Kyle Orton leaning toward retirement, but Cowboys want him to play


Cowboys backup quarterback Kyle Orton wants to walk away from the NFL, but he may not be able to afford it.

Orton has told the team he wants to retire, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. The Cowboys don’t want him to, however, and Rapoport reports that the two sides are currently in a standoff.

Ultimately, this is a standoff Orton would win: If Orton wants to retire, the Cowboys can’t force him not to. But what they can do is force Orton to pay back $3 million of the $5 million signing bonus he received when he signed a five-year contract two years ago. And that’s exactly what the Cowboys will do if Orton walks away.

Maybe Orton has managed his money well enough that he can afford to write Jerry Jones a $3 million check and still have enough to live on for the rest of his life. But the Cowboys seem to be calculating that Orton simply won’t be willing to walk away from that kind of money, on top of the $3.25 million salary he’ll get if he plays the 2014 season.

Officially, the Cowboys are saying they expect Orton to play. If not, Plan B is for Brandon Weeden to back up Tony Romo.

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  1. Orton was always a great “T-shirt & shorts” QB (read: scrub) who once backed up Rex Grossman in Super Bowl 41. Funny, but, Orton would give the Cowboys a better chance at winning than Roamo [sic].

  2. He’s only 31 and already leaning towards retirement.

    Well if he does so that’s living the life. Retired in your 30s. Who wouldn’t want that? Not being forced to slave a system that gives you nothing when you die and enjoying life in leisure.

  3. Romo is the only reason Cowboys are even able to reach 8-8. He gets hurt and Weeden plays!? You’re looking at 3-13 best case scenario.

  4. SO maybe a little more analysis is in order here…

    Orton holds a clip board for most of 2 years in Dallas and then goes out and throws for 346 yards in his first real game in years and thinks “I can start in this league – how do I get out of Dallas?”.

    “I want to retire”. So we play this charade of retirement knowing that not showing up will eventually force Dallas’ hand and they will cut him and file a grievance for the $3 million. Meanwhile, Orton goes and finds another team having “thought about it” and “decided” that “he wants to continue playing”… This whole retirement thing is a front – a means to an end – get out of Dallas where he has no chance to start to a place where he does have a chance to start.

  5. Ah yes, Brandon Weeden, the latest in a long line of stars signed by that great personnel guru, Jerry Jones!

    Can we have 3 cheers for Jerry???

  6. I think the thought of more playing time scares this guy….

    Personally I think he’s an upgrade to Tony “Count on me to Collapse when it counts most” Romo.

    Looks like another losing season for “Americas Team”

    Keep rooting for the playoff expansion “America”

  7. Wow… you’ve got to hate your job pretty bad to be willing to lose $3 mil to be done with it.

  8. If there’s a Mrs Orton, I can’t imagine she’s going to allow him to loaf around the house all day leaving basically $6.25 million on the table. Ask Brett Favre….

  9. If he retires and pays back the prorated signing bonus,l Dallas would realize a savings of almost 6 mil against the cap. They could use that money to give either Tyronosaurus or Dez a new deal. Most likely Tyronosaurous because that would lower his cap hit for 2015 and they could use that to resign Dez.

    Orton has always been a strange one, I’m not sure he ever liked playing football and supposedly he was devastated by that game losing INT against the Eagles last year.

    Not sure there’s a big difference between him and Weeden in any case. I hope he does retire and pay back the bonus. Even if he doesn’t Dallas realizes a $1 mil salary cap increase.

  10. How awful must it be to play for the Cowboys if you’re willing to pay $6 million NOT to?

  11. I’d love to ride the bench for $6M a year. But if he doesn’t want to be there, roll out and give another guy a shot to get to #2.

  12. As he’s only 31, I wonder if this is some sort of effort to get out of his contract with Dallas and play with someone else. Can you retire…sit out one year…and then come back a free agent?

    Someone drop some knowledge on me. Seems odd to turn down a backup QB gig that will net you multiple millions of dollars…there has to be more to this story.

  13. Hmmm…sit on my can and make no money or sit on my can, dress in a uniform once a week and make $6M??

    The only thing that might stop me from sticking around is fear that I might have to play if Romo’s back isn’t healed and weekly reminders about that last interception from the press if we don’t win.

    So the real question is “do I feel lucky?”

  14. If I had to guess, I would think Weeden goes into the game before Orton. I wouldn’t call Weeden a bust just yet. They know what Orton has, so it only makes sense to see if Weeden can improve.

  15. Effectively, Orton has been retired since joining the Cowboys. Don’t see why he’d leave money on the retire and officially retire now. He would have had an excellent shot at starting for KC (that was pre-Alex Smith where Matt Cassel was the biggest competition) but took the backup job in Dallas where he predictably has rarely played.

  16. How much does that renowned NFL guru Stephen Jones make for wiping glasses so pops can see the mess?

  17. It still amazes me that everybody blames Romo for last year, people that believe that do not understand “Real Football” . I’m a cowboys fan and hate JJ as a GM, but Romo is the least of their problems (can you say Defense)

  18. The guy never got a fair shake especially going back to his Chicago Bears days. Cleveland should have been hunting this guy down like a hawk 3 years ago.

  19. Let him go and collect the $3 million. If his heart isn’t into playing, he won’t do much if pressed into service anyway. This is why you should have grabbed Murray or McCarron in a latter round of the draft.

  20. I would agree that Orton is one of the better backup’s in the league but the bottom line is he said he didn’t want to play anymore. Don’t you really want a guy on your roster, who doesn’t want to be there?

  21. I remember when he was to be traded to Miami with a chance to start and he balked at that to be a clipboard holder. That was when Parcells was there and the situation was stable.

    That says something right there…..

  22. It may not be good to bring in a QB who really isn’t into playing this year.

    Is it possible that Orton is strategically waiting to see just how healed up from back surgery Romo is? If Romo isn’t ready to go, then the need for Orton increases and that could mean more money for him?

  23. Can’t wait for We-Done to come in when Romo goes down!

    How ’bout them Cowboys…bwahahahaahah…..

  24. Orton signed a huge deal to be #2 QB. He was claimed by the Chiefs the season before and when he came in after a Cassel injury, he continued to say this is Matt’s Team. I think he went to Dallas for the money alone and now complains after getting paid?

    Kyle, you need to make up your mind and stick with whatever decision you make.

  25. I have always been an Orton fan but if he passes up a three million dollar salary AND has to pay three million more back just so he won’t have to stand on the sidelines this fall….he is an unbelievably huge idiot.

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