Seahawks waive Garrett Scott after discovery of heart condition

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The Seahawks have waived sixth-round pick Garrett Scott after a heart issue was detected during his physical with the club, the club said Friday.

An offensive tackle from Marshall, Scott signed a four-year contract with Seattle on Thursday. He was waived with a non-football illness designation.

“After undergoing an extensive physical with our medical staff last week, Garrett’s examination revealed a rare heart condition that will prevent him from any on-field participation in the near future,” Seahawks G.M. John Schneider said in a team-issued statement on Friday. “We think highly of Garrett as a person and as a football player. The team is committed to supporting Garrett in the months to come and will continue to help him determine his next steps.”

Scott did not participate in the club’s rookie minicamp because he hadn’t passed the physical.

As Curtis Crabtree of PFT and Sports Radio KJR in Seattle suggested, it’s possible the Seahawks may have done well by Scott by signing him — and potentially even giving him a signing bonus — after apparently knowing he had a health issue.

The 22-year-old Scott started 35 games at Marshall from 2010-2013.

41 responses to “Seahawks waive Garrett Scott after discovery of heart condition

  1. I just read the article that they signed him, refreshed the page, and boom… suddenly they waived him… feel bad for the kid, but glad the Hawks did good by him by signing him to a contract, even after they knew about the condition.

  2. Good for Seattle. I believe he gets medical coverage for the year now too, given that he received the contract/signing bonus. Classy move.

  3. God bless you young man atleast he graduated and can try to establish a successful career outside of football . He might have been cut anyways so just gives him a head start .

  4. What a bummer for this kid. Hate to see something like this for anyone, but hopefully long term it will be a blessing that it was identified now and not later.

    And props to the Seattle organization for taking care of this kid. A $100k signing bonus isn’t a lot in the sports world but it’s a hell of a classy move regardless. They could have just not signed him and no one would have thought anything about it.

  5. Hopefully, he will get his condition taken care (if possible) and be back with the team as his health comes back. Would love to see this guy get a chance to compete. Sad to hear he’s not well. Use it as motivation!

  6. GM logic:

    Star player gets arrested: “We’re a family and we stick together through thick and thin”

    Backup has medical condition: “The NFL is a business”

  7. Not only did the catch and release signing still give “Great” Scott his signing bonus but by waiving him to the NFI list, he’s a insured for the year.

    Pretty awesome for the Seahawks to do this when they might not get anything back from him otherwise than a wasted 6th round pick.


  8. I wish Scott nothing but the best, but what they are saying is the mighty Seahawks made a mistake by not finding this before drafting him… That can’t be Seattle fans your team is a the very best at everything and a dynasty already right?? I used to not mind the Seahawks, but you guys are making haters out of everyone with your incredible arrogance and classlessness.

  9. Very classy move by a very classy organization to make sure this young man is taken care of for a while.

  10. That’s just how the Seattle Seahawks handle things. We do it the right way, the class way, the dynasty way. Get used to it NFL fans…we’re the model franchise now. #dynasty

  11. Classy move by the Seahawks, if they knew the kid had medical issues and still signed him, to at least put a little coin in his pocket. Big props to Seattle!

  12. Thank the concussion ambulance chasers for now changing the NFL. No one even close to questionable with any issue will get a contract due to fear of future retribution, and get a great start in life with the money.

    Golf clap everyone.

  13. You would think that colleges would give their guys at least one physical each year. That would be a proactive way to make sure that these guys are okay to be playing. It might also help keep guys closer to their peak performance. Something serious may not be noticeable when they are used to feeling sore.

  14. It never fails. An organization does a very classy thing for one of its draft picks and the haters descend to trash the organization and its fans. The Seahawks did what you would HOPE every organization would do in this situation (but precious few do). JS/PC/Paul Allen have done their fans proud with their handling of this situation.

  15. Low class to anybody that mentions PEDs when the kid has a heart condition.
    First you should feel for the kid.
    Second you should realize that Seattle has cleaned up its act.
    Third BECAUSE of the required physical the Seahawks found out about the condition and then….
    They still signed him to a contract which allows him to get signing bonus and a year of medical insurance.
    Seahawks are the real “above reproach” that Niners can only dream of being.

  16. It’s a good thing they found the condition now rather than at an autopsy. Hope he gets the medical treatment and can live a long healthy life, with or without football.

  17. Really starting to like this Seahawk organization.

    No doubt players around the league take note of this kindof thing.

    That…”doing the right thing”, thing.

  18. As has been said in most previous comments, this was a classy move by the Seahawks. Good to see a player treated like a human being and not just a potential roster spot.

  19. It’s all fine and ok for people to have a sports fan “hatred” of the Seahawks, but I think we can all agree that while it is a complete bummer for the kid, everyone involved did the right thing from a humanity perspective. Give a lot of credit to their owner Paul Allen. Starts at the top.

  20. Classy move to sign the guy but clearly a blown pick. Regardless of the spin, you dont draft a guy in the 6th round just to be nice. Kudos to Seattle for taking care of this guy but talk about a blown draft pick…..

  21. How could he play all 4 yrs at Marshall w/out seeing this heart condition? And how could he pass a physical at the combine (assuming they do them)?

    Best of luck to him. Classy of the Hawks.

  22. What a shame for Garrett and the Seahawks! The guy’s SPARQ was off the charts! I suppose it’s possible he had some episodic arrhythmia that made him a “ticking time bomb”, but damn he’s a fine athlete. And he’s an offensive lineman! I pray to see him back in the blue and green. And I’m sure he hopes the same.

  23. THAT is classy. Just a wonderful gesture to get this kid some income so he can begin his life and get some treatment.

  24. My prayers go out to this young fella and nice gesture by the Seattle franchise but maybe you should try completing a physical BEFORE you draft a guy with a heart condition next time.. Scouting/Personnel Dept fail

  25. robert831 says:
    May 23, 2014 5:33 PM

    I wish Scott nothing but the best, but what they are saying is the mighty Seahawks made a mistake by not finding this before drafting him… That can’t be Seattle fans your team is a the very best at everything and a dynasty already right?? I used to not mind the Seahawks, but you guys are making haters out of everyone with your incredible arrogance and classlessness



    Pot meet kettle.

  26. Stop patting yourselves on the back she hawk fans…the NINERS began to do things like this for players…Jeff Fuller paralyzed his arm in a game back in the 80’s and the NINERS paid all his medical bills plus gave him $100,000 for the rest of his life plus paid for his kids college tuition…nice gesture but don’t act like you guys just invented the wheel

  27. Best wishes to Garret for health and hope he can come play the game he loves soon.

    I don’t care who the organization is. I hope every organization does right by their players or hopeful players.

    I am proud of the Seahawks organization of course but I would never use this situation to put another team down. A man’s career is at stake at the least. Not the time to trash.

    All the love and honor in this act by the team and it takes one or two fans to turn it hateful.

    Go Hawks..behind you Garret.

  28. Met this guy this week. Never do I post anything anywhere but signed up for this account to say the man is in a positive frame of mind and is a very cool individual. Has his head firmly on his shoulders and hasn’t given up on anything. Good luck and go get them Garrett. Signed: New Seahawks Fan.

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