Carl Banks on lawsuits: It’s open season on the NFL


As he sees some of his fellow former players suing the NFL over painkillers, after thousands of his fellow former players sued the NFL over concussions, Carl Banks believes litigation is far from over.

Banks, a former Pro Bowl linebacker who won two Super Bowl rings with the Giants, says he sees more former players getting involved in lawsuits against the NFL.

It’s open season on the league,” Banks told the New York Daily News. “Some of it is valid, some of it is not. The more noise made, the more attention is brought to it. That’s fine, too. That brings about change.”

Banks said he wasn’t aware of doctors passing out painkillers indiscriminately.

“I never took a shot as a professional athlete ever,” he said. “The time I played, I know for a fact that our training staff with the Giants wasn’t big on shooting guys up. I don’t think the Giants staff was reckless in that regard, randomly handing out painkillers.”

Still, many former players say their team doctors gave them painkillers without adequately explaining the nature of their injuries and the potential side effects. This litigation won’t go away any time soon.

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  1. Sorry. No sympathy here. Adults making the choice to play a violent game for money.

    I will never buy the “didn’t know” argument.

  2. When you are young you think you are invincible but when you get older you get smarter.
    If everyone of those players had to do it all over again … They would not take them and probably pick a different sport too.

  3. The game and the fans have already lost a lot of what was a great sport.

    The only winner from here on out will be the lawyers and the pc crowd.

    Have fun, I’ll be in the bleachers watching America’s pastime.

  4. Well they are the ones that set the targets up on their own backs and basically gave engraved invitations. What is everybody waiting for? Go get the money from these incompetent lawbreaking losers.

  5. This is going to be a he said she said litigation as there’s no way to prove the doctors did or didn’t tell them. It’s not like the players had to sign release forms.

    This is going to be about gaining the sympathy of a jury without any actual evidence of what was disclosed.

  6. I strongly believe that ALOT of these lawsuits put forth against the NFL by former players have less to do with any specific wrong-doing that has occurred, and more to do with these retired players simply looking for someone to bail them out of their own current personal financial troubles. There are certainly exceptions, but I see this as mainly a widespread “money-grab” by former players who can concoct a myriad of reasons why they deserve to be compensated even further by the league.

    As for painkillers, the argument that the players ingested these medications without having any clue as to the risks and side effects involved…this is pure hogwash. Who in their right mind would willingly ingest medication of which they know almost nothing about?

    Right now all I see is a “monkey see, monkey do” situation, with ex-NFL players seeing their fellow retired footballers being compensated for their respective lawsuits…and now everyone wants their own piece of the pie.

    Anyone who wishes to compete in the highest level football should be fully aware what personal risks they are taking on. Take accountability for your actions and stop blaming the league for your misfortunes.

  7. Granted there probably are some legit claims, but I’ll bet most are just money grubbers and if they had any sense they’d be ashamed of themselves.

  8. eagleswin says:
    May 24, 2014 7:12 PM
    This is going to be a he said she said litigation as there’s no way to prove the doctors did or didn’t tell them. It’s not like the players had to sign release forms.

    This is going to be about gaining the sympathy of a jury without any actual evidence of what was disclosed.
    That’s absurd. It will be easy to prove. Everyone knows about the culture of NFL football, hell for that matter Pop Warner. I can’t believe fans don’t know that administering painkillers is routine and has always been routine in the NFL.

    No judge is going for that. With all the film and even mics on the sidelines. you must be kidding. Players will be able to cite exact games down to the play when they got hurt, got treatment and went back in.

    I believe Banks, but it’s not usually announced when players get shot up. So if it wasn’t him, how would he know? I took cortisone shots in high school and know for a fact that college teammates were give painkillers.

    All this, “they’re adults – they should know stuff” misses the mark. Players trust their trainers and doctors and they take one “for the team”. No thought is given past the 4th quarter, let alone 10 or 20 years down the road.

    The NFL will try to settle this one fast as they can.

  9. These lawsuits are obviously NOT A BIG DEAL for the NFL since they have lots of time and energy to push their most important agenda items of Gay Rights and forcing the Redskins to change to a Politically Correct name. Make no mistake, player safety from the past and the present are not the most important items on the NFL’s aganda

  10. Just curious how you guys would feel if your Dr. prescribed medication for you that ended up being harmful without disclosing the potentials risks to you?

    I doubt a single one of you would be of the mentality that the Dr. wasn’t at fault and instead blame yourselves for being the ones taking the medication. No different here.

  11. It all stems from the NFL not having guaranteed contracts. Players would do anything to make a team and even play hurt.That is where the NFL drops the ball! Instead of looking at the players well being the NFL is penny pinching when it comes to a players health.NFL players then take the pain killers to try and get a lucrative contract to take care of themselves and family for the rest of their life but long term effects have major consequences.

  12. This is another sign of the decline in our society. The so-called “progressives” and the trial lawyers have convinced large swaths of the population that nothing is their own fault and someone else is always to blame for anything that happens to you.

    They are getting closer and closer to their goal of concentrating more power and more money in their hands and forcing the rest of us into dependency.

  13. Man, these $ hungry ex players knew what they were taking. The player, like these days are responsible for whatrthey put in their body. I agree with Tony Boselli and Ditka.

  14. So players are stupid enough to not learn everything about the pills they put in their bodies.

  15. Everybody wants something for nothing … These players made way more than the average American, and they should have, but just because most of them would have menial jobs if it wasn’t for sports, and they barely can manage a checkbook, and are complete morons, they figure they can sue their former employer, as if the world did them wrong…they actually think they are going to make millions per player off off this complete money grab, which just shows how stupid they really are… ALL of it is invalid

  16. This is funny. Most here are workers, but never side with workers on employment issues.

    Big tobacco and asbestos manufacturers would have loved you on juries. You’re probably against a minimum wage increase and extended unemployment benefits too.

    Amazing how players are always called greedy, yet the league is non-profit, pays no taxes and owners make about a billion every 5 minutes.

  17. The nerve of these players. Didn’t want to come out of the game because of a concussion and didn’t say anything other then “I got my bell rung”. and now taking the NFL to court over painkillers? REALLY?
    I didn’t know was a YOU problem. The intimidation of the team doctor could factor in… but look at the time frame we are looking at. Doctors, drugs, and trust. We are all still swimming in the same sewer.
    Nobody would ask for a second opinion back in the day. But the team doctors gave orders and suck it up and play was the code of the day.
    It’s too late now.
    Like Nam vets who came home poisoned by agent orange and Iraqi vets with gulf war syndrome.
    The system is built to slap you down.

  18. Retired players with no money are pissed that their brain scans came back OK, so now they’re asking their lawyers about suing about meds? What’s next,.. Baseball pitchers who got Tommy John surgery?

  19. This is the problem with our society today. No one wants to take responsibility for anything and everyone wants to sue for any reason. These are grown men. If they don’t know what medications doctors are giving them or why they are supposed to be taking the medications then they need to ask.

    If they can’t be trusted to make their own informed medical decisions then maybe they can’t be trusted to manage the millions of dollars they make either.

  20. Seems to me the player need to sue individual teams/team doctors, not the league.

    In order to be successful against the League itself, they’ll have to show that the indescrminate handing out of prescription drugs was a league wide policy. I think that’s going to be really hard to make a case.

  21. The NFL is on life support. Sad. I wonder if the MMA guys will litigate like this in yen years.

    By 2020, the NFl may be what boxing is today.

  22. if the Bears players have an issue with how their doctors handed out meds, why don’t they sue that doctor? or the Bears? answer…..because they don’t have the money that the nfl does #moneygrab

  23. Ya know, I can see where the older players might have a beef….but if you began playing after the implimentation of free agency, as far as I’m concerned, its tough to feel sorry for you.
    First of all your likely making boatloads of money…secondly, it’s not like someone held a gun to your head, and said play football.

  24. I Love Carl Banks BUT…

    If I know that Lawrence Taylor was making trips to the Meadowlands Racetrack for weekly shots of horse tranquilizers and Carl Banks doesn’t, then he just wasn’t paying attention.

    LT played a great game with a broken shoulder and one arm in a sling (I am looking at you New Orleans) and he wasn’t on painkillers?

    Did Carl Banks not see the line out of Dr. Ronald Barnes’ office every Sunday?

    He is either lying to us or lying to himself.

  25. Forget football players. Every Human who has ever been to the dentist has taken a painkiller.

    To say that you have never taken a painkiller is BS.

    You get your wisdom tooth pulled and they give you Codeine.

    You break your leg and they give you Percocet.

  26. As time goes on and the NFL keeps bringing in more and more big money Ex Players find more ways to sue since alot them spent there playing days money already …didnt they just get a nice retirment package or something..there getting way to greedy now ..If Farve is on that list I can Imagine Godell thinking oh heck no i remember Farve admitting he took pain killers now he wants to sue also…i wonder how many players are like that

  27. The NFL also allowed cigarette machines in the locker rooms during the ’60’s and ’70’s, I must assume players are going to sue since the league didn’t explain the risks of tobacco to them?

  28. If the teams know that a long term affect of tommy john surgery is arm droop and they never tell the player, you bet your rear end that the player should be able to sue the team….

    Same thing happened here. Wake up you owner slurpers/lawyers haters.

  29. I am against to high of a minimum wage and extended unemployment benefits. I’m also against millionaires making up fake ailments to get money they no longer deserve. Comparing asbestos to this issue is typical Liberal gibberish, nice try though…

  30. Does it say anywhere that the players asked about the side effects and were lied to? Ultimately it is up to the individual to find out the info BEFORE they ingest the drugs. There is a printout sheet that lists everything on prescriptions but it is different in a doctor’s office or hospital. You have to ask. You make a complaint and the doctor will try to give you something to handle the complaint. If you don’t ask about side effects that is on you.

    I wish this society could recover and move on from the “blame everybody else and sue for money” mentality that seems to be the norm nowadays. These people make me sick (hey, maybe I should sue…)

  31. Between owner greed and player lawsuits, the NFL is slowly devolving toward a 20 game season of flag football with every team invited to the post-season.

  32. Former players waste their money on bad decision and investments and now see their lawsuits and at reach to get more money. I just hope current players live and learn that you can’t turn back time.

  33. All of the players in the NFL know EXACTLY
    what they are getting involved in – a violent sport that is designed to be played violently with a high probability of short term and long term injury. Does the NFL not have these players sign a voluntary waiver before playing and signing contracts to that effect?
    And if so—- why do those waivers mean noting as far as stopping litigation?

  34. You ignoramuses think the former players will hit the lottery from these suits. Not even close.

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