Broncos support Matt Russell

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The seven-month jail term imposed Friday on Broncos director of player personnel Matt Russell won’t affect his ability to continue to serve as Broncos director of player personnel.

“We are pleased with the commitment Matt Russell has shown to making positive changes in his life since this incident occurred nearly a year ago,” the team said in a statement issued on Friday.  “In addition to his successful completion of a month-long inpatient treatment program last summer, he has taken full advantage of outpatient counseling resources and passed every substance abuse test administered as part of his reinstatement to this organization.

“We will continue to support Matt as a member of the Denver Broncos and this community.”

Russell will serve his time via a work-release program.  With day-for-day credit under Colorado law, his sentence could be completed within 3.5 months.

The sentence arose from a DUI incident that culminated in Russell driving into a police SUV and injuring a police officer.  He had an open container at the time.

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  1. The Director of Player Personnel for the Denver Broncos drives drunk, hammers a police SUV, and hurts a police officer…and his punishment is that he simply goes to work each day?? Really? Manning meeting with his OC during the offseason, no punishment for the golden boy, different set of rules for him. Looks like a different set of rules for the entire organization. 43 – 8.

  2. NFL player sits on his couch at home, smokes a blunt and enjoys the rest of the day -> Gets either released if he’s a backup or suspended if he’s a starter (once the team finds out).

    NFL Staff members drive drunk, crash into cops, get cops injured, get arrested, get jail time -> Teams fully support them and continue to pay their salary. No words mentioned on being “role models”.

    The NFL is a joke.

  3. But what does a picture of Greg Wilson’s helmet have to do with this case, and who is Greg Wilson you wonder? To save everybody 3.5 minutes he played WR at Fordham and was a part-time worker for a utility company when he got a call to join the Broncos PS shortly before the Super Bowl.

    I guess the connection is irony, as he had nothing going on in the NFL and then one day he was blessed to get an opportunity to still live out his dream, whereas Russell was already living the dream and then one day almost lost it all forever. Both of these guys are very fortunate to have jobs with the Broncos.

  4. Wow. He must have been jacked up. I wonder what his BAC was. Good luck to him and I am glad to hear he is getting it back together.

  5. How does this alcoholic continue to be employed? Why hasn’t Roger Goodell levied suspensions and fines like he does with the players? You’d be foolish to believe that this is Russell’s first time. It’s the first time that he got caught. You don’t hit and injure a cope while holding the cup of the alcohol consumed on your first time drinking and driving. The Bronco organization seems to condone the behavior because another team executive, Tom Heckert, got a DUI within weeks of Matt Russell. Both are known to be heavy drinkers within the industry. A team imposed suspension and all is well. Don’t these guys represent the league also? They get a smack on the hand and it’s business as usual. Irsay will probably get the same since he, and the other owners, are Goodell’s bosses. Richard Sherman was right about the NFL and how it would handle a “Donald Sterling.” Yet Josh Gordon is suspend a year for smoking weed that is legal in some states. Roger Goodell WHERE ARE YOU????

  6. The NFL has a double standard. Off the field issues for players are handled much harsher than they are for coaches and front office members

  7. “83 percent of Americans are in favor of keeping the team’s name (which means 17 percent don’t, which hardly means that a “vast majority” supports the name)”

    Another example of how much reporters are mathematically challenged!

    83% – 5 out of every 6 – IS a “vast majority” by any criterion.

    And it doesn’t mean 17 are opposed to keep it the team name – some of them surely had no opinion.

  8. gents… how quickly some forget…

    Donte Stallworth was drunk driving a few years ago and he KILLED a man…

    He ONLY got 30 days…

    And he ONLY served 24 days and was then released from jail.

    So, NFL PLAYER gets drunk and KILLS a person (say your child or your spouse) and gets OUT in 24 days.

    NFL team paper pusher gets drunk, hits a car and injures a person and gets 7 months that will be served in 3.5 months after being combined with work release…

    NFL player certainly “won” this…

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