Holmgren says Redskins should change name

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If Mike Holmgren plans to come out of retirement, he probably won’t be working for Daniel Snyder.

Holmgren, who coached the Packers and Seahawks before ending his NFL career serving as the surrogate for former Browns owner Randy Lerner, recently said that Snyder’s team should just go ahead and change their name.

Absolutely,” Holmgren told Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR radio, via the Washington Post.  “Because of what it signifies and what it means to so many people. I’m not talking football fans; I’m talking about Native Americans and all that.  Yeah.  Just change the name.  Big deal.  Change the name.”

“Have you always thought this, or is it maybe just recently that you kind of came to that conclusion, that opinion?” Mahler said.

“No, I think I’ve always felt that way,” Holmgren said.  “You know, I’m an old history teacher.  And I think if you read enough of that stuff and you see how people were treated, I think it’s the right thing to do. Now, apparently 50 Senators also agree with me.”

While Holmgren doesn’t believe the 50 Senators will influence Commissioner Roger Goodell, Holmgren thinks that Congress can get the NFL’s attention by threatening the league’s broadcast antitrust exemption.  If a serious threat to the NFL’s ability to sell TV rights not team-by-team but in a bundle ever arises due to the name of one of the teams, that name will change faster than you can say George Preston Marshall.

167 responses to “Holmgren says Redskins should change name

  1. The Walrus screwed Cleveland but good when he was there on the ROAD program (retired on active duty). His time has come and gone in the NFL. He needs to just shut up and watch the games on TV like the rest of us. His advice, counsel, and/or opinions are not needed by anybody in the NFL anymore.

  2. Yes, the name “Redskins” suddenly got offensive … when we were all told people should be outraged by it.

    We have become sooo lame.

  3. Yeah, and I say Holmgren should lose some weight and shave off that goofy a#s mustache, but that’s not going to happen either.

  4. Let’s be honest if Holmgren comes out of retirement he’s working for the team that has the best cafeteria and has the best meals in the coaches/front office booth, what the team name will have little to do with it.

  5. I think Holmgren should shut the hell up, lose weight, and give Randy Lerner back the money he ‘stole’ from him—horrible GM

  6. Well, I was against the name change but seeing that Fatty DoNothing is in favor of a change then I suppose why not? I mean it’s not like he’s irrelevant or anything.

  7. I used to think the posts about things like the Jaguars signing their fifth round daft picks were useless filler material but now, after being beat over the head with the name change and gay player stuff relentlessly for weeks now, those posts are so refreshing to read.

  8. There’s also the angle that if Dan Snyder does come around to choosing to go for a name change that he might want to consider a high-level hire of a person who was early and outspoken on this recommendation. Maybe that person has other good ideas of which can improve the winnability factor of future football games.

    If Snyder hypothetically (the NFL inspires me to be hypothetical) woke up one day and says let’s do things the right way and the best way, well then you need to find somebody that can deliver on both ends, and that’s a minority of people that hopefully you can grow to understand if you are a business owner that likes success and money and making the world a better place.

  9. Just what the world needs…..advice from an ex-Cheesehead!!! I imagine that there are some members of the Gay Community that find the nickname Packers offensive. As an individual of Native American heritage, I do not feel that the Redskins should change their name. If they must, a large % of fans simply refer to them as “Skins” anyway. Maybe the “4Skins” would be less offensive.

  10. Whites and blacks are considered generally acceptable as racial identifying nomenclature. Redskins isn’t much different than either of those.

  11. Won’t anybody protect the feelings of people who don’t want to be called racists just because they think a racist slur is a legitimate NFL team name?
    What about their feelings?
    Why isn’t Congress standing up for them, the true victims of hurtful slurs?

  12. I’d love to hear what more celebrities think of the Redskins name. Has anyone asked Miley Cyrus what her opinion on the matter is?

  13. The Chicago Blackhawks agree with Holmgren…..enough if this BS!!! Why wasn’t it a problem 40-30-20-10 years ago??

  14. Which is it? Are you stubborn? Racist? Or a stubborn racist? No one will look back on this and admire you for refusing to “give in” and admit that “Redskins” is probably a bit much. They’ll look back at you with the same shame and disdain they have for every other racistPOS that has ever lived.

    Simpletons. The lot of you.

  15. This could create a domino effect. . What about the Cleveland Indians, the Atlanta Braves, The Seminoles, the Chiefs, and so on…people need to stop being sensitive. .it’s a Free Country

  16. Sure are a lot of RWNJ’s on this site. Y’all know your in the wrong but spew hatred toward American Indians anyway.

  17. The Native American Indians are not upset with the name Redskins. What they don’t like is the name Washington….

  18. Seriously can someone tell me why they can’t just be Called the “WASHINGTON SKINS ” everything is kept the se except try are using a derogatory name any longer . Changes very little and is not offensive what so ever . Basically an abbreviation of the former .Simple to me and it was the first alternative name I thought of .

  19. If a bag lady thinks the Redskins should change their name, we’ll hear all about it here.

  20. Says the man who coaches the CHIEFS! Change your team’s name! God, I am so sick of this topic!

  21. Should Red Mesa High on a Navajo reservation change their name from the redskins? You media types should get some courage and ask them, then report it.

  22. And exactly why does Holmgren think he gets a vote? This whole issue is more about grandstanding than any genuine care about a perceived slur. I’m tired of it.

  23. He takes millions from Lerner doing nothing. So I should listen to him? Take your opinion, and put it where the sun don’t shine.

  24. I’ve gotta wonder if he’s just saying this as he has a bone to pick with Daniel Snyder over how he treated Jim Zorn?

  25. What does Bill Cower think or Marv Levy or Marty Shotenheimer (wrong spelling but you know who I’m talkin about) how about Bud Grant or Joe Gibbs.

  26. Name changes are tougher than you think just ask fans in New Orleans that have to support the Pelicans!!!

  27. It is meaningless for any white man to feel strongly about this. Why not conduct a survey only open to native Americans and see how they really feel about this?

  28. Why do washed up players and coaches still think what they have to sY matters

  29. Ray Halbritter of the Oneida Indian Nation is a pos. The goof is bleeding the reservation dry. He has numerous homes and his people are dirt poor living in horrible conditions.

  30. Lmfao, Mike Holmgren doesn’t coach the Chiefs, that’s his twin brother Andy Reid.

    Different daddy’s and mommy’s but same preference in food, stylists, and mustaches.

  31. I have been through Indian Country and through the Reservations. I have never seen so much trash, liquor and beer bottles littered in my life. maybe they should worry more about the environment.

  32. Every time I read one of these posts I actually feel more certain that they should never change their name. Enough with these PC bullies. I don’t care if anyone is offended by the name. Since when does being offended by something give you a right to make a private individual change the name of a team ? This is America and we have freedom here PC nazis. That means you can say what you wish and Dan Snyder can call his team whatever he wishes. The price of that freedom is we may get offended by something every now and then but big deal.

  33. nothing “suddenly” about this issue, it’s old, Washington Redskins are the last sports team I can think of to still hold on to the name, countless schools and less known sport clubs abandoned the name long ago

  34. Holmgren says you should trade up for Trent Richardson and use a 1st rounder on a 29 year old rookie Brandon Weeden.

  35. we are a nation of conformists, sea to shining sea walmarts, waffle house’s, home depots, clone cities from coast to coast; we’re all clones, all afraid to get a passport and travel unless our football team plays a once in a century game in London; get out and see the rest of the world and you’ll see how conformist and VANILLA we are, it’s pathetic

  36. Seminole is an actual tribe and Brave was a name for a warrior, so how exactly are they considered offensive? Two terrible examples but with that said…. leave the name alone and fix the stinkin officiating and rules. PS the tribe suing calls themselves “Indian” which many Native Americans also dislike. Moving on now.

  37. For crying out loud, what it comes down to is this: LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE!! If you don’t like it don’t friggin watch, and where the objections before about six years ago? Nowhere, THATS WHERE!

  38. The Redskins changing their name would be a defeat for anyone who believes in freedom of expression and speech. These bullies would only be encouraged to hector and badger anyone else they think is being offensive. Who exactly gets to decide what is offensive?

  39. I agree with the earlier suggestion of the ‘Washington Warriors’ but make it more encompassing and real and change the logo to a caricature of Dick Cheney and GWB.

  40. The problem with Holmgren’s opinion is that most Native American’s disagree with him. If this truly were a huge deal to Native Americans, they would have changed the names of all the high schools on their reservations with the Redskins mascot. The fact that they haven’t done so speaks volumes.

  41. Stay in retirement, you where lucky to win anything, overall a loser after GB. Much like GBs backup QBs making big bucks for having a good game or two.

  42. So is the NFL going to step in, and force this team to change their name….like the NBA stepped in and is forcing the Clippers owner to sell his team?

  43. Shut up walrus man! REDSKINS will never change their name. If you don’t like it REDSKIN nation doesn’t care. Mara’s paid off New York wannabe Indians got their money and 15 min now go back to your New York condos. Congress go worry about the poor, our solders, our economy, a million other problems that need attention in this country than a football team name. HTTR!!

  44. I find the Bobcats, Jaguars, and Panthers offensive on aesthetics and maturity grounds. What’s next? The Wildcats and the Pumas?

  45. Mike, you drafted Weedon and Trent Richardson, and were thus a failure in Cleveland. Nobody cares what you have to say anymore.

  46. Maybe it takes the minority to clue in the majority that they are wrong? The majority of posters here are embarrassing. Defending Snyder and blaming political correctness for their ignorance toward this issue. This is America we root for the underdog we protect the underdog. We go overseas and defend folks that don’t even live here for their freedoms but yet we continue to belittle harass and torment our own.
    Why can’t we stop ?

    Change the name.

  47. 50 prostitutes who would sell their souls in a heartbeat for a vote r so concerned about changing the name of a football team because it may offend some native Americans. How thoughtful of them. The only concern these low life’s have is how they r going to pad their pockets with the American dollar. I doubt they have read Daniel2:44 from the Bible, for they know they would b exposed for who they really are. I’m sorry to get off my main topic which is football, it just had to b said. They have no shame, which is y they r prostitutes.

  48. Funny how you didn’t report this—
    Rapper Wale says Sen. Harry Reid is using the Redskins ‘to make a bigger name for his self’

  49. So. Who cares what Wally Walrus thinks? Woody Woodpecker should come out of nowhere pecking him in his nose and doing his famous maniacal laugh. Lol

  50. Redskins referred to the color of the paint they put on their faces before battle, not the actual color of their skin.

    Since the sports teams on MANY reserves use the name “redskins” it is seen by MOST native Americans as a point of pride. Of course, white Liberals want everyone to feel guilty so that they can control their thinking and we now have this false controversy based on Liberal ignorance.

  51. “Cheesehead” is a racial slur against the Dutch. I’m totally serious, look it up.

  52. minnesotablizzard says:
    May 25, 2014 5:34 PM
    This country is a pathetic modern day Rome. The senators only have time for stories like this, bread and circuses…
    SOLUTION: Leave, we have planes, trains, boats and automobiles.

  53. jimcarnoven says:
    May 25, 2014 8:15 PM
    Let’s not pretend we don’t know what Tar Heels refers to.
    You must be home schooled, if schooled at all. Your implication is flat wrong. Find someone with a computer and google it.

    You’re an example of the people who say the name’s OK.

  54. defscottyb says: May 25, 2014 8:28 PM

    “Cheesehead” is a racial slur against the Dutch. I’m totally serious, look it up.

    Actually the PACKERS originated from the term meat packers so shouldn’t the vegetarians and vegans start protesting….Also what about 49ers who mined for gold–isn’t this offensive to environmentalist…..And where or where are the animal rights groups will we soon hear from PETA about the Bears, Lions, Bengals, Rams, Dolphins, Buffalo, Broncos, Jaguars, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, Cardinals, and Seahawks….And let’s not leave THE BROWNS out of the picture— will a movement begin by Latinos and Hispanics who are offended over this nickname…..And isn’t Brian WEEDon’s name illegal according to the NFL conduct policy

  55. All I hear/read on this issue is a bunch of white liberal people claiming to speak for the Native Americans… I say the Natives probably root FOR the Redskins & AGAINST the Cowboys, but what do I know….

  56. brianlee720 says:
    May 25, 2014 5:11 PM
    Cowboys are more offensive to native Americans. In surprised an old history teacher doesn’t get that-
    You have got to be kidding.

  57. When it comes down to it….. people aren’t mad at the Washington Redskins organization, they’re mad that the overwhelming public still supports and will support that team. I don’t care if they change the name or not. The key word is “overwhelming”.

  58. Washington White Skins. Just change the name, and put George Washington’s picture on the side of the helmet.

    Research? it was a plant based dye put on the face by East coast Native Americans. Their faces and body, and was bright blood red from the pigment of types of berries, clay and it scared the heck out of white folk, and other tribes. It is they put fear in any enemy. It meant they were prepared to die, and no fear to die, blood already on their faces and bodies. The name Redskins was made is because white people respected their enemy.

    Funny, my great grandma said it also was the first sun screen.

    From the Bad River Band of Chippewa Indians.

  59. Since Holmgren knows next to nothing about drafting good college players, the radio host throws him a softball. And he whiffs on it too.

  60. Next Holmgren will be wanting the Atlanta Braves and Fla State Seminoles to stop the hatchet chop because his ancestors were killed on the wagon trains going West by the Indians

  61. This is irrelevant because he is now totally irrelevant. Who really cares what he thinks about anything stall? (Even if he is right for the first time in 8″6 years.)

  62. The Redskins name is so offensive b/c the team is so damn bad….
    Move to Northern Va or build a stadium in D.C
    Maryland already has their model franchise

  63. How about instead of Congress manipulating the NFL, the NFL teams send a message by, if you’ll pardon the term, ‘black-balling’ Holmgren, on the odd chance he tries to get back into the league.

  64. FlashPatterson says: May 25, 2014 8:42 PM

    brianlee720 says:
    May 25, 2014 5:11 PM
    Cowboys are more offensive to native Americans. In surprised an old history teacher doesn’t get that-
    You have got to be kidding.

    My sentiments exactly! A Cowboy is a person that drove cattle between the 18th and early 20th centuries. About 1/3 of them were Black and Mexican. There were also many Indian cowboys in the Plains Regions. Dallas and Fort Worth were major trading post westward which is why Dallas adopted the name “Cowboys”. Fort Worth is called “Cow Town” which has the Will Rogers Coliseum that holds livestock shows (Will Rogers was Cherokee by blood) and the Fort Worth Stockyards which has a statue of a Mexican Cowboy (Vaquero) at the entrance. The City of Mesquite (just southeast of Dallas) holds a Cowboys of Color event every year. I know this because I live in Arlington, (between Dallas and Fort Worth) where the Dallas Cowboys play.

    A Cowboy has nothing to do with killing Indians. That’s a Hollywood creation.

  65. History teacher?? If Holmgren knew anything about history, which he obviously doesn’t, he would realize the origins of the name.

    From GM Allen:
    Allen cited a seven-month study by Smithsonian Institution senior linguist Ives Goddard. In the study, which is available online, Goddard concluded the origin of the word was “benign and reflects more positive aspects of relations between Indians and whites.”

    And a native American came up with the name “redskin”. That’s enough. End of topic. Name stays.

  66. gianthater says:
    May 25, 2014 7:55 PM
    50 prostitutes who would sell their souls in a heartbeat for a vote r so concerned about changing the name of a football team because it may offend some native Americans. How thoughtful of them. The only concern these low life’s have is how they r going to pad their pockets with the American dollar. I doubt they have read Daniel2:44 from the Bible, for they know they would b exposed for who they really are. I’m sorry to get off my main topic which is football, it just had to b said. They have no shame, which is y they r prostitutes.
    So standing up for minorities equates to being a prostitute with no soul?

  67. In the late 18th century a few native Americans with limited fluency in the English language used the term to differentiate themselves from “white” men. White men have always used the word as a derogatory term. It is offensive to the majority of native Americans, period. There are some words I won’t use because they may offend others without improving discourse. Numerous colleges and universities have changed their names with no fanfare out of respect for the feelings of others. Washington needs to step up and change their offensive name.

  68. Mike should change his name to “thank you for my career favre” holmgren. Whats the big deal. Just change it. Its a name, right mike?

  69. I love how each time a Redskins story pops up, here, the comments just explode, and the vast majority of them are against a name change. Those that whine about the name have overplayed their hands. They’ve only served to produce more support to NOT change the name.

  70. b412 says: May 25, 2014 10:16 PM

    In the late 18th century a few native Americans with limited fluency in the English language used the term to differentiate themselves from “white” men. White men have always used the word as a derogatory term.

    Sure. Lots of sports team owners give their team a derogatory nickname. Happens all the time.
    …….. snicker ……….

    By the way, why are you using the term “white men?” Is that not derogatory as well?

  71. Right. 50 Senators agree with him, who just happen to be highly politicized. Seriously, this was an off-the-cuff response, rather than a well considered analysis. If he was a history teacher, you have to wonder about the level of education provided.

  72. We are debating the name of a football team while the most offensive point continously has been avoided in each blog .

    The word minority should mean less in number, but in this racist country it does refer to the color of skin.

    Everybody that’s not Caucasian is minority or less than worthy of equal treatment and benefits without the law forcing people to do what their heart won’t allow them to do.

    This selective concern to push hot buttons is nothing more than skirting the real issues of the derogatory control of the majority that couldn’t care less about the American Indian people.

    Give them back their land and dignity as an equally valued people in mainstream society of this nation.

    American powers to be are in denial of the real racist team name that has nothing to do with football and it begins on Capitol Hill where 50 of those hypocritical party goers are trying to find a scapegoat to sacrifice while they continue to do business as usual in their own self serving ways.

  73. NFL seems to be promoting anybody with possible believability who will agree to float this non-agenda issue to keep it alive. Daniel Snyder needs to change his last name to Redskin so they will let this die already!

  74. Check out “America’s Game: The Super Bowl” for the 1977 Cowboys: Tom Landry is dressed as cowboy for an “American Express” TV commercial. He says “you never know when you might be surrounded by redskins, with Redskins surrounding him.
    That was considered a cute TV commercial back in the day. And NFL Films thought nothing of re-showing it for its ’77 Cowboys documentary which was made within the past 10 years or so.
    Get over it.

  75. Excellent.. That name should have been changed decades ago, so glad its finally in the initial process of happening

  76. Why do we need nicknames? It is so offensive and politically incorrect. Why not just city names?? Or team numbers?? The New York 1’s, etc……

  77. Hey Mike Holmgren, why don’t you go ahead and change your name? …If some folks just simply requested you to.

    …Then you have right to go ahead and claim “well what’s the huge deal about a name change?!”

  78. FYI: Mike Holmgren is a regular on Sportsradio 950 here in Seattle. The man is asked all sorts of questions, football related or otherwise. He simply answered the question with his own personal belief. Having a semblence of a definite opinion on the radio is a necessity, either way. But sure, attack him any which way you can for having a different opinion. Very creative…

  79. purpleppleeaters says:
    May 25, 2014 10:26 PM

    I love how each time a Redskins story pops up, here, the comments just explode, and the vast majority of them are against a name change. Those that whine about the name have overplayed their hands. They’ve only served to produce more support to NOT change the name.

  80. I bet a lot of you who say it’s just a name also whine when someone says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

    It’s just a name.

    However look up Redskins in any dictionary and tell us what it says.

  81. Holmgren also said that he would have quit if he had been the coach and the Browns traded Trent Richardson.

    This guy is a bafoon. He failed miserably as a football executive and blamed everyone else for it.

    He refers to himself as the big show, and goes around giving interviews as if he’s an ex president.

    Nobody cares what you think Mike. You should thank Brett Favre and Ron Wolf everyday you wake up, for your relevance.

  82. As a Native American I find it offensive. I also know a lot of natives who’s favorite team are the Redskins. So I guess its up to the individual. They must have not read the books I have how the term was used during the slaughter and genocide of men, women and children. Just because it hasnt been a slur for a century doesnt make it right. The Cleveland Indians logo and the Braves tomahawk chop are dumb as well. Columbus didn’t dicover the Indies in 1492. Native Americans found him lost at sea.

  83. Change it to whatever you want… They’ll ALWAYS be the Redskins to the diehard fans!!!

  84. First of all why does anyone give tis overhyped guy a soapbox? Really if it was not for the great players his GM picked you would not even hear of him. The guy did NOTHING with two other teams. As for the name I would not change it for anything. It was never a problem now it is. And if you get forced. Into it do not give them an Indian in return. Gets me sick

  85. I am sick of this so-called controversy. As someone said, the use of Redskin is no different than the use of Black or White. It is a descriptive word, nothing more. I spent most of my life in Phoenix where the name Squaw Peak … used for I don’t know how many decades … was replaced. Derogatory or not, the words ‘Squaw’ and ‘Redskin’ ARE A PART OF HISTORY. Leave it alone.

    And who cares what Mike Holmgren thinks. Ask Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  86. How about… The washington football team!! The baltimore football team ETC>>>> Same with all other sports!! HELL!! that can’t insult anyone can it???

  87. As an old history teacher Holmgren should know that Oklahoma, the state, entered the union in 1907 and the name Oklahoma is Chocktaw, a native american tribe or is it indian tribe, for RED PEOPLE. Let us talk to their state legislature about a renaming of the State of Oklahoma.

  88. brianlee720 says:
    May 25, 2014 5:11 PM
    Cowboys are more offensive to native Americans. In surprised an old history teacher doesn’t get that

    The term “cowboy” by itself is not offensive to any one group any more than “American” is offensive.

    The term “redskin” was a very derogatory term applied to the native Americans in the quest to exterminate them.
    Learn your history.

  89. Mike Holmgren’s words of wisdom should always be taken with a grain of salt. He came to Cleveland and ruined us with his half-committed 10 million a year contract. When he was given the power, he ultimately flopped. Hearing him talk football is like hearing Trent Dilfer talk football. Aka they’re always chiming in when they shouldn’t.

  90. Holmgren is right. The R*sk*ns should change their name. A racial slur is a racial slur no matter how you want to slice it and dice it.

  91. Right or wrong, everyone, including Holmgren is entitled to their opinion.

    I have Native American blood in my system, but it is quite diluted. My maternal grandfather claimed to have Mohican, Mingo and Mohawk in his background, although his great-grandfather immigrated from Scotland and settled in the foothills of western NY and later western Pa. My paternal grandparents came from England via Canada and claimed to have some Huron in them.

    I do know my wife has Mexican Apache in her father’s family but call themselves “Texans,” not Mexicans! When visiting her family, we also visited some of the reservations in Arizona, New Mexica and Texas. These reservations are very desolate, depressing, and plain sad!

    If a segment of our society takes offense to the name/term, what’s the harm in changing it? It seems to be a quick, cheap, and reasonable solution. Then, move on.

    She and I have talked about this issue with family members and the general feeling is; no problem with the term Indians, Chiefs, Braves, Warriors, or any specific tribe name (Seminoles, Shawnee, Apache, Souix, Blue Jackets, etc.) The problem arises with the terms “Redskins, Savages, or Squaws” because they were used as derogatory terms by the cowboys, pioneers, and soldiers. While my family doesn’t have a problem with the term Indians, they feel “Chief Wahoo” is very insulting.

  92. So he’s an old history teacher that is just now getting around to saying the Redskins should change their name because someone to him if was time to be morally outraged? If he felt that way before, why wait until now?

  93. I love all the people crying “why wasn’t this a problem 10, 20 yrs ago?”

    Its called evolution and change. We don’t have public stonings or tar and feather people either.

    Change the name

  94. Ha ha, so many other important things to worry about then team names and yet the Lemmings keep pushing forward.

  95. Wow! Look at all the at all of the Peeps getting upset over a name of a Football team that clearly is offensive!!! Sorry but “Redskins” was a degrading, demoralizing way that European Colonist used towards Native Americans!! It’s right up there with the “N” word!!! Or Anti-Semitic!!! “Redskin” is extremely offensive!!! As History has shown us!!!!!

  96. Why are so many people defending a name of a Football team that is clearly offensive? The use of “Redskins” is as bad as naming a Football team the NY “N” word!!’ Just change it???

  97. Mike, Mike, Mike… you should have gone to KCMO with your buddy Andy Reid — and Marty Mornhinweg should have followed you guys, as well. Anything to rekindle that magic you fellas were able to galvanize up in Green Bay with Brett Favre. 🙂 “Redskins” is a very distinctive name, more so than saying “Injun” or something more derogatory like that. Not sure what all the hubbub is about, truly.

  98. “Big deal” really? Wether the name should change or not isn’t up to me but as a long-time Redskins fan it’s a big deal if they change the name it’ll never be the same, and will be the stuff of lore – like the American Indian. The whole debate is dumb from Snyder to Harry Reid to anyone who thinks the majority thinks this is a problem.

    Holmgren is still pissed about Dan gloating after he secured the RGIII trade. He’s just piling on and there again is Snyders karma…

  99. You guys are looking at it wrong.. it’s not that Redskin has anything to do with heritage it’s the fact it had monetary value when whites were settling.. A redskin was a piece of Indian flesh used as money.. # change it

  100. Snyder, you want to make this all go away? Pay a bunch of N.A. groups to vocally support the use of the name. Find all the most prominent leaders in the community and pay them off…When all the N.A.s you can find are all stepping up to support you, the dissidents will look stupid and have to be quiet.

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