate money.

  5. When are the Seahawks going to reach cap hell? Sherman, Thomas, bennett, and working on Baldwin. Keep routing for it. Lol. Almost whole chore resigned. I’ll take cap hell for championships

  6. This dude is just as clutch as anyone in the game of football. The 3rd down grabs he made all season long were SICK!

  7. Unlike many players in NFL history, he’s telling the truth when he says he won’t hold out. In fact, unlike most players, he signed a waiver so he could participate in offseason activities WITHOUT a contract…because he’s All In, Part II.

  8. According to Football outsiders, Baldwin is one of the best WR in football based on DVOA and DVOR. In addition, his YPC last season ranked 16th in the NFL. He is an incredibly smart receiver with great hands, he just plays for a team that throws fewer passes than almost every team in the NFL.

  9. always trying to convince yourselves, Seattle fans. LOL. Baldwin is “mediocre” at best. Not in the same ball-park as M Crabtree, D Thomas, D Bryant, AJ Green. He’d be the third WR on any other team, so yeah, go ahead and lock him down.

    #OKC Seahawks

  10. Chumps keep hating on champs lol.

    Doug is my hero for this. What kind of league are we in now where it’s surprising for a player to not hold out?


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