Rice’s lawyer says a lot about the case, hypothetically


Setting aside (for now) the P.R. debacle that unfolded at Ravens headquarters on Friday and that possibly was exacerbated by his lawyer’s decision to give a radio interview on Saturday, attorney Michael Diamondstein shed plenty of light — hypothetically — on the events that transpired between running back Ray Rice and his fianceé (now wife), Janay, at a casino.

“This is just a complete hypothetical,” Diamondstein told Matt Hammond of ESPN 97.3 FM in New Jersey.  “Let’s assume for the sake of argument, rather than enter into the pretrial diversionary program that  [Rice] entered into, we hypothetically move forward on the case.  And hypothetically we litigate 100 motions and the video comes out and the video shows — hypothetically speaking now, hypothetically speaking — shows that Ray wasn’t the first person that hit and Ray was getting repeatedly hit but just Ray hit harder, fired one back and hit harder.  Hypothetically speaking, and he gets found not guilty.  Is that result somehow better?  Is it better for the public?  Is it better for the Ravens?  Is it better for Ray?  Is it better for Janay?”

It’s obvious that Diamondstein wasn’t speaking in hypotheticals.  He was sending a message while repeatedly using the word that allows lawyers and others to cover their butts.  It allowed Diamondstein to say what happened without actually saying anything, technically.

What he said — “hypothetically” — is that Janay Rice threw the first punch.  That she threw multiple punches.  That she threw punches until Ray decided he was going to throw one back.  And all it took was one.

Diamondstein seems to think that this hypothetical would be enough to secure an acquittal.  It’s hard to imagine any jury finding that Rice acted reasonably to defend himself against Janay’s punches by knocking her out.  He’s a pro athlete who should be able to fend off a much weaker female without punching her in the face or head.

The lawyer also implied strongly that, as previously reported elsewhere, video of the punch from Rice exists.  If the case had been litigated, the video would have eventually been made public.  With the video of Rice dragging a mostly-unconscious Janay out of an elevator doing major damage to Rice’s reputation, video of Rice throwing a knockout blow to a woman possibly would have killed it.

It’s now clear that Rice opted to enter into the diversionary program both to prevent the video from ever coming out (there’s a chance it still will) and to avoid having to embarrass Janay by highlighting her own behavior in the hopes of excusing his.

“I don’t think the fact that he entered into a pre-trial diversionary person should be something that anybody looks negatively at,” Diamondstein said.

The NFL definitely will.  And the NFL presumably will demand to see the video before deciding on the extent of Rice’s suspension.  His ultimate punishment could depend largely on the initial reaction of Commissioner Roger Goodell to the visual evidence.

95 responses to “Rice’s lawyer says a lot about the case, hypothetically

  1. Bottom line: The Ravens don’t care what he did. He’s a good football player that can help them win. The Ravens have a history of giving players like this a pass (i.e. Ray Lewis and Jamal Lewis).

  2. its going to be hilarious when Rice is running all over defenses again next year after his 2 game suspension is done.

    People just love to hate and love to judge. Rather than be rational about it, and acknowledge that he made a grave mistake for which he’ll be punished of of course, people would rather adopt a child-like “NO SORRIES” mindset. Proving that most adults really are just sorry ass children.

    going to be great watching AFC North Slayer Ray Rice run the hell over your teams.

  3. Lawyer’s name is Diamondstein? Really?? Is this another Seinfeld clip or something?

  4. I’ve honestly been pushed to the brink by someone I loved very much and have done things I regret. It sucks. No one is perfect. Hopefully they can work it out.

  5. There is never a plausible excuse for a man hitting a woman. The highly paid top attorney is presenting hypotheticals but there can never be a valid excuse. Never. Ever.
    Ozzie – time to cut bait.

  6. I am thinking this lawyer flunked the “how not to make your client look even worse” test in law school.

  7. I’m not sticking up for Rice, because he could have easily removed himself from the situation instead of making it a whole lot worse by decking the girl.

    One thing that I just can’t stand is when females decide to start swinging on guys whom aren’t going to hit back. It sounds silly, but truly it’s a cowardly move when girls do that. Anyone, of any gender, who decides to throw haymakers at another person will full intent to cause bodily harm, better be ready to catch a punch in the face themselves.

  8. Don’t care how many punches she might have thrown, he hit her, so he’s a loser. Hope he gets banned for a year.

  9. Here come the raven’s fans defending this piece of garbage. You never hit a woman, no exceptions. He should have been cut from the team, and put in jail, and you all know it. Newsome, keep enabling this guy, he’ll do it again, guaranteed…what will be the next excuse.

  10. Of course he should not have hit her, but adequate voir dire plus the hypotheticals stated would have guaranteed an acquittal. Check NJ state law, every individual has the right to defend themselves. The aggressor threw multiple punches, the victim threw one. He should not have thrown that punch, but he did have a legal right to do so. Men and women are equal under the law, and gender bias has no place in the jury room.

  11. Unfortunately many of you commenters have never dealt with an extremely aggressive and violent woman . Not a Ravens fan or Rice fan but you need to remember their are times in which you can not help but defend yourself . If he did more than that okay crucify him , but putting someone to sleep in many cases is the least violent way to end a dispute when one person is livid and getting extremely physical.

    I worked as a private security officer for years and yes I have had to put woman to sleep before . Acting as if he beats woman or beat her or condones hitting woman is ludicrous . I never would hit a woman but say a woman coming at you with a gun or knife by your logic you should b stabbed or shot bc you can’t defend yourself to a woman . Not neccessarily this case but you need yo at least be objective until you know what actually happened . Seeing him hold her and carry her out would leave me to believe she was severely impaired and therefore easily put to sleep . He might have just held her tight not even around her neck and it can put someone to sleep .

    Until you’ve been in those circumstances you will not understand , but you should try .removing yourself should be the first option but it’s not always an option .

  12. Apparently uglydingo feels that even if a woman has a knife at your throat, you can’t punch her in an attempt to startle her, get her to drop the knife, and prevent her from killing you. I mean, that’s just not chivalrous. Let her kill you like a man. 😉

    What if a 6’7″ tall woman who who has 300lbs of muscle is wailing on a geeky looking 4’9″ 100 lb guy with glasses? She’s in the clear, but he can’t punch back?

    To me “There is never a plausible excuse for a man hitting a woman” is actually a fairly sexist statement. I don’t think everyone who says it is sexist, but I think when you think through all the extreme scenarios that would cover, the statement itself is sexist in the abstract.

    I don’t think there’s ever a good excuse to hit a woman who’s not physically assaulting or threatening you, but if someone throws a punch, I do think you can defend yourself. I mean, if you’re a professional athlete like Ray, where you know you’re stronger, you probably want to do the bare minimum, like grab her wrists and physically restrain her from continuing the beat down until she calms down or you’re in a position where you can run away (i.e. not an elevator). But I think we can probably imagine that there was a fair amount of drinking and a heat of the moment type situation going on, and Ray made a mistake. So did his fiance, it sounds like- which is something she said publicly, by the way, not just my opinion.

    If anyone can show me where Ray escalated a non-physical confrontation into a physical one, or wailed on a woman mercilessly or something, I’ll go along with folks saying he is a bad person. One ill-conceived punch in self-defense? Well, his fiance forgave him and moved on, the state handed down it’s verdict, the league is going to hand down it’s verdict, and that’s that. I don’t think we can hold it against him the rest of his life. This isn’t a classic man beats wife type thing where the wife isn’t getting physical and the man is trying to hurt her. This is a single reaction in self-defense in an enclosed space to someone pummeling him.

    I mean, honestly, I think if the story is as described, the wife is a lot more guilty than he is. Look, I’ve never hit a girlfriend or anything like that, and I’ve had girlfriends who’ve done some pretty nasty things to me at times, but I’ve always reacted in a retrained verbal-only manner. However, if someone gets me in an enclosed space and starts throwing punches at me, all bets are all. Everyone has the right to self-defense. I’d try to simply restrain the person first, of course.

    You know, domestic violence can be woman on man. It isn’t just man on woman. Statistics show it’s more often man on woman, but it can go both ways.

  13. si1m says:
    May 24, 2014 5:19 PM
    its going to be hilarious when Rice is running all over defenses again next year after his 2 game suspension is done.

    And when was the last time Rice was “running all over defenses”? It sure wasn’t last year unless you consider 3.1 ypc “running all over defenses”. That’s more generally known as Trent Richardson territory.

  14. Legally Rice probably would be acquitted.

    Ethically no – men have the responsibility to give women special treatment.

    You should only hit a woman if shes attacking you with a weapon and you feel serious injury is eminent.

  15. Also she is standing by his side bc their are many many Women who get violent with men . Men rarely try and accuse them or domestic violence bc woman are looked at like victims immediately and it’s a bad look on a man especially a strong one . Not saying she deserved to be pinched but put to sleep is something way different and can be warranted .

    The problem is you assume is being knocked out or passed out means throwing a punch it happens many ways . I believe he should receive some punishment but they have to prove he wasn’t defending himself without putting his fiancés reputation on the line. Until you have had a violent abuse woman in your life you will not understand . But you should
    Try to understand .

  16. What other reaction could Gödel have but to suspend Rice for at least four games. I see a lot said about the Steelers QB when Rice topic comes up. I remember not only Gödel making a quick decision but also the Steelers on suspension for Ben. The Ravens have not stood up in a positive manner at all on Rice. So we once again see Gödel and how he handles each team.

  17. Comparing Ray Rice to Trent Richardson is insulting- to Trent. He was much better last year than Ray and that says it all!

  18. Yeah, that picture tells it all.

    She is pissed!!!!!

    No excuse ever to hit a woman. Ray Rice should pay the price!!

  19. His wife seems like a wack job. There are tons of women like her that just because men have kissed her behind her entire life becuz shes hot, dont expect to get dished back what they are dishing out.

    I dont careif you are a man or woman, you can only take so much, before you snap.

    Sounds like he had enough.

    He doesnt deserve to be suspended at all. The NFL has no business getting involved in personal matters like this. But out of these guys business.

    Its like Madden said, you cant expect these guys to do what they do on Sundays and expect a bunch of angels on the other days of the week.

    This country’s legal system and corporate culture ( yes the NFL is a corporation, not a non-profit organization like they are set up) are going crazy. Common sense has gone out the window

  20. Ray, I’m your lawyer so listen to me. I’m gonna throw your wife under the bus and all your fans will love you again. Easy peasy.

  21. Ray is a running back. He could have just ran away from her-oh wait, he would have only gotten 2 yards before she caught him.

  22. Maybe women who want to be treated equally should be treated equally. I think you have to factor in the specifics of the person/situation of the real physical threat, but I’m pretty sure if a slight dude threw a few punches at an athlete and got knocked out by one coming back his way, no one would be pushing for a prosecution.

    There are people here who think it’s OK to use deadly force in self-defense against an individual who presents no real or reasonably imagined danger against anyone. At least as long as the guy who retaliates is a high-estrogen, low-melanin dude.

    I’ve never hit a woman, but I’ve had frying pans, wine glasses thrown at me, knives pulled. I could imagine a scenario where it would not be unreasonable to retaliate or at least use some degree of force for defense/de-escalation.

    So, in my best estimation, Ray used excessive force but did not initiate it. There are people who have been given medals for doing the same thing and much worse.

  23. As I said to the worst Raven commenters, Ray didn’t take a plea because he was innocent. He is a muscle bound man very capable of handling an aggressive women, but he has anger issues…like spitting on opponents. His plea and the Ravens wish is that the video never surface, but it will unlike the white suit…..poetic justice for a classless franchise.

  24. It is so easy to play Monday QB when it comes to other people’s domestic situations especially when they become public. But come on male or female nobody is exempt to physical or mental altercations. A woman has plenty of ammo when it comes to getting their message across to a man. They one thing women lack is KO power via the fist but they can be just as cruel and mean and deserving of their own medicine. Heck I respect women so much I know in my heart women are just as smart, strong and capable as man out there and deserves to be treated equal. So if a woman wants to punch on another individual then like Heisenberg said to Hank “Tread Lightly”.

  25. wow… really? He gets hit multiple times and finally lashed out and it doesn’t matter? give me a break. I’m not sure how it all went down, but I’m not going to pretend I would allow for even one punch. Thank god for the legal system, because some of you are weak!

  26. I always knew there was a lot more to this story. What “victim” gets knocked out and, AND gets arrested? From what I previously heard the other video shows she hit him with a bottle not her hands. Not a raven fan, not a Rice fan. I’m married and never have I hit my wife, but there limits a person can take. Getting hit in the head with a bottle, is one of them.

  27. uglydingo says:
    May 24, 2014 5:35 PM
    There is never a plausible excuse for a man hitting a woman.

    you CLEARLY never have been in the situation of an aggressive woman, so don’t speak on things you don’t understand.

  28. He is stronger than her. He could have restrained her instead of punching her. Sounds like they both need therapy, but still does not take away from he fact that he should be suspended. Also, unless you are a pro wrestler your name should not contain the word “Diamond.”

  29. There is never a plausible excuse for a man hitting a woman.

    Seriously? How about this: She was going to kill him. (Note: this is an actual hypothetical, unlike the OP. Nothing to do with Ray Rice.)

    You really think that any man is so strong, and every woman so weak, that the man can prevent the woman from killing him — say, with a kitchen knife or a gun — without hitting her or, in face, using deadly force? Or do you think that no member of “the weaker sex” would ever do such a thing?

    Who exactly is the sexist here, I wonder?

  30. Well now…Jay-Z defended himself from an attack from a female and did not throw one punch. And hes a rapper.

  31. Should have just broken her wrist instead. People wouldn;t freak as bad about that as they do a punch. Don’t fight like a man and throw punches if you aren’t willing to take on back. Not condoning beating women, thats not the case here, I do condone defending a situation, regardless of gender.

  32. Why would anyone believe the spin that Rice’s lawyer is trying to put on the case? I think it’s equally possible that Rice threw the only punch, that’s why he didn’t want to go to trial, and now his lawyer is just trying to make his guilty client look better by suggesting that hypothetically maybe the victim was at fault.

    The police and prosecutors presumably viewed the tape and saw what happened and concluded that Rice was not defending himself, which is why Rice was charged. I think their assessment that Rice assaulted her and that they could prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, deserves as much weight, or more, than Rice’s lawyer’s after-the-fact ramblings about how hypothetically innocent his client may have been.

  33. I really have a hard time believing that a professional athlete needed to punch a woman’s lights out in order to protect himself. Surely he’s strong enough to restrain her until they arrive on their floor?

    I get that some women are aggressive and that there are situations in which a man has to protect himself. However, unless he was in grave danger (which he wasn’t), he went too far.

  34. “..put a woman to sleep” …Uh… You mean “punched her in the face and knocked her out” Right?

  35. @staffordsyear:
    Oh please. Jay-Z had a huge bodyguard restrain that woman. How is that remotely comparable? And what if when she kicked him, a high heel found its way to his “manly parts”?

  36. and the pathetic Steelers franchise still employs Ben roethlisberger because he helps them win football games. and Mike Adams lied to the police and still has a job. pathetic hypocrisy at its best

  37. staffordsyear says: May 24, 2014 7:07 PM

    “Well now…Jay-Z defended himself from an attack from a female and did not throw one punch. And hes a rapper.”

    Ummm Jay-Z had a body guard drag her away.

    Im not in favor of hitting women but lets not pretend thats a reasonable position.
    Men should not retaliate because men are held to high standard in our culture.

  38. Hypothetically speaking, say that a cornerback, let’s call him Rahim, generously gifted Rice his SB ring.

    And let’s say, hypothetically, that the refs always spot the ball correctly after a 4th & 26 prayer.

  39. and the pathetic Steelers franchise still employs Ben roethlisberger because he helps them win football games. and Mike Adams lied to the police and still has a job. pathetic hypocrisy at its best

    Ray Lewis lied to police , but hell get a statue in Baltimore…what does that tell you about that city and it’s fans. Lol

  40. johnodocks says: May 24, 2014 8:10 PM

    Dude, are you serious? Jay-Z had a bodyguard holding back the female.
    The video that i saw in the elevator was her attacking him and got some flailing “hits” in..

    My point is he didn’t knock her out ice cold like Rice did.

    He showed restraint like Rice should have beings hes a player in the NFL and probly much stronger..now i have no idea how strong Jay-Z is or what he benches but you should get my point.

  41. Scoobies….take the the shame like a man. The a Ravens bet that people would buy their spin, but most people are smarter than the ravens home office….duh.

  42. @scoobies05555

    Adams wasn’t wearing a white suit. He didn’t lose his jeans. No was killed. Nobody hit his wife to be. I guess that covers all the Raven excuses…anything else? Oh, wasmRay Lewis,kicked off the a Ravens for obstructing justice by lying? Scoobies suck it up and admit the Ravens gave no class.

  43. So how does all of this explain him dragging her off the elevator? Did he punch her in the elevator? The prosecutor should have gone to trial. It would have been fun to watch Rice’s lawyer throwing Rice’s wife under the bus to get an acquittal.

  44. Hey diddle diddle ray rice has an acquittal!!!

    love is blind and Look for RR comeback player of the year…. get ready for it haters!

  45. I think Rice needs to feel what it’s like to be physically dominated and intimidated by someone more powerful than he is. Shazier, you’re up.

  46. If a woman wants to be treated as an equal and be treated the same as a man….They should not be surprised when going all crazy and repeatedly attacking a man physically. I have a buddy whos 6’6″ 260lbs and his 5’2″ 110lbs wife has gone crazy on him while intoxicated, she broke his nose, his arm and left many bruises. Drop the double standard and realize when a woman is drunk she is 10x more crazy than normal

  47. I really like how people talk about him being a good runner and can help. He was one of the WORSE backs in the league last year and then had the nerve to punch a woman unconscious!! I’ve lost all respect for him and I hate how he can just plea out because they got married!! She can’t testify, that’s why they rushed the wedding. What pro athlete gets married at a court house?!?! #POS

  48. Seriously the guy is as guilty as you know what. If it was truly self defense it wouldn’t have amounted to anything but yet he enters a diversion program. Just the way that he drug her out and dropped her down you could tell he was a piece of trash. No matter how many times she hit him or tried to he could have just wrapped his arms around her until the elevator opened. For those who defend him be serious, he was never in any danger unless she truly is some amazon woman. He needs minimum an 8 game suspension. The way he performed last year it would probably be an improvement to the running game.

  49. I know this will be poo pooed as being outdated, ill-informed and sexist in our highly evolved and enlightened society but there is NEVER any excuse for hitting a woman. EVER!

  50. The NFL PROUDLY supports women with breast cancer awareness month in October every year with players wearing pink. Having said this, it will be interesting to see how Roger Goodell responds with a player knocking out a woman………

  51. Roethlisberger is still employed because he helps the Steelers win games? Guess you’ve been out of the country during Roethlisberger past 23 starts: 10-13.
    Roethlisberger hasn’t “helped” to win games since the Steelers’ scoring defense stopped allowing 13 points per game.

  52. Women statistically are more likely to hit a man. Those incidents go vastly non reported due to social norms. After all, it’s only a woman….. right? Likewise, a large number of cases are also fictitious/self inflicted to “catch a case” on a male as a way to inflict revenge against men. Even in mutual combatives in a domestic relationship, the male’s odds of going to jail are much greater than the females. However it is still real and unfortunate in those circumstances of true domestic battery.

    There’s a reason states attorneys don’t touch the majority of domestic battery cases…
    -source-i work it every day

  53. Maybe she did hit him first..maybe he even tried to calm her down. It still doesn’t give him the right to punch her in the face and knock her out, then drag her body around the casino like a toy. If history says anything it is domestic violence is not usually a one time incident. This will happen again. Hopefully it won’t result in worst injuries.

  54. In 2008 Brandon Marshall had a record breaking game after his one game suspension for drunk driving and hitting his girlfriend. Who do the Ravens play in week 2?

  55. Lol great lawyering-

    “What if my client isn’t guilty? Is that better for anyone?”

  56. never ever once have I defended Ray rice for his actions. he deserves whatever punishment he gets. but the hypocrisy comes from people like you who gladly look the other way and offer excuses when it comes to their own players. Adams didn’t kill anyone, so it’s ok he lied to the police? well rice and Lewis didn’t kill any one either. so quit being so morally superior. you talk about spin…Ben still plays for the Steelers. the Steelers resigned plax. why? because they think they are good players. these are pro sports teams. the Steelers and the Ravens both do great things. but the bottom line is they want to win and make money. quit being so naive. the Rooney family will hire anyone to help them win so long as the bad doesn’t outweigh the Good

  57. his wife took the 10 count she out, Rice should take the 10 count or 16 games.

  58. I love how all of you assume that he hit her in the face. He could have just as easily have hit her in the arm and she staggered back and hit her head on the elevator wall and went out. She was obviously very drunk. It would not have taken much to have her become unconscious. They were in an enclosed space. Even if he just shoved her back the same result could have occurred. Ray and Jancey’s real problem was they were both drunk and had impaired mental capacity. Until and unless we have seen the video, we do not know what transpired in that elevator. All we know is that when the elevator stopped and the door opened she was unconscious. And one more thing to not forget, We are talking about the incident happened in New Jersey. How much better for an elected official from New Jersey to get more votes than to be able to “make an example” of a Ravens player in the middle of Jets country? There is not many real facts coming out about what happened in that elevator.

  59. sorry but the whole “men can never hit a women” sentiment has been destroyed by feminists and their quest for “equality’

    you want equality? you get it, don’t punch me and i wont punch you.

    so am i allowed to go punch haloti ngata in the face and all he can do to defend himself is grab me by the wrists or push me away because clearly hes a much larger man and would obviously win in a fight??

    women only want equality when it benefits women

  60. Well I guess he removed any confusion about who arranged the well thought out press conference. I also loved how he substituted “fired one back” in place of “punched a woman in the face rendering her unconscious for a significant period of time”. Takes some of the ugliness out of it, don’t you think?

  61. I really dislike when non lawyers presume to know what happens in a criminal case. There is a simple reason that Diamondstein and any other lawyers speak in hypotheticals: client-attorney confidentiality.

  62. scoobs, nofool, let’s just settle this on the field.

    Here’s my take: individuals make mistakes and/or immoral decisions, regardless of their occupation or who they work for. To say that somehow the ravens have less class than other teams because of this is just plain silly. In fact, for as much as I disagree with some of their football decisions, ravens have a top-notch organization. I’ll even add that if steelers needed a new hc and gm, I would hope Oz and Harbs are on the short list of candidates. Good day boys.

  63. ” I love how all of you assume that he hit her in the face. He could have just as easily have hit her in the arm and she staggered back and hit her head on the elevator wall and went out.”

    It wouldn’t matter in the eyes of the law. If Rice hitting her caused the harm, doesn’t matter where he hit her, or even if the direct hit caused the harm. Need to look at it the other way – if he didn’t hit her would the result have been the same.

  64. women only want equality when it benefits women

    Men who are secure in their masculinity, in control of their emotions, and confident in their self image wouldn’t hit a women unless threaten with deadly force ….plain and simple. Treat a woman as a person first then a woman and you shouldn’t have a problem.

    Crown you entitled to your opinion, which I respect, but I want no part of anything Raven in anyway shape or manner. I know what class is and maybe a better term would be ethics, or morals, or benevolent which I feel the Ravens are often short on, but that is my opinion.

  65. I am with you brother. as I stated in my last post, the Steelers are a first class organization. however they do what it takes to win. and if my friend wants nothing to do with anything ravens, just ask him where James Harrison got his start

  66. Could it be that some of you out-of-staters have decided to root for the Steelers only because you live so close to Baltimore, you’ve conjured up an immense dislike for the Ravens and their fan base? Salty, seawater can do that.

  67. Could it be that some of you out-of-staters have decided to root for the Steelers only because you live so close to Baltimore, you’ve conjured up an immense dislike for the Ravens and their fan base? Salty, seawater can do that.

    Ah the keeper of the a Steeler Grail feels it is time to be included in the discussion . I ran a restaurant in Pittsburgh frequented by Lynn Swan, Stallworth, Lambert etc. Lived there three years and married a local girl and have been a fan ever since. We moved for a better job, better weather and still miss most of the people of Piitsburgh. There are some like the keeper of the Grail I don’t miss, but he is not a real Pittsburgher who are very down to earth and unpretentious .

  68. I am with you brother. as I stated in my last post, the Steelers are a first class organization. however they do what it takes to win. and if my friend wants nothing to do with anything ravens, just ask him where James Harrison got his start

    Funny, he was smart enough to get away from the Ravens and they were dumb enough to let him go. Nice try

  69. just keep your head in the sand. all teams, just like all places of work, have good guys and bad guys. Steelers included. but adjust your personal morals to fit your situation and pretend you are morally superior. Ben gets brought up twice. Adams lies to cops. plax is a convicted felon the Steelers resigned after he served time. but it’s all good since they are Steelers. the Steelers are a great organization. one of the best in sports. but they are no “morally” better or worse then anyone else

  70. All the Steelers you mentioned paid the price…let Otis Elavator Rice pay his and we can talk. The Blade was never suspended for lying and you of all people think Adams should be…hypocrite much.

  71. ray will probably receive no more than a 2 game suspension as a first time offender. that’s been Roger’s standard. if by the blade, you are erroneously referring to man who was apologized to by the Atlanta district attorney, Ray Lewis was fined a record 250,000 dollars. we will see what happens with Adams…but again, we both know that if it was a Raven you would be calling him out. but it’s a Steelers so you want to wait. that’s fine. but if it’s true I expect you to come on here and demand he be cut. and I like how you ignored the plax issue.

  72. and actually, I could care less if Adams is suspended or not. I just like pointing out your hypocritical double standards. something happened that night. we don’t know the whole story. and I understand what happened in Atlanta had far graver consequences. but you want to know what happened with Adams and you made up your mind about Lewis without bothering to learn facts

  73. For having been a litigator, you sure say some stupid stuff.

    “mostly unconscious”? Is that like being “a little pregnant”? You’re conscious or unconscious. You can be nearly unconscious, but not mostly.

    And expecting a football player to find a way other than a punch to defend from punches? If it were a man, you’d make no distinction, because, under the law, there is none. Did you want him to juke, spin or break a tackle? He’s not a boxer or MMA fighter with hands registered as weapons.

  74. If a woman was, hypothetically, punching me, I would, hypothetically, walk away. Hypothetically. At least he didn’t kill someone. Incidentally, anyone seen the new statue outside the Ravens’ stadium?

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