Ray Rice suspension matter of when and how much, not if


Regardless of what did, or didn’t, happen during Ray Rice’s press-conference-that-wasn’t, the NFL eventually will take action against the Ravens running back, who has entered a diversion program to resolve charges of aggravated assault against his former fianceé, who’s now his wife.

Despite quarterback Joe Flacco’s confidence that Rice won’t be suspended, we’re told it’s only a question of when and how much, not if, Rice receives a suspension under the league’s personal-conduct policy.

Eventually, Rice will be summoned to the league office, for a meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Unlike Rice’s press-conference-that-wasn’t, he’ll have to answer questions.

Frankly, Rice should have waited until the meeting with the Commissioner to say anything.  Today’s press-conference-that-wasn’t doesn’t help Rice at all, either from the perspective of the league or in the eyes of the public.  The timing of the event, on the cusp of the first unofficial bad news dump of summer, suggests that someone in Rice’s camp was determined to have a press-conference-that-wasn’t, and that someone else who didn’t want to proceed with it was able to steer the thing to a point where it would get the least possible attention.

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  1. This is an easy calculation. Take Josh Gordon’s pot suspension and multiply it by 5.

  2. It better be a suspension longer than a second time habitual weed smoking player. That would be pathetic if justice isnt served. Im not a Goodell fan at all. Or a Rice fan for that matter.

  3. @rando74 -Irsay is the boss, not the help. What don’t you understand. He also didn’t punch a women in the face so hard she was knocked unconscious. Not even comparable. And Rice better get a much larger suspension than Gordon.

  4. Sit him for a year & make him go to domestic violence classes. He’s lucky she didn’t end up in the hospital.

  5. This guy has really fallen off as a player these past few seasons, and now his troubles have extended off the field as well. Given the limited shelf life of RBs in this league, it will be sooner rather than later when the Ravens realize that replacing Rice with a younger, cheaper RB with less tread on the tires makes a lot of sense. His days in Baltimore were numbered before this whole incident even occurred, and if anything, his eventual departure from Baltimore will be accelerated by this recent debacle.

  6. Where is the video of him punching her? All I saw was him trying to get her out of the elevator. She could of been drunk for all the video shows. And I’m sure none of you have been drunk before.

  7. We are in a country that gets you more years in the slammer for selling drugs to people that want them, then to people that diddle kids. Life isn’t fair, and neither is any justice system. Too many whiners, and not enough doers in the country.

    As for Rice, 4 games since he’s a first time offender. Take into account his role in the community, and it makes more sense than a year.

  8. Did everyone for get about the DEAD GIRL in the apartment, payed for with Colt’s money?

  9. I’m a Ravens fan, he SHOULD get a full season, but because of the players prior to him who got in the same situation the nfl wont be able to give him a full year, also this is only his 1st offence he will probably get the same as Rothlesberger. After all Big Ben raped someone and last time I checked thats worse than beating your fiancé.

  10. Yeah it was a pretty weak speech and poorly prepared and didn’t seem like he was being fully genuine and authentic. So not sure what he feels he accomplished with this, but at least this story didn’t have a worse ending to it and it seems like he is sincere in wanting to improve as a person and his relationship with his wife.

    To the above comment, his future salaries are only $4MM, $3MM, $3MM because he has already been paid a monster signing bonus so there’s just not much financial leverage to go with a younger player. The team naturally just feels desperate to play out this contract and hope he isn’t a dud player in the future so they can salvage whatever there is to salvage.

  11. The Ravens are the trashiest franchise in any professional sports league ever! They support a murderer in Ray Lewis and a scumbag and wife-beater in Ray Rice. Neither of these men belong in the NFL. Pot problems are nothing compared to what these two dirt bags have done.
    Ban Ray Rice and Ray Lewis for life!
    The Ravens will probably sign Aaron Hernandez if he is ever released from prison…
    #Ravens Are Trash #Ray Rice is Trash #Ray Lewis is Trash

  12. After all Big Ben raped someone and last time I checked thats worse than beating your fian

    I guess you don’t get all the news up in Canada. OJ is not looking for the killer, Ray Lewis is not looking for his white suit, and Ben raped no one. Glad I could help the uninformed.

  13. Maybe Rays wife should hang out more often with Beyonces sister…if she would have, there would be no suspension brewing.

  14. A disgraceful display having the victim apologize for her actions at his press conference. The Ravens are really going to blame the victim?

    Ray Rice might not be sophisticated enough to understand that he’s hiding behind her skirt in an effort to shield himself from his responsibility, but Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens brass certainly should be. The NFL has a very real issue with women that needs to be addressed immediately.

  15. four games with a stipulation that any future domestic abuse will mean a lifetime suspension.

    Oh, and his statement about how that was thirty seconds he and his wife would both like to have back???? WHOEVER wrote that one for him should be fired. It was an inconvenience to Ray Rice, but I’m pretty sure his wife would prefer to have been conscious and not dragged by the hair.

    He should be in jail. Personally, I hope he learns his lesson and becomes more like Ray Lewis than Rae Carruth.

  16. Time for God-del to do the thing he promotes, 8 game suspension at the least.

  17. But… Come October the league will allow every player to wear pink to help with breast cancer awareness, but a man who knocks a woman unconscious will be allowed to work for them…makes perfect sense

  18. I was looking for a similar case & Fabian Washington once got in a domestic dispute that “turned physical” … He was charged with Domestic Battery & was suspended ONE game. I don’t see how Ray doesn’t use this suspension as precedent set by Roger Goodell 4 years ago.

  19. If you say that Ben Roethlisberger raped someone, then you have to say that Ray Lewis murdered a man. Neither got convicted of anything, so we can speculate all we want. Ray Rice will get a 4-8 week suspension for being a moron, thats it.

  20. Yea he’s still the same guy, a coward that punched his wife in the face.

    Nice Ray your a wife beater, that will be fun telling your kids you beat their mom.

    Stay classy.

  21. When he goes to NY to see the man, just be smart and keep it simple. Stick to ‘yes sir’, ‘no sir’ and ‘no excuse, sir’. Take your hits Ray, you earned them.

  22. While I’m pretty sure this is his first offense… It’s a HUGE offense. As a Ray Rice and Ravens fan I think he should be out for the season. I also think the Ravens should move on from him because of what he did. Pains me to say it but the fact that you avg less than 3 ypc THEN do something like that gives a team no reason to keep you around.

  23. Maybe the best course of action would be to punish the team. They could do that by not suspending him and making the Ravens start him.

  24. grs27 says:May 23, 2014 6:46 PM

    If you say that Ben Roethlisberger raped someone, then you have to say that Ray Lewis murdered a man. Neither got convicted of anything, so we can speculate all we want. Ray Rice will get a 4-8 week suspension for being a moron, thats it.
    Not quite the whole picture. Ray Lewis pleaded guilty to a lesser charge while Roethlisberger was not even charged with a crime.

  25. He carried her out the elevator for about 2.5 yards; which also happens to be his ypc average..

  26. If you were to punch your wife at home, how long would you be suspended from your job?

  27. To everyone saying Rice punched her in the face: WHERE DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT FOOTAGE?! I still can’t find it!! I mean I read that he caused her bodily harm and rendered her unconscious but I KNOW the report did not specify punching her in the face like most people accuse him of.

    And to the guy who said the Ravens are blaming Janay when she is the victim: how do you know exactly what went down? How do you know she wasn’t beating on him and he shoved her off and she hit the wall and was knocked out? You don’t. You know she was out cold and they were both arrested. BOTH. So to assume she’s 100% the victim without any details is ignorant. And this is rices speech not the ravens so how are the ravens blaming her exactly?

    He gets 4 games reduced to 2 at most. And that is based on similar suspensions in the past 5 years. If you call for 6 to a full season your either a moron or it’s just wishful thinking but will never happen.

  28. To the tool who says he needs the video to conclude if ray rice was guilty..watch what they did release ! He dragged her lifeless body out of the elevator! If she was drunk wouldn’t he have done ANYTHING else but drag her? (How would you treat your wife if she was passed out drunk in a public place?) Then he is such a gentleman, he kicks her leg out of the way so the elevator door doesn’t hurt her leg. Ray Rice is a scumbag, period. She is no better by staying with him. They both foolishly thought if she married him then she would not be compelled to testify against him.. She’s right, if they were married BEFORE the knockout punch..they were not. He got P.T.I because he is a first time offender..But my guess he will not be a one time offender. 8 games should be minimum and if the ravens had any class..they would have cut him

  29. Here’s the thing. He’ll get 2 games because other than this he’s been a model citizen, and it’ll be reduced to 1. See ya week 2 in Baltimore you outta work steel suckers.

  30. Often in these high profile celebrity type cases, the victim decides it’s in their best interest to not damage the brand of their spouse so they later down play the event.

    It’s unfortunate but it happens and may have here. I think Rice should serve time.

  31. Goodell is hesitating to drop the hammer on this one….it’s weird and that press conference had to be the worst one I’ve ever seen why the hell would his wife be up there and not the coach or gm

  32. Ray Rice is in a treatment program and has not been convicted of a crime. To all the haters shut up and watch from here on out to form your opinions.

    He will earn his reputation back and you will all look petty and stupid. BTW, why isn’t the video public. Maybe Vegas loves the NFL?????

    Either Way Ravens are going to the Playoffs so get ready to hear about this until at least 2015!!

  33. He will earn his reputation back and you will all look petty and stupid. BTW, why isn’t the video public. Maybe Vegas loves the NFL?????

    So I guess it’s normal to make a plea arrangement when you are innocent…..right? That makes you look stupid and you should follow your own advice and sssshhh. Thanks homer.

  34. Flacco musta got into Gordon’s stash if he thinks Rice isn’t gonna be suspended!!

  35. Did anyone notice that he failed to apologize to his wife in the press conference.
    He is sorry that the camera caught him dragging her by her hair. Ozzie should do the classy thing and cut bait. Roger should do the classy thing and suspend him for the season.
    The NFL does a great job promoting breast cancer awareness and wearing the pink. How about showing greater respect to women by suspending Rice for the season.

  36. The NFL PROUDLY supports women with breast cancer awareness month in October every year with players wearing pink. Having said this, it will be interesting to see how Roger Goodell responds with a player knocking out a woman………

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