Matt Schaub excited to have “more control of things” in Oakland


The Raiders traded a sixth-round pick to the Texans to acquire quarterback Matt Schaub early in the offseason, a move that gives the team a veteran quarterback and gives Schaub a chance to bounce back after a dismal 2013 season.

During an interview with Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group, Schaub said he’s enjoying life in a new place. He called it “stimulating” to work with a new group of players after a long run in Houston, including a group of other veterans trying to show that they still have something left to offer. He’s most excited about the amount of control of the offense he’s been given by offensive coordinator Greg Olson.

“It’s exciting. It’s just like going to a new place and getting a fresh start. To come to an offense where the coach is looking to give you more freedom, and looking to give you more control of things,” Schaub said. “I had that in some aspects in Houston, but there are things I’m being asked to do here that I didn’t have control of in Houston. I would have loved to, but we just weren’t in control of it. To now be in that position, and being the quarterback, that’s such a great place to be because you can get everyone on the same page.”

Schaub had been a steady and consistent performer for years in Houston before everything went pear-shaped last season and the Raiders are obviously hoping that will prove to be an aberration. With no guaranteed money beyond this year and Derek Carr waiting in the wings, doing so will be essential for Schaub’s chances of remaining a starter in the NFL.

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  1. Mr. Pick Six will be on the bench by Week 6. Raiders shouldve kept Terrelle Pryor, he played very well before he got injured last year….

  2. My wife puts more mustard on her throws than this guy. Grizzly Adams did have a beard.

  3. Taking a shot at Kubiak obviously. But Jesus, you’re not supposed to be a COMPLETE robot. If you’ve got the Seahawks almost down for the count, do NOT THROW to Andre with Richard Sherman locked on him RIGHT AT the line of scrimmage. No one put a gun to your head. Even taking a 15 yard loss on a sack would have been better.

  4. This is where everyone attacks Schaub for being terrible when he had Pro Bowl TE Owen Daniels for only 5 games, All-Pro/Pro Bowl RB Arian Foster for only 8 games, and no dependable #2 veteran WR Kevin Walter (signed with Tennessee).

  5. He was the best free agent quarterback available. If HE bounches back, the trade would have been a steal. Fresh start is just what he needed.

  6. The person you feel sorry for in all of this mess is Kahil Mack. Guy had a chance to go into a situation playing under Gus Bradley and gets stuck in a place that pushes all of their chips to the middle of the table betting on a bunch of geriatrics like “concrete shoes” Jones-Drew and “linguini arm” Schaubb.

  7. Yeah, Schaub should do great this year with a roster that’s worse than the one in Houston.

    Seriously, there’s a reason he came for a 6th. He got beat out by Case Keenum!

  8. Does everybody feel the breeze? It’s the emergence of the 2014 Autumn wind. So powerful that you can feel it in the Spring. The Autumn wind is coming , and that wind will be carrying the return of the greatness of the Raiders.

    The NFL and it’s fans have hell to pay for laughing at Raider Nation for all these years, and we’re about to start collecting debts.

  9. Schaub then added that he couldn’t get the job done with Andre Johnson and Arian Foster, so Raider fans should not expect miracles with James Jones and Darren McFadden.

  10. As someone who has obviously watched a lot of Matt Schaub’s career, I can tell you this. He is a good QB, not a great one. He had a bad year last year and everything went south on him real quick.

    I do think it’s ironic that he was the transition from one Carr and now he’ll be the transition TO the next Carr.

  11. Schaub will be awesome for the Raiders wish he would of stayed in Houston bc I think he would of been great under Bill O’Brien! Kubiak was a control freak and thats why the Texans were so predictable on offense. He was all about completion percentage which meant alot of checkdowns and stupid timing routes. The problem with timing routes is cb can jump the route and take it to the house on a dime! Schaub is accurate and a leader at the helm, just what Oakland needed, and the rbs are going to put up big numbers bc he is going to shred the d if they stack the box!

  12. The Pryor supporters crack me up, that guy has zero chance to ever be a starting QB in the NFL. NFL defensive coordinators make adjustments so he can’t run every down. You really do have to be able to pass to play the position.

    Huge upgrades at QB for the Raiders going into 2014.

    Even LAST YEARS version of Schaub is > than Pryor.

    A rookie who’s never taken a snap in the NFL is > than Flynn.

    And McGloin who has a season under his belt as well as a full off-season is > than camp arm McGloin.

    check, check and check.

  13. This is going to be a double whammy for the Texans front office and their fans. First, they’re going to see Schaub play like he has most of his career for the Raiders while the Texans linger in quarterback no-man’s land.

    Then, about three or four years from now, they’re going to see Derek Carr become everything the Texans hoped his older brother would be. Deeply painful to witness considering the Texans should’ve entered the 2014 season with BOTH of these QBs on their roster.

  14. Raiders could have a great pass rush if Mack is the real deal and Woodley stays healthy. Good luck with that.

    Woodley was not a cap casualty. The steelers decided to sign mediocre Jason Worilds instead. That’s because Woodley has mostly been fat, out of shape, and injured the last few years.

    He’s the defensive Mike Wallace.

  15. Well I am excited to have him , and love the fact that he is looking forward to a fresh start.

    What really cracks me up is all these fans who think Matt McGloin is going to Canton someday. I don’t even think he will make the Raiders roster this year. At least we have a camp arm.

    Bottom line at least we got a draft pick for Pryor . (I think Dowling will make the roster). No doubt an athelete with all his God given talent like Pryor will always have an opportunity in the NFL. After all he is 6’6, 240, and has 4:3 speed which is freakish. Plus he is the #2 QB on the superbowl champs. I wish him nothing but the best. Love that longest run ever by a Raider.

  16. Hope springs eternal, autumn winds in May, Rip Van Winkle needs a nap. Take a look at the schedule Raider nation, you have to play on the East coast twice in the first four weeks and you play the NFC West, good luck with that.

  17. Getting booted from Houston was just the thing needed for Schaub to become humble again. Matt Schaub is 10x better than Carson Palmer, people. Just wait and see.

  18. he is referring to the fact that kubiack would not allow him to call an audible. never. even if there was 11 people in the box and no one on the receivers, if the call from kubiack was a run, then matt to handoff the ball. kubiack was such a bad coach. simply horrible.

  19. Well he was allowed to switch from run to pass and vice versa, but was not allowed to deviate from those 2 plays.

    Similar to when Brad Lidge left Houston, I expect Matt Schaub to make a similar type of career recovery.

  20. Kubiak’s first, and primary, coaching model was Mike Shanahan. And I hear Shanny always wanted absolute control of the quarterback’s actions.

  21. I am interested to see if Schaub can bounce back this year. I really wonder if he was fully recovered from the lisfranc injury last year. It looked like he couldn’t step into the throw & get velocity on the ball. That contributed to some of those interceptions.

    It could be that he is having a Delhomme style meltdown, but I would expect regression to the mean this year for Schaub & for him that’s a completion rate around 64%, about 3,317 yards, 18 touchdowns, & 11 interceptions. Those might not be All Pro numbers, but I have to think Raider fans would be happy.

    I think he is the best quarterback the Raiders have had in years. You can judge whether that is more of a reflection on the Raiders or on Schaub. I wish him luck.

  22. gofor2with3pointlead says: May 23, 2014 12:54 PM

    Hope springs eternal, autumn winds in May, Rip Van Winkle needs a nap. Take a look at the schedule Raider nation, you have to play on the East coast twice in the first four weeks and you play the NFC West, good luck with that.

    Have you ever wondered why that is? East coast games away early, trip to London, NFC West. McKenzie isn’t setting the schedule. The Raiders have spent a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, and 6th round pick on a QB since 2010. For Palmer, Palmer, Pryor, Campbell, Wilson, Flynn, and Schaub. Schaub is already the best of that bunch. Sad but true.

  23. I’m a Texans fan and Kubiak does not allow his QB to audible at the line. Defenses knew exactly what plays the Texans were running and there are a number of defensive players on record saying so. I am not a Schaub fan but think he will do well in Oakland if he is not shot in a drive by and I see The Raiders making the playoffs with Schaub.

  24. Schaub had better make sure that with more control he just wins baby! If he doesn’t win he’ll find us fans out of control calling for his ouster. I can see why he’d be excited to leave that garbage dump called houston and texas for Oakland and California, now he’s in civilization again.

    Just Win Schaub, or else buzz off!

  25. Facts people… does anyone care about them anymore?

    Yes, Schaub had a BAD year last year.

    But, right now he has the 9th HIGHEST all time completion percentage for QB’s in the NFL ever…

    Right NOW, he’s tied for having the 15th LOWEST interception % with Mr. Joe Montana and Petyon Manning (among others). This is even with his bad season last yr and those pick sixes…

    Schaub last season threw an INT on 3.9% of his passes.

    Elim Manning threw an INT on 4.9% of his passes last season.

    Also, right now, Schaub has the 13th HIGHEST QB rating of all time in the NFL…

    A QB cannot rise that high on those different stats for a career if they are a bad QB.

    Yes, he had a bad season, but he is way up there and he did not luck into that, fall into that or get there by having only one good season…

    And he isn’t really even old compared to so many other QB’s.

    Oakland got this man for a 6th round pick too!

    I wish him luck and I don’t even like the Raiders.

  26. robigd says:
    May 23, 2014 9:24 AM
    The person you feel sorry for in all of this mess is Kahil Mack. Guy had a chance to go into a situation playing under Gus Bradley and gets stuck in a place that pushes all of their chips to the middle of the table betting on a bunch of geriatrics like “concrete shoes” Jones-Drew and “linguini arm” Schaubb.

    HAHAHAH really? You think Mack wanted to go to Jacksonville? Maybe you should watch the draft when Mack got picked by Raiders he had the look of “thank god Jags didn’t pick me”
    Jaguars will suck again this year, they have no QB. Matt Schuab was injured last year, he had a pick six against the Seahawks! Big Deal you know who else threw INTS against seahawks? Peyton Manning. Either way Raiders win, they got Shuab for a 6 round pick! 6th round picks usually don’t even make the team plus Raiders got the best QB in the draft in Carr. If Carr had any other last name he would of went #1 overall..
    People like ESPN can’t understand that Carr is not his brother. He is a different human being.

  27. Matt Mc Gloin never seems to be in the conversation and not only does Schuab have to stay in front of him but Carr has to beat McGloin out. I really liked what I saw of McGloin because he showed flashes of a starter that can win if he had a decent O line in front of him, one that would not only protect him but take the pressure off with a run game. I watched Carr play every home game at Fresno State and he just wasn’t very good when he was being pressured. What’s more I thought he had four NFL caliber receivers but he seem to favor Davonte Adams all to much.

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