Jets can’t get their story straight on quarterback competition


The Jets have an open competition at quarterback.  Unless they don’t.

After Mike Vick joined the team in March for considerably more money than incumbent starter Geno Smith will earn this season, the Jets made it clear that the two men will compete for the job, and the best man will play.

Jets coach Rex Ryan told PFT during the league meetings in Orlando that the competition will indeed be open, and that it will be resolved via an organizational decision.  More recently, Ryan said that Vick “definitely” has a chance to win the job.

Twice since then, Vick has said that the competition is, essentially, rigged.  Vick said the competition isn’t open.  Previously, Vick said that Smith is the starting quarterback.

Vick decided in 2013 to always be honest because that’s what his former coach, Chip Kelly, wanted.  His new coach presumably would prefer discretion.

If Vick’s information and/or intuition are accurate, the Jets want Smith to think that he could lose his job to Vick, which will push Smith to improve.  With Vick declaring that Smith won’t lose the job, the effort doesn’t have the same impact.

Which means that Smith may not have the same confidence that would emerge from winning a real competition with Vick, which could (combined with other factors) result in Smith struggling.  Which could open the door for Vick to win at some point in September or or October the competition that never was.

Which makes Vick’s willingness to expose the situation potentially brilliant.

31 responses to “Jets can’t get their story straight on quarterback competition

  1. These guys arent kids. If being a starting QB in the NFL isnt enough motivation to be the best QB you can be, then get the hell out of the league.

  2. So I’m supposed to believe that Vick is smart enough to have the foresight for all this? Yeah ok. Do you have a bridge for sale also?

  3. Smith started 16 last year and won 8.

    In the last 16 games Vick has started he’s won 5.

    Also Smith only has the airport thing going against him.

    Vick has the dog thing and the Marcus Vick thing and the water bottle thing and the entourage thing and the Ron Mexico thing.

    Idzik knows what he’s doing. It’s only a matter of time before the media catches up.

  4. Vick is fortunate to still be in the league. Instead of running his mouth, he ought to be counting his blessings.
    Vick has been easily replaced wherever he’s been: Atlanta, prison, and Philadelphia. He’s been paid more money than any criminal has a right to be paid.

  5. I think you’re reading way too much into this. Why do they need to name a starter in May? If Vick plays better in preseason then he most likely would start but it seems that it’s Smith’s job to lose.

  6. if you need to push your 2nd year qb by telling him his job is at stake in order for him to push himself to get better, you probably dont have a franchise qb.

  7. Well, this appears to be starting off smoothly. Just like the jersey number thing, Vick is getting in Smith’s head. It’s only a matter of time before the fans and players begin choosing sides. Sadly, it’s not like either of them are that great.

  8. Honesty is one thing, a whining Vick is something else altogether! Seems more like the latter.. Keep your nose to the grindstone, be a good teammate and be a man about allowing the situation to come to you if that is what needs to happen.

  9. I’m truly not certain that anyone in that organization know how to evaluate offensive players. Maybe that’s the reason they don’t know how to talk about them, too.

  10. Considering the roster is void of a starting QB, what is the point of making a big deal about it? They will start the QB that gives them the best chance of not losing games. The Jets run on Defense. So does Seattle and San Fransisco. Kinda like Pittsburgh used to do and Carolina has been trying to do. A good D can get a team 10 or 12 wins per year, and all that is needed at QB is a guy that doesn’t lose the game for you. Geno Smith is the best option in NY. Vick is a turn over machine.

    Teams that want to win with defense need not pour a bunch of money into the QB position. It is a waste. Especially considering none of those types of teams have a QB worth much money.

  11. Vick can´t read obvious blitz formations and audible to better plays, now all of a sudden he is Einstein.. haha

    I remember Geno saying, before being drafted, that Vick was one of his idols growing up.. Now if you don’t work your tail off knowing that your childhood hero is behind you waiting for you to make a mistake, I don´t know what will motivate you.

    That would make Geno a flat-out bust.

    PS. Here’s hoping that Vick gets back on the horse and Geno vanishes from the NFL.

  12. As I commented on this prior, both QBs need to actively play throughout the entire regular season in order to maximize Gang Green’s potential to make it to the playoffs and excel beyond that. If either gets injured, then bring in Tajh Boyd or Matt Simms as temporary band-aids.

  13. Someone will be the quarterback come labor day. Between now and then will be several team activities, to include training camp and four preseason games.

    I don’t know why you’re making a big deal about anything at this point.

  14. I think Vick is being honest, and, has been for a long time. Surely, Smith will get every chance to be the starter and the future. But he has to outplay Vick to do it.

  15. If the Jets were serious they’d start Tajh Boyd.

    But the only thing Jets are serious about under Rex Ryan is Defense.

    My prediction: Smith starts the year, Vick takes over mid-season, and Boyd finishes. THEN the Jets will have a worthy QB!

  16. Spoiler alert.

    Smith will still struggle to find his footing….

    Vick to start by week 5 or 6.

    And if he stays healthy…will make the Jets pretty scary.

  17. There is nothing wrong with what Vick is saying. He knows that the plan is not for him to be a starter but if he ever gets the chance he feels he can lead the team to the playoffs and then who knows after that. What exactly is wrong with that?

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