Police seek evidence against Hernandez from tattoo artists


In criminal cases, the notion that “anything you say can and will be used against you” applies to anything the criminal defendant says, at any time.

Witnesses can testify about things they heard the defendant say; under the rules of evidence in most if not all American jurisdictions, it’s not hearsay because the defendant can always take the stand and respond to the testimony.

As to former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, police hope to speak to the folks who applied some of the tattoos to his body.  Specifically, to his right arm during the period from February 2012 to June 2013.

“It’s the tattoo artist who gave him a tattoo on his right forearm, but we’re not saying what the tattoo was,” a spokesman from the Suffolk County DA’s office told Jim Corbett of USA Today.

“We don’t want to influence the statements of anyone who might have this information.  So we’re not being specific in which tattoo we’re looking at.  What we hope to learn, really we want to get unvarnished, unrehearsed observations from any tattoo artists.  It could provide information of an evidentiary value.”

Of course, the mere mention of their desire to speak to the tattoo artists regarding tattoo art placed on Hernandez’s right forearm could influence statements and/or result in varnished, rehearsed observations.  But since the police obviously don’t know who supplied the tattoos, they need to say something in the hopes of generating leads.

And so, as Corbett noted in his article, anyone out there who may know something about Hernandez’s tattoos on his right forearm obtained from February 2012 through June 2013 should call Boston Police Sgt. Marc Sullivan at 617-343-5839.

The fact that they’ve had to go public with this request demonstrates the complexity of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Based on something on Hernandez’s arm, police believe that he may have said something to someone to suggest that he was responsible for the shooting deaths of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu.  If the case was open and shut, they wouldn’t be fishing.

8 responses to “Police seek evidence against Hernandez from tattoo artists

  1. They’re fishing in an obviously depleted pond. People took this indictment as a way to say “Told you so” to those of us who think Hernandez will walk on murder charges. What have the prosecution and/or police done so far to inspire any confidence at all that they have anything remotely resembling a solid case?

    Don’t worry folks, you don’t have to feel bad. I already expect the thumbs down because I’m not on the “Hernandez will burn” bandwagon. Not that I want to see him go free, but I that has no bearing on my opinion that these cases are both screwed 3 ways from Sunday.

  2. still hoping for prison justice here….. it will be an even bigger crime if taxpayers have to support this piece of trash much longer

    pats… we were duped… fools gave this guy $40M less than 2 years ago…. let Pats pay for him!

  3. Makes you wonder how much they have against him in the double murder case.

    I keep hearing eye witnesses. But hernandez was everywhere. There was a friggin cardboard cutout of him in dunking donuts. Not a single witness could identity him until now?

    They should be able to get him for sure on the Lloyd killing and weapons charges though hopefully

  4. I don’t think this is necessarily a sign of a weak case. Absent video or an eyewitness who sees the crime committed, cases are built on circumstantial evidence when combined together creates a strong inference of what happened.

    Obviously there are one or two tattoos that are of interest. The timing of receiving a tattoo(s) that are known to signify the killing of someone in close proximity to the time you are suspected of killing someone can be difficult to explain, especially if you do not take the stand to testify, which Hernandez most certainly will not.

    Of course, the authorities are also very interested in anything Hernandez might have said to the tattoo artist when receiving the tattoo(s) in question.

  5. Ha. Have you people never seen the show “48 hours”??? Even if they can’t prove he pulled the trigger on Loyd, they know he was there. That makes him just as guilty as the other accomplices.

    Trust me, they have enough to put him away for awhile.

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