Rex Ryan has slimmed down, from 348 pounds to 218


Anyone who has seen Jets coach Rex Ryan recently has noticed that he’s significantly thinner than he used to be. But the amount of weight that Ryan has lost is impressive.

Ryan said on NFL Network that he weighed 348 pounds near the end of his first season as the Jets’ head coach, and he decided then that he simply had to make major changes.

“I was always huge and all of that,” Ryan said, via Dom Cosentino of “I just kept getting bigger and bigger, would lose weight, gain weight. We’re getting ready to play Indianapolis in the championship game my first year with the Jets. I hopped on the scale expecting to see 310, something like that, which is still way too high: 348 pounds. I had put on 30 pounds or whatever in a season. When a doctor told me, ‘How many people 350 pounds do you know that’s over 50 years old?’ Not many. He said, ‘Yeah, because they don’t exist.’ And I’m, like, I knew I had to do something.”

Ryan decided that the “something” was lap-band surgery, which makes the stomach smaller. That got major results.

“I knew I had to do something drastic because I had done the other things,” Ryan said. “So there were a couple of options, I figured out what was the best one. I did this lap band, very minor procedure. I’m down 130 pounds. It’s unreal to think that I was dragging that kind of weight around. But I did it because I want to see my kids grow up and I want to see their kids grow up. That’s why I did it.”

It’s not easy to lose weight, and it’s not easy to talk publicly about weight issues. Ryan should be commended for both.

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  1. Congrats to Rex in losing the weight. A terrific achievement. However, to be honest I found the old Rex was a lot more likable and genuine.

  2. He’s not my fave coach by a long shot, but I do hope he makes it with this procedure. As mentioned, not so many old obese guys running around.

  3. “I knew I had to do something drastic because I had done the other things.”

    Yeah, “other things” excluding adhering to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

  4. I truly hope the man is not sick, and only that the weight loss is from an errant ball of toe jam he ingested from his wife’s feet

  5. Rex is one of the more fun coaches and personalities around. The league is better IMO with Rex around. Steelers nation remembers that fun 2010 AFC Championship! I was there for that -30 degree wind chill haha

  6. Good for him but there should be no “congrats”. Congrats is for people who worked for something.

  7. I take the occasional shot at sexy rexy, but i am happy for him. dropping those lbs is a good thing, no matter how he did it.

    but seriously, do jets fans even care about the jets these days? the disproportionate coverage level for such a mediocre team gets stale at times.

  8. Wow, I’m not a Rex fan but I didn’t think that dude weighed 348. Good for him. The bonus, of course, is he’ll have the opportunity to use this experience in motivational locker room speeches.

  9. He’s had considerable brain shrinkage also if he’s starting Geno Smith over Mike Vick.

  10. He looks great.

    Never much liked the guy, but good for him.
    Pretty incredible transformation.

  11. i dont like ole rex too much to be honest but i tell ya, losing that kind of weight and keeping it off is something to admire and respect.
    i have to say way to go Rex.
    now what the hey did he do with all that excess skin?

  12. I bet he eats feet for dessert now instead of snickers pie. But seriously, good for him and his family. His brother (Rob) however is a long haired beer drinking badass who would rather die in a bar fight then have a lap band procedure. Who dat!!!

  13. While I am always glad to see someone lose weight, I’m not sure I am in favor of the “Atta boy” praise. Instead of discipline, changing his diet, and exercising, he took a shortcut. I was overweight earlier this year, and had horrible cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. I changed my diet, and started working out, and transformed in 4 months. Now, I have a lifestyle that I can stay on. After the first two weeks, it’s not that hard.

    So, why take a shortcut? If you can’t control your diet, lap-band surgery has been shown that it is not a cure-all. People have re-stretched their stomachs, or have picked up eating more often, and gain the weight back. I wish him well and hope he keeps the weight off, but changes still have to be made, IMO.

  14. I love how people judge him because he had surgery. Having the surgery doesn’t mean you don’t do other things with your diet and exercise routines. This surgery is for people who make changes and still can’t lose significant weight. Contrary to the fat-shaming public’s belief, there are a lot of people out there like that.

  15. Weight loss of that magnitude is impressive, even with the lap band. Bariatric surgery of any kind is an often painful procedure with lifelong discomfort. And usually it still requires significant dieting, lifestyle changes, and self-control afterward to prevent both reversal of the results and life-threatening complications. So congratulations Rex… you were smart enough to get the help you needed and you worked hard to get these results.

  16. Good for Rex, he does look much better.

    On the other hand, losing weight IS easy. The problem is people are way too lazy to exercise or put any kind of effort into it. They get way too discouraged because their fun little walks arent paying off. Rediculous.

  17. Good for him. Just because he had surgery shouldn’t discount the fact that he had to put in work. It’s not like he showed up to the doctor’s office and had liposuction. And it may not just be willpower that holds people back considering how much serving sizes have increased.

  18. As someone who has lost 135 pounds without surgery, the percentage of people who have lost and kept off a large amount (we’re talking 20 pounds here, not even 100+) is essentially statistically insignificant long term.

  19. good for him. you worry about guys like andy reid. the way he breathes at a press conference. you just know its taking a toll, I wish there was some sort of movement for NFL coaches to try to stay healthy. I have been told it can be difficult as they spend so much time at the facility in a chair but I don’t think that is a good excuse

    I worry we will keep having coaches fall to health issues if they don’t watch themselves. its a high stress position.

  20. Way to go Rex! As a Pats fan with the Jets in the same division I hope Rex stays healthy and well for a long, LONG time!!

  21. Man like him or not congrats to coach Ryan thats amazing and heres to a happy and healthy future for him and his wife, how many pple can say that

  22. It’s good that he is not that heavy anymore from a longevity standpoint. But it also helped that he had lap band surgery, it’s not like e was disciplined and did it all on his own

  23. elliottcovert says:
    May 23, 2014 8:24 PM
    The key to losing weight (without surgery) is cutting the carbs.——————————————————-The man lost 130lbs, he would have to cut every carb the rest of his life. Actually the key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume, but as age creeps up that’s very difficult to do.

  24. Greymares, I know that the conventional wisdom is that the type of calories you eat aren’t important and simply being in a caloric deficit is all that matters but a growing body of scientific research is concluding that carbs really are the main culprit. The two are related, because carbs are less satisfying than fats or protein. But in order to lose a lot of weight, Rex could have restricted his carbs to about 40 a day (or actually probably even more, since the more you weight the less you have to do to lose it) and seen excellent results if he was able to stick to it.

  25. Whatever team you root for and whether or not you like the way Rex conducts himself, you have to say that his weight loss (if not the surgery he needed to achieve it) is a good thing. This country faces a serious obesity crisis, as nearly 1/3 of Americans are considered obese. Hopefully, a lot of football fans will take Rex’s example to heart.

  26. His pop was and always will be the greatest defensive mind the NFL will ever see…his old mans legacy is the reason he and his brother are employed.

  27. 130 pounds of Rex’s toxic lard flushed into the NJ sewage system, then into the Atlantic. Who knows what kind of bizarre Kaiju mutations it’s creating there?

  28. Seriously? So many comments on here saying that he “cheated” or took a shortcut. It is ridiculous to suggest that people that consider that surgery are lazy. Some people eat right, work out , and still cannot control their weight! The surgery is just a tool, there is still a ton of discipline that goes along with it! Good for him!

  29. Congratulations ! Good job ! Along with getting healthy you have also improved the Jets for the coming year. Stay healthy (and get your brother to do the same). Maybe we’ll see you both in the Super Bowl.

  30. In a congratulatory move, I’m gong to send Rex a”care package” that contains a half dozen racks of ribs, two dozen deep dish pizzas, and several cases of bratwursts in time for the holiday.

  31. I don’t like Rex the NFL coach by any means. However,as a person I am truly happy for him. Most adults have a good 10/15 pounds or so they could get rid off… but to have 130 pounds to lose. That can be a very intimidating/daunting task.

    You don’t just get lap band and it fixes itself… you still have to diet, an even more intense/disciplined diet because of it. I give him props. Keep it up bud.

  32. Surgery or not,the man made a quality of life choice that many people cannot or will not.even shrinking your stomach is a challenge to overcome. I know a lot of his critics wouldn’t be able to eat a corner of a steak instead of the whole thing. And of course he’s had to workout,starving yourself isn’t healthy,he still has to increase his fitness level along with the decrease in intake. Good for him.

  33. if you don’t have the dough to get the surgery like rex, take it slow. Cut the Calories,fat and sugars. It takes a little longer but you will get there before you know it.

  34. So a multimillionaire who has his meals prepared for him in-season by his employer and works at a state of the art training complex lost weight?


  35. Good for you Rex. BTW you’re way too good for New York. when you’re tired of sucking eggs in that backwater sump give us a call in Cali. Upgrade people upgrade weather upgrade football. When you’re ready pal.

  36. I’m sorry but having surgery is a short cut. It’s good he lost the weight but it’s not like he worked hard to do it. I praise the people who commit to changing their diet, exercising, and stick to it.

  37. Good job Rex….I am only 5’9 but I went up to 217…I am now 197…don’t like Rex or the Jets but good job maintain it

  38. Very minor procedure. Yeah. That’s what they tell you. Glad it’s worked out well for him. That “very minor procedure” has turned more than a few people into frequent flyers, as we call them down at the hospital.

  39. I like Rex, I think he’s a good coach with the talent he has around him and always seems to have a positive attitude. Yeah he can have a big mouth, which he often puts his own foot in but the league would be a little less interesting without him around.

  40. Well, being that he will be unemployed on Dec 28(or before), it is good that he won’t have to as much money on food.

  41. There is a reason that shows like the biggest loser are atound for many years.

    Even tough they have coaches and meal plans and are in a strong support group…

    They work they’re ASS OFF!

    The Hard work should be celebrated.

    I Love the NFL.

    But I guess it makes sense in a culture predicated on taking Steroids…HGH….anything necessary to survive.

    It’s survival of the fittest!

    And shortcuts are are a part of it whether you admit it or not..

    If they weren’t. …there would be no need for testing for performance enhancing drugs…Right?

    Again….good for REX to live longer.

    But NO Gold Medal for tying a rubber band around your stomach.

    If he gave a speech about hard work…sacrafice…not taking the easy way out!

    I would not be suprised to have his players tune him out!

    (Or has that already happened? )

  42. LOL @ these wannabe comedians still posting corny foot jokes like they just came up with an original idea. When you keep repeating the same stupid comments from 5 years ago you only make yourself the real joke.

  43. Here’s a clue for the people still using feet jokes – it’s time for some new material…

    Rex has entertainment value if nothing else; not sure he will ever be a really good head coach but as a DC, he is quite competent!

  44. I think Stephen King [Bachman] wrote a book called “Thinner.” Rex must have shared the pie w/the whole organization becaused the Jets are cursed!

  45. The shrinking of the stomach actually makes you less hungry, so there really is no will power involved. I know several people who had similar surgeries and exercise is not even a must to lose weight. Exercise it’s required to keep it off in the long run though and if he doesn’t do that, he’ll be fat again.

  46. All you rubes saying he took a short cut and didn’t put the work in are incredibly naive. The surgery alone doesn’t just magically cause you to lose weight. He still has to exercise and eat right. As a Pats/Vikes fan, I say kudos to him.

  47. Everyone who thinks having lap band surgery is a walk in the park where all the weight comes falling off is clueless. Even with the lap band surgery you need to watch what you eat. It fails people still. (Look at rob Ryan). The lap band surgery just makes you more aware of how much you are eating. I’ve seen people who had this procedure done and lost the weight and put it back on by stretching out there stomachs again. I’ve seen people get sick because they eat less with the surgery but eat garbage still and not get the required nutrients. It’s not as easy as some of you think.

    And no I never got the surgery done. But I work in a hospital where we perform these surgeries and monitor these patients.

  48. Is it from the lap band or did he finally go to I know that guy personally (Jason… not Rex Ryan) and he told me that nobody has ever gotten fat from spending too much time in the produce aisles.

    It’s not about eliminating carbs, it’s about eliminating bad carbs and unnecessary sugar and artificial sweetners.

  49. I’ve been overweight most of my adult life. Shoot, let’s be honest, most of my teenage life and ALL of my adult life. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes last June. Since August of last year, I’ve gone from 291 lbs to 230 lbs and my sugar levels and blood pressure have both returned back to normal. So, I know it’s a struggle and I have a bit of a ways to go, but I commend Rex for stepping up for his health for the sake of himself and his family.

  50. @politicallyincorrect

    I didn’t realize there was a correct way to lose weight, perhaps he has a situation that you don’t know about. The bottom-line is that he lost a bunch of weight and is better off for it. Why dog the guy?

  51. It’s pretty easy after Lap band. He’ll probably write a book on how to be “healthy” like other celebrities that take the easy way out and get surgery. Be a man and change your diet…

  52. I think that the majority of commentors dogging Rex for how he lost his weight are probably #300 plus and eating a bag of potato chips while typing their comments. Jealous?

  53. Nothing wrong with lap band.

    I have a friend who was a workout warrior. Played semi-pro football, dieted, exercised to a degree that most people on here probably couldn’t keep up with… and yet still could never get below 330. He ended up doing lap band himself and finally was able to get himself there. He even had to prove to a doctor that he had tried almost everything else, which he had, over the course of about 3 years.

  54. I’m happy for Ryan and it was a wise decision. He should convince his brother to do it, too.
    Too bad they don’t make a lap brain for his brain, though. Because he’s still a big mouth bragger who hasn’t won anything.

  55. Good job Wrecks…. though you took the easy way out. Now, get your brother on the program.

    I give him a lot of negative comments for running his mouth, false promises and generally trying to put lip stick on a pig.

    But, he’ll live longer and enjoy a better quality of life by losing the weight.

  56. No I went from 275 to 230 with a good diet and Exercise. I would have a lot more respect if he did it without surgery and a life change.

  57. Why would he worry about Billy? If Billy can’t cheat? Billy can’t Win? As History has shown us!! Ever since good Ol’e boy Eric let the Cat out of the bag!! The Pat’s keep loosing???

  58. I’m a hard core Pats fan but I like what he brings to the NFL. Sick of the guys who ramble on for 30 minutes saying nothing. Perfect example was on Sirius NFL last week where an entire three hour show was devoted to discussing Marshawn Lynch’s decision to skip the White House visit. Three hours of total B.S. One thing about Rex is he’ll tell you the unvarnished truth. As for those who think that using a lap band procedure was no big deal, you should educate yourselves before speaking. It’s not that simple. You still have incredible hunger pangs, still have food cravings, must work out, must eat healthy, etc.
    It is a very difficult thing to do and he is to be commended.

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