Report: Jim Irsay will be charged with two misdemeanors


The NFL explained this week that Jim Irsay hadn’t been punished, in part, since he hadn’t been charged.

Now, we’ll actually get to see if he is held to the same standard as players.

According to Fox 59 in Indianapolis, Irsay will be charged with two misdemeanors after his arrest in March on driving under the influence and drug charges.

If convicted, he could face up to a 60-day sentence.

According to the report, the drugs that were in his car at the time were oxycodone and/or hydrocodone, and mixing medications was described as the cause for his erratic driving.

He apparently told police he had just bought a home in a nearby neighborhood, and wasn’t sure where it was.

45 responses to “Report: Jim Irsay will be charged with two misdemeanors

  1. Lol. I knew the junkie would get away with it. If I had a crap load of pills in another name I’d be locked up. And I have a clean record. Israys record worse than mine. I justuhave a ticket. Good ole USA justice.

  2. Lest we forget, America has two justice systems: The one for the regular folk, and the one for the rich. Guess which one has more lenient sentences?

  3. Can you imagine if this was an African American teenager who’d been arrested with this in the inner city somewhere ? They’d get a half dozen felony charges and 5-10 years minimum.

    What an absolute joke. Wonder how much in bribes this cost Irsay.

  4. Everyone who can afford the layers he can would get the same outcome. Don’t hate the players, hate the way the game is played.

  5. Possession of that medication is a felony in that state and any other. Plus, considering his history there are no mitigating factors that should result in a misdemeanor charge. Any regular person would be looking at a felony charge. Must be nice to be rich and have a different set of rules apply to you. WOW.

  6. What a freakin’ joke. Money fixes everything.

    Josh should only get a slap on the wrist in that case.

  7. Good ol Carmel cops. I go 46 in a 45 and its a $200 fine. Wish I inherited all my money and power from daddy.

  8. rams1999 says:
    May 23, 2014 4:20 PM
    Lol. I knew the junkie would get away with it. If I had a crap load of pills in another name I’d be locked up.

    Nowhere have I ever read that they were in somebody elses name. Quit making stuff up.

  9. You beat me to it genno334. In the name of research, I’m going to do what he did and see what I get charged with. I’ll post the videos on YouTube. Or maybe The Prison Channel.

  10. mrlaloosh says: May 23, 2014 4:46 PM

    Can’t wait for this clown to start tweeting again. He belongs in IndiaNoPlace.
    Money talks all over the country, Money walks, people, like most on here do long time.

  11. The real story here is possible corruption of the police and judiciary. To a billionaire like Irsay, payment of say $20 or 50 million is a drop in the bucket, if it gets the result.
    Top end law firms employ fixers at very expensive fees whose job is to pay certain people off for information/influence to mitigate the damage for high end clients. If you saw the movie Michael Clayton, you know what I mean.
    The payment gets laundered through the law firm so it can never be proven but it is fair to surmise that if Jim has some good luck in avoiding a much stiffer penalty, something happened behind the scenes with a fixer. A team has probably been working for weeks to find ways to mitigate Jim’s problem.
    The mistake here is that the public were made aware of Irsay’s arrest the very next day. If a fixer had been engaged quicker and it happened in the right part of town, we may have never known about it.
    The other story here is the death of the lady friend in a home owned by the Colts. Her death seemed to trigger Irsay’s erratic behavior.

  12. I wonder if they can issue new charges in eight months when his lab work comes back? Yes, eight months is the current forensic backlog in our great state. Or did they cancel his blood work? The average Joe in Indiana would be facing, at minimum, a Class C felony (up to eight years) even for a 1st time offence. It would be at least Class B if the blood work came back positive.

  13. If I do the same thing tomorrow I’ll get twenty years if I’m lucky. Must be nice to be rich and famous.

  14. Money can buy a lot of things. It’s angering to think about someone facing the same circumstances but is just an average joe. He’d be locked up for 10 years. Broken system.

  15. Interesting, Irsay gets 2 misdemeanors
    Broncos executive gets 7-month sentence for first-time DUI

  16. Jim irsay father gives him team gives it to jimmy colts finish last in 1997 nfl gives him peyton colts finish lastin 2011 nfl gives him luck. This guy is flat out lucky maybe the drug abuse is him trying to deal with the fact that he’s not smart he’s just lucky.

  17. The responsibilities of ownership should be placed in responsible hands, in trust, and Irsay should be banned for a year. Then he should be tried in court as any player would be, and pay the penalty imposed by law according to ‘blind justice’.

  18. If Irsay were “Latino” he’d be facing a “felonious” drug charge with a 25-to-Life tag appended onto that. Yeah… America, The Beautiful (rolling eyes)

  19. In Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe would have buried him under the jail! The sheriff may be a crook but he hands out old west style justice irregardless when driving under the influence…just ask Charles Barkley!
    Wonder what Goodell will have to say about this?

  20. Eh I personally don’t see why this abnormal. He DOES have a doctors prescription to the medications despite not “having proof” which his lawyers proved to the court. The troubling part of the whole thing is the decision a billionaire owner made to get messed up on painkillers and drive a car. He has every means necessary to have a driver. So what should Goodell do? 2-4 game suspension for the DWI part of it. Those calling for a year are going a little overboard, his offense is relatively minor.

  21. Wow. Can’t help thinking that the system is for sale. If I or any other regular Joe (including all NFL players) had been caught driving drunk with a ton of pills, we would have been charged with multiple felonies.

    I’m not one to talk trash about rich people just because they are rich, but this kind of makes me fell sick.

  22. That I’d what money will get you. Caught dead to rights with what should be a felony charge and he walks in a couple of misdemeanors. My only problem with that is if John Smith from the lower east side had been caught like that, he wouldn’t even been given bail much less a pass on a felony. And they wonder why the 98% hates the of 2.

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