Drew Brees wants to keep playing into his 40s


Drew Brees has been one of the most productive quarterbacks in the league since joining the New Orleans Saints in 2006. He’s thrown for over 4,000 yards in each of his eight seasons in New Orleans and has eclipsed the 5,000-yard mark four times. The Saints have made the playoffs five times over that span and won their first Super Bowl in 2009.

With Brees and the Saints continuing to have considerable success, Brees doesn’t see any reason to hang up the cleats anytime soon.

According to Brett Martel of the Associated Press, the 35-year old Brees wants to play past his 40th birthday.

“Do I hope I can play into my 40s? Yes, I do. As long as I’m healthy and playing at a high level, then why not?” Brees said. “I certainly don’t take it for granted and know that obviously you’ve got to prove yourself every year.”

Brees is currently under contract with the Saints through the 2016 season. He will turn 40 on January 15, 2019.

Brett Favre piloted the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship game against the Saints in 2009 at 40 years of age. If Brees keeps posting 5,000-yard seasons, he should have no problems finding somebody to employ him into his 40s as well.

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  1. Not a Saints fan but it’s hard not to like and respect Drew and and all that he has accomplished. Like Favre, Drew is fun to watch and good for the game.

  2. Brett Favre has paved the way for succesful old arm QBs. Why not? just dont jump teams like brett did Drew. But if you do, at least don’t take pics of your junk. You’ll be 40.. that’s not cool.

  3. Research shows that males reach their maximum height at age 18 and gradually get shorter from that point on. Brees is going to end up being the first 5’6″ quarterback in the history of the league at that rate.

  4. And Tom Brady expects to be pushing 50 before he retires. With good O-lines and Roger doing his bit to protect elite QBs, these guys can expect to extend their careers significantly.

  5. The Legion of Boom says you’re welcome to be part of the Decade of the Seahawks, little man, and bring that wimpy, crybaby little TE, Jimmy Graham, with you when you visit the Clink to lose again…

    TE’s make great targets for the LOB.


  6. And he should have no problem as long as they keep changing the rules to let short passers excel in the NFL and penalize any and all hits to the QB.

  7. I think with the rule changes that protect the QBs more, you’ll start to see a trend of QBs playing past 40. It looks like Peyton will play into his 40s, Brady was around 33-34 when he re-upped his contract and said at that time that he wanted to play for another 10 years, and now Brees. I think it’s great, keep these HOF players around for as long as possible as long as their production doesn’t suffer. Along with the rule changes, I think it’s also the fact that those three guys are all savvy veterans that know how to avoid the big shots. Being a Pats fan, I marvel at Brady’s ability to slide around in the pocket and avoid big hits. Its like he has a sixth sense and can just FEEL guys coming at him. People give Brady crap because when he is GOING to go down, without a doubt, he turtles up and goes down in the grasp, but thats the SMART play, why take huge blindside hits like Vick does? It makes no sense. If you’re absolutely gonna go down, protect yourself and live to fight another day.

  8. DaBreeze is DaBest-est, but Tom Brady comes a close second. Speaking of whom, any QB drafted to backup these guys will only be just that: backups. If you’re a QB and want to start, then don’t accept offers from the Saints or Patriots — or Ravens, or Bears or Chargers or Broncos or — well, you get the idea lol

  9. Well seeing that you can’t even whisper on Brees without getting flagged, he should be able to play into his 70s.

  10. I would certainly take Brees now over any of the 20-somethings leading their teams. He’s still playing at a higher level than Luck, Wilson, Newton, Ryan, Dalton, etc.

  11. Yeah Brees lives the game and doesn’t have the money get the recognition Manning and Brady does despite posting some pretty spectacular numbers. I can see him and Payton winning another SB if given the time. I like Stills and Cooks, if they cam re-up Graham then Brees has enough weapons to play until he’s 43-44

  12. Well Drew. Your enormous cap number will make it hard to continue to employ capable lineman to protect you. Soooooo, good luck with that.

  13. The man’s a freak:

    – Raw intelligence + football smarts
    – Hyper-competitive – driven personality
    – Intutitive in the pocket. Has eyes in the back of his head & a natural clock
    – Extraordinarily quick & athletic (could’ve played professional tennis)
    – Life long winner – State H.S. Championship… in Texas no less, carried Purdue (of all places) to the Rose Bowl, turned the lovable loser Saints into S.B Champs
    – Mind melded with an offensive genious Head Coach
    – Natural born leader of men
    – Holder of numerous all-time NFL records.

    So yeah, why not play until then?

  14. I hope he plays til he’s forty, goes to the NFC championship game, then gets the holy hell beat out of him by a couple goons who are being paid by the DC to take him out. Let him see how it feels to have a SB stolen from him right in front of the refs…..

  15. He’s a future Hall of Famer who won’t be truly appreciated till after he retires and you’ll still be seeing his name on SNF graphics of leading quarterbacks.

  16. Truly one of the best comeback stories in league history. When San Diego let him go, my reaction was “they are going to regret this.”

    I know Dolphins fans must feel the heartache every year Brees does well. They could have signed him and didn’t.

  17. pkrlvr says:
    May 23, 2014 9:37 AM
    I hope he plays til he’s forty, goes to the NFC championship game, then gets the holy hell beat out of him by a couple goons who are being paid by the DC to take him out. Let him see how it feels to have a SB stolen from him right in front of the refs…..
    No way Vikes would have beaten the Colts… NO WAY !!!! …and Saints beat Colts by 14 for SB44 honors… HA-HA

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