Greg Little says Josh Gordon made a “mistake”

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The Cleveland Browns have been tight-lipped when it’s come to discussion the possible impending suspension of wide receiver Josh Gordon. However, Greg Little isn’t a member of the Cleveland Browns anymore.

The Browns released Little last week after signing Miles Austin and Earl Bennett last week.

Little appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian and offered a limited commentary on Gordon’s situation with the Browns.

Little called the situation “a mistake” by Gordon but said there is more to the situation than is publicly known.

“€œHe’s a guy that’s going to work to get back and show this is a mistake,” Little said. “€œIt’s something that wasn’t in his control, so to speak. I don’t want to get into too much detail about it.”

Little didn’t elaborate any further on the issue. However, his comments could point toward something other than a direct positive test being the infraction to trigger punishment.

Gordon is appealing the suspension in the hopes of getting the length of the suspension reduced. Gordon served a two-game suspension at the beginning of last season for a separate violation.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said he expects Gordon to be in Cleveland “for a long time to come.”  It’s a stance Little is happy to see in regards to Gordon.

“€œIn all the years they’ve been throwing [the football] around he’s the only guy to ever put together 200-yard back-to-back games,” Little said.

“€œThat alone [shows] what type of talent he has. I applaud the Browns for sticking by his side.”

48 responses to “Greg Little says Josh Gordon made a “mistake”

  1. Much respect to Little for showing respect to his former teammate and team even though the Browns recently released him. Little sounds like a good dude.

    I’ll root for the Browns, the city of Cleveland, and Brown’s nation as long as they aren’t playing my Hawks but I’ll admit that I’m struggling to get past my bias opinion towards Haslam based on his questionable business practices and lack of leadership control.

  2. I’m a die-hard Browns fan that has complained and called for Little’s job for quite awhile due to his performance. I have to say though, for just being cut and taking this route with the media, he is definitely a mature, loyal, and overall professional dude. Hope he gets another chance (great size and speed) and stays in this league for a long time.

  3. The kids! Always coming up with new, street euphemisms for weed.

    Now, they’re calling a joint a “mistake”. Not spliff or doobie or phattie.


  4. This thing with reefer madness in our society will be over soon.
    Won’t make the drunks happy but it will save lives for those who choose a safer alternative for recreational pleasures.

  5. Actually it’s everybody that has it wrong. Not once in my life have I ever regretted smoking gods glorious reefer. Booze, comes with regrettable actions and hangovers. Yayo comes I. Only two servings, not enough and too much.

  6. “He was in the back seat, and when somebody lit one up, he got a contact high.”

  7. A mistake is not continuing to use drugs after being previously suspended. Kid is crying for help

  8. Man, sure would be nice if Gordon’s suspension could be reduced or minimized, but I can’t imagine a scenario that would call for that . Maybe somebody tied him up and forced a Doobie on him.

  9. The speculation in Cleveland is that he missed a test, which is considered a failed test. Regardless, I wish the league would hurry up because I am sick of the speculation.

  10. How is that kind of thing not in his “control”? Did he eat pot brownies or something?

  11. So you should stick by someone’s side because they are talented regardless of their character? He talks about the talent level like its equivalent having strong morals.

  12. Yeah I hate it when doing the shmokey-shmoke is totally out of my control. “Honestly, Judge – I couldn’t resist the peer pressure! The guys double-dog dared me and called me names until I sparked up!!”

  13. Whenever he gets back on the field, the guy with the biggest smile is sure to be Johnny Manzel.

  14. Yes, Josh Gordon made a mistake. The greater problem is that Josh has a pattern of making the same mistake time after time after time.

  15. It’s easy folks- if you don’t put yourself in a precarious position, you won’t have to worry about any potential consequences.

    If Little is saying it was “out of his hands,” I read that as Gordon blaming contact high. Which still means he was around it, knowing very well the consequences of testing positive AGAIN. Displacing blame for your poor judgement is a cowards excuse. Man up and own it Gordon.

  16. Sounds like there is a chance Gordon won’t miss the whole season. This season will be a wild ride Brown’s fans. I can’t wait!

  17. pretty classy coming from Little who was just released…I would expect sour grapes…

  18. We welcome Greg Little to the Raider Nation and hope he can turn it back on again. But really! The Browns released him because they signed MILES AUSTIN! What a joke.

  19. A “mistake” is locking your keys in the car or typing something incorrectly. Knowingly breaking the law and league rules is NOT a mistake, especially when he has already previously been caught, fined, and suspended. This is not a mistake. This was sheer stupidity.

  20. I think he failed the drug test because he missed it. However a more important issue is why does the NFL, and the United States care so much about weed violations. I’ve never heard of anyone being killed in a car accident because they were to high to drive. Alcohol is a much more serious problem in our country and the NFL. Everyone in this country should be able to smoke weed without it being illegal. Weedy would actually be benificial to athlets with injuries, concussions, etc. This country and this league are so backwards with their laws. Look at Irsay in Indy. He’s gonna get off scott free by the league for doing something much worse than smoking weed. Stupid. I wish the rest of this country would follow the example of Washington and Colorado. Legalize it already. Its not illegal because its dangerous thats for sure. Your at more risk drinking alcohol.

  21. A am not a Browns’ fan. However, the NFL needs to figure this out (and for other players in similar situations)… It is stupid to possibly be suspending a potential superstar – because he likes to smoke a little. Who is he hurting? Fine him a couple game checks if the NFL insists on making this a big deal; but not having him play next year just doesn’t make any sense.

  22. Little always seemed like a decent guy. I don’t remember him causing any problems in the club house, nor on the city streets.

    I don’t know how he developed the “dropsies” but it seems to be a problem with the Browns receivers. Is it coaching? I doubt it with the constant turnover in “regimes” but, who knows.

    I wish only the best for Little and the Raiders….until they play the Browns. 🙂

  23. I use marijuana every single day, but how is testing positive for it a “mistake.” You either decided to smoke or, well there is no alternative to that option if you’re testing positive for THC.

  24. First I believe marijuana should be legal as it is for recreational use in Seattle where I live . But seriously people stop making Gordon into the victim , it’s his decision to smoke knowing the risks of breaking laws and he has to deal with the consequences . I give Little a lot of credit for standing up for the guy but I’m ashamed with so many of the fans on this forum . Where was the national outrage when Brandon browner was given an indefinite suspension/year suspension bc he automatically was in stage 3 of the drug program bc HE WAS CUT BY DEN AND WAS PLAYING AND LIVING IN CANADA! Where was the outrage over what ACTUALLY was a victim of circumstances .

    Gordon has been a habitual drug user and has been caught over 4-5 times still having reminisce of drugs in his system . If the guy wants to break laws and has been caught breaking his workplace rules then he needs to receive consequences . What’s the major difference between him and Ricky Williams ! Both decided drugs (albeit not very serious ) were more important to them than that actual tram.

    This was evidences when Gordon came on TV constantly saying what he wants the browns to do in free agency and the draft which no player who doesn’t feel entitles will publicly do . He is a selfish brat and stupid as anyone can be to risk millions of dollars, and everyone making excuses for him ARE PATHETIC and ARE ENABLING him to be a entitled idiot !

    People get treated differently I understand but all you banging the desk for this guy need to gain a sense or reality . You do the crime you do the time ( if he’s too stupid to realize he’s a budding star and risk his cater DO NOT EMABLE Him) .

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