PFT Live: Cowboys talk with Charean Williams, PFT Planet calls and tweets


The Cowboys didn’t draft Johnny Manziel, but they’ve still wound up with some drama at the quarterback position this offseason.

Kyle Orton’s decision not to report for offseason work has led to questions about whether or not he plans to retire and repay a large portion of his signing bonus to Dallas. On Friday’s edition of PFT Live, Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram will join Mike Florio to discuss how things might play out between the team and Orton. They’ll also talk about Tony Romo’s recovery from back surgery and what the Cowboys are doing to improve on defense during her visit to the show.

And then we’ll close out the week by seeing what PFT Planet wants to talk about. Florio will be taking your questions about anything in the NFL, so send them in on Twitter — @ProFootballTalk — or give a call to 888-237-5269 during the show.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can watch it all by clicking right here.

5 responses to “PFT Live: Cowboys talk with Charean Williams, PFT Planet calls and tweets

  1. LOL, I really have a hard time believing Orton expects the Cowboys to say, “Oh, you want to retire? Okay then, just keep the 3 million in prorated signing bonus and retire … then un-retire in a couple of months and sign with another team for a few million more. Not a problem.”

    If I were the Cowboys there’s no way I let him retire and retain the 3 million.

  2. Well it’s a win win or Dallas. Good back up qb but if he is gone, Dallas has extra money and a extra roster spot. Not to worried about Romo going down. He is tough and the great wall of Dallas is up. Bad critics haven’t been fair with Weeden. You get drafted and get thrown to the wolves especially without good guidance. Think Shane Falco back in college. He’ll be fine here.

  3. Personally I think Kyle orton is a great quarterback but if he’s ready to retire then obviously he’s not gonna give 100% effort. But the cowboys should not let him walk with 3 mil at all. There is an underrated practice squad qb named Dustin Vaughn that I think would be a great third string option behind weeden. I’m hoping for a good year and with all the new young and fresh D we got this year it might just happen.

  4. Jones should have taken Ryan Mallett when he had the chance – Ryan is a Texas boy, great QB and would have built up the fan base. But Jerry’s too smart to do something that logical. 😦

  5. What would it hurt???? Take a look at Vince Young…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help this team…even if it’s just upgrading the quarterback pool…

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